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Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Than Words by Elyzabeth VaLey

Juka had spotted her the moment he entered the room. She was beautiful. Pictures didn’t do her justice. Her hair hung in soft honey colored curls below her shoulders. Her smile was sweet as she waited for the press conference to begin. Her large brown eyes spoke volumes to him. He felt his loins stir. She was wearing a simple black skirt and a matching v-necked t-shirt. Unlike the reed thin models he worked with, she was a curvy woman, even bordering on the chubby side. His mouth watered as he took in the roundness of her breasts. His cock tightened in his jeans as he lowered his gaze and scanned her long legs and ample bottom. He swallowed. How could he have missed her during their last concert in the city? No, he amended to himself. He had seen her, but he had let her slip between his fingers. Never again. He smiled to himself. She was shy as a mouse, but she had had the guts to try befriending him over the Internet. Oddly, even though he always rejected strangers he had accepted her request. That was how their strange relationship had begun.

The press conference didn’t go fast enough. He tried to maintain his head cool as the journalists asked him and the rest of his band questions, but his thoughts kept straying towards her. Heck, he wasn’t sure what he’d say when he stood in front of her. They had something going on, but he’d never confessed his love and neither had she.

He was glad when the conference ended and the journalists began to leave. Like him, she lingered behind.



His name on her lips undid him. All his semblance of calm vanished and he had to stop himself from kissing her senseless right then and there. Uncaring of the looks from those still in the room, he grabbed her hand and led her backstage. Guiding her in quick strides, he finally found what he was looking for: an empty dressing room.

Pulling her inside, he pushed her against the closed door and kissed her fiercely. All his thoughts vanished when his lips met hers. Warm and moist they transported him to another dimension. He found the hem of her shirt and lifting it he placed his hands on her belly. Her skin was warm and silky. He found his way to the clasp of her bra and opened it. Gently he cupped her breasts and squeezed them. Her nipples became hard on his palms. He growled at her moan and pressed his body against hers. Another moan crept from her lips as he thumbed and pinched her tight nipples. Juka helped her remove her shirt. He lowered his head and without further ado took one of her taut nipples into his mouth. Her hands twisted underneath his shirt and stroked his shoulders. Sensing her need, he stripped off his shirt and went back to feasting on her full breasts.

“Harder, Juka.”

Her plea came as a pleasant surprise and he complied. He felt her hands caressing his long hair and raking his back while he alternated between sucking her tits. Lost in the feeling of her skin, his eyes widened and his cock jumped when he felt her hand snaking below his pants.

“Take it all off, Juka,” she demanded of him with a devilish glint in her eyes.

He grinned. Yes, she was all he wanted in a woman: sweet, tender, loving, but also, kinky, and devilish. Now he understood why he had accepted that friend request.

“I want you now, Juka.” His thoughts dissolved as she wiggled out of her clothes. Her hands found the zipper to his jeans and she slowly opened his fly. His breath hitched in his throat as she lowered his pants and allowed his cock to spring free.


Juka nodded and bent over to retrieve his pants. Pulling out the plastic wrapper he handed it to her. He groaned as she kneeled before him and placed the condom over his dick at a tortuously slow pace. She raked her nails over his thighs and he gulped. Her smooth lips brushed against his thigh as she leisurely wound a path up his leg. A primal growl erupted from him as her kisses finally reached the base of his cock. Holding his penis steady with one hand she licked him from the bottom to top. Juka dropped his jaw and a breath he didn’t know he had been holding burst out of him as her warm mouth enveloped the head of his rigid member. She began to bob her head and he felt his legs weaken. Unable to take it anymore, he growled and picked her up. Reflexively, her legs wound around his waist while he pressed her back to the door. With a single thrust he was hilt deep into her wet cunt.


She cried out his name in ecstasy. With a groan, Juka slowly pulled his cock out of her waiting pussy, only to plunge inside her again. Harder and faster he pumped into her. Her moans echoed in his ears like sweet music. He pressed a hand between them, searching for her clit. With a flick he triggered her explosion.


Her vaginal walls pressed against his thick cock but it was her scream that unraveled him. They tumbled to the floor and lay quietly in a heap, cuddling one another.

“Do you remember that song I sung to you over the phone? The one which wasn’t complete?”

“Angel, angel, I’ve found my angel. In her arms lies my haven, in her arms lays my redemption. You are my Angel, and I –“

“Love you,” he finished the song. “You are my inspiration, you are my love, you are my angel, Elle,” he whispered. Juka looked into Elle’s eyes, what he saw in them was worth more than words could ever express.

Author bio: Usually shy and quiet, with either a book or notebook nearby, at first sight you might think that Elyzabeth is nothing more than a hard working student. However, at closer inspection, you might discover that behind her serene demeanor she might be concocting an elaborate fantasy of love and desire. Elyzabeth's blog -

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