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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Next Station by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Little by little the half filled train wagon had emptied leaving only her and the man sitting beside her. She looked at him through the window’s reflection as the train rambled through a dark tunnel and the bright lights flickered.

He was good looking. Even sitting down he was a full head taller than her and she was five foot seven, not precisely short. He was wearing a sleeveless black t-shirt that stuck to his skin and showed off his figure. Her cheeks warmed as she found herself wondering what his skin would feel like under her touch.

The train stopped at a brightly lit station and the reflection vanished. She swallowed nervously and waited for someone to board the wagon, but no one did.

As soon as the train entered the dark underground tunnels her eyes riveted to his reflection. This time she stared at his arms. They were muscular, but not in excess. However, what raised her curiosity was the tattoo. Normally, she didn’t like men with body art but this particular piece made her body curl. The thought of tracing the ink with her tongue made her mouth water.

Embarrassed at her thoughts, she lowered her gaze only to have it rest on his hands. Her imagination took flight and her body responded to its call. How she’d love for those large hands to explore her flesh, kneading and pinching, tugging and caressing. She would hold on to his neck and rake her nails down his wide back repeatedly…

Her daydream was interrupted when she heard him loudly clear his throat. She hastily looked away feeling her cheeks and neck burn in embarrassment.

The train stopped at the next brightly lit station and after a few minutes continued its way with no new passengers. They were plunged into semidarkness as the machine rode into another dark tunnel. Only the light of the wagon itself illuminated them and once more she could not stop herself from looking at the man’s reflection on the window. His eyes were dark green, his hair was cropped short in an untidy way, causing a few stray bangs to fall a little over his right eye and causing an effect that warmed her body to its core.

She started slightly when her eyes found his. He was blatantly staring at her mirror image. His eyes full of mirth and some manner of expectancy. The beginning of a smile curled at the edge of his lips. Blushing furiously, yet unable to look away, she smiled nervously.

The train stopped at another station, and they lost sight of one another, so that she jumped in her seat when the train began moving again and she felt his hand on her knee.

Her breathing began to grow shallow as he caressed her leg, slowly winding his way up her thigh. Liquid pooled between her legs and she had to suppress a shudder when he reached her inner thigh. Surprised at her own daring, she opened her legs a little wider. His caresses became bolder and she gasped when the back of his hand accidentally made contact with her wet panties.

He began to toy with the elastic of her underwear and she bit her lower lip, trying to stop the moan stuck in her throat to burst forth.

Gently he pried his way into her slippery cunt. His thumb pressed against her clit as the train rolled to a stop. Neither of them moved nor spoke. It was as if having his hand under her skirt and inside her underwear was the most normal thing in a late night subway ride.

With a jolt the train continued its trajectory. He took the advantage of the vehicle’s movement to lean a finger into her dripping entrance. She moaned and felt heat rise to her cheeks as she became aware of her surroundings.

However, she did not back away. Instead, she chanced a glance at their reflection in the window and was surprised to see him watching her with intense concentration. Noticing that she was looking at the glass, he looked up and smiled wickedly at her reflection before pushing his index finger inside her soaking pussy.

She moaned loudly and bucked forward. With an open grin, full of malicious lustful intent, he pressed another finger inside. Unwillingly, she began to rock her body against his fingers, urging him to push them deeper, faster, harder.

Quite suddenly his fingers stopped moving. She opened her eyes and groaned in frustration. The train had skidded to a stop in the next station. Unable to see his reflection she pressed her thighs together trapping his hand between them. She felt his fingers slide inside her and she bit her lower lip, biting back the moan and the desperate need to have him fuck her.

The train began moving again and she jumped when he spoke near her ear.

"Would you like to sit on my lap?"

She looked down at his lap. She could clearly see the outline of his hard cock waiting for her wet pussy to swallow him. She nodded. She stood up and quickly rid herself of her soaked panties. While she stowed them in her bag, she heard the fly of his pants being lowered. With her back to him she allowed him to guide her onto his lap. Another moan escaped her as his hard flesh entered her. Immediately, she began to rock her body against him. One of his hands snaked under her skirt and flicked her clit; with the other he caressed her tender breasts.

“I hunger for your breasts, love. I want to suck them and lick them until you beg me to stop,” he whispered while pinching her nipples.

He spoke in her ear, his voice husky and deep only adding to her pleasure.

“Do you realize anyone can see us, Zoe? That there are probably cameras in this wagon filming how I pound into your warm cunt? That every time we slide into a station we risk getting caught?”

She whimpered and increased her rhythm, the fear of being caught fueling her passion.

“Come for me, Zoe, let me feel your tight pussy milking my cock.”

She gasped at his crude choice of words but did not stop moving against him. She rocked her body harder until she could feel that she was on the brink of the abyss.

The train stopped, lights blared, another station. She bit back a cry of frustration as the hand that had been fingering her clit moved and snaked around her waist, stilling her rocking body. A security guard strolled by their wagon making sure that everything was in order. He nodded at them and continued his way. As the train began to move he took her head in his hands and pressed his lips against hers. She melted into the kiss.

The world narrowed down to his mouth on hers, to his body pressed against hers, to his cock pleasurably stretching and filling her up, to his hips rocking hard against her flesh, to his hand under her skirt once again fingering her clit.

"Come on baby, we're almost home," he whispered against her mouth.

Their pace quickened, their movements became less cautious and uncontrolled.

As the announcement of the next station they would be entering blasted through the speakers, her body trembled and her vagina contracted in spasms. Her shriek of pleasure was drowned in his mouth as he once more made it prisoner to his own. She smiled against his lips as she felt his release burst into her.

Still shaking when the train entered the last station, she discreetly slipped her underwear back on. She stood up on trembling legs and waited for Jack to order himself. When he was ready he clasped her by the waist and helped her out of the train. “Happy anniversary, honey,” she whispered as they walked out of the station hand in hand.

With a barking laugh, Jack kissed the top of her head. “Baby, you are unique in making my fantasies come true.”

About the author: Appearances are deceiving. By day usually shy and quiet; another face in the crowd. By night Elyzabeth’s calm demeanor transforms. Words flow from her fingers giving life to elaborate fantasies of love and desire. Visit her realm at

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