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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dream Warriors by Trinity Blacio

Black and red candles flickered in the cool night. The only noise was that of an owl which hooted in the distance. Frankie’s bed of satin sheets lay in the middle of her yard.

Several days ago, the dream of her two ancient warriors woke her in one of the most powerful orgasms. Every night since then, Cass and Dred worshipped her body, teased and punished her every night.

Tonight, she was ready for them. The spell had been cast. Her body burned with desire, and the moon was full.

“I hope this works, Auntie.” Frankie sighed, praying it was true the two men were trying to locate her. She only hoped it was because they wanted her. “I’m forty years old now. I need a man in my life, but two would be a fantasy come true.”

She dropped her robe to the ground and dabbed on the potion her aunt had given her. Her nipples hardened, and moisture gathered between her legs. Frankie stepped into the almost complete circle of salt and finished closing it behind her.

She closed her eyes. “Dreams of past hear me calling you, summon those who are called Cass and Dred. The door is open if they wish to enter my realm.”

Outside the circle, smoke swirled, candles flared to life, and the wind blew the smoke around her circle, hiding her from the outside world. Frankie kneeled on the bed and waited.

* * * *
“Wake up, beautiful; you have a choice to make,” Cass whispered into her ear.

Dred stood behind his brother, watching their mate.

She turned and smiled at them. “I thought I was giving you a choice.” Her voice sexy and drowsy.

“I’m afraid there’s no way we can come to your world, little queen. We are the dream warriors, Kings in most circles. We rule the dream world and can’t leave it.”

“Enough, Cass, tell her. We don’t have much time,” Dred ordered.

Frankie sat up. “You mean you don’t want me? That you were just playing with me.”

She stared down at her hands. “I’m too old, aren’t I? Thank you for giving me the best two weeks.” She rose, ready to leave.

He couldn’t stand to see her hurt. Dred grabbed her around her waist, halting her movements. “You don’t listen too well, do you? That’s okay; we have centuries to teach you.”

“We want you to come to our home and be our queen. We promise to make you happy and to train you when it comes to our loving.”

Cass cupped her cheek. “Come home with us, Frankie. Let us show you how much we love you.”

She looked up into Cass’s face. “Can I contact my aunt? She’s all that I have left and I’d hate to have her worried about me,” she asked.

He turned her to face him. “Yes, Frankie, you’ll be able to talk to your aunt. We wouldn’t do that to you. I hope that's a yes, because we have a long night planned.” He held out his hand.

She looked at him then at Cass and smiled. “Where you go, I go.” Frankie slipped her small delicate hand into his. He and his brother transported her back to their realm and into their bedroom.

* * * *

Frankie gaped at the room around her.

“You can search till your heart is content tomorrow. We need to seal our bond,” he growled. Her clothes disappeared as Dred moved her up against the wall, sliding his cock into her wet pussy.

Cass stood next to them and waited. “I’m sorry our first time will be hard and fast, but later we will worship every inch of your body.” He kissed her mouth gently.

Dred pumped into her hard and swung her around so his back hit the wall. “Grab the lube, Cass, its time." He separated her ass cheeks for Cass and she moaned. The cool sensation of the lube only enhanced her pleasure. She tried to squirm, but he held her in place. “Easy.”

Her gaze met Dred’s.“You don’t need to be thinking of other men. There will be only us.” His gaze held hers while he swatted her ass.

“Dred…” Her words died, and a moan replaced it. Cass slowly entered her ass.

“Only Dred and Cass!” he growled, slamming into her.

Frankie rested her head on Cass’s chest, her finger nails digging into Dred’s shoulders.

“Now you belong to us and only us.” His eyes turned black as night. Both men counter each other’s moves.

“We claim you as our queen, our lover, our heart, and our life,” Cass and Dred said in unison.

Frankie banged her head against Cass’s chest and whimpered. Her blood had to be boiling, she was so hot. Sweat dripped down her face. Dred smiled and kissed her lips.

“Soon the change will be over. Just hold on,” he whispered against her lips.

Every muscle in her body twitched and twisted, the fine hair on her body stood straight, and their cocks grew larger spurting their seed into her.

Dred reached between their bodies, rubbing her clit, building more pleasure until she could hold on no longer.

She moaned into Dred’s mouth, her body in overdrive. The orgasm rippled through her, sending both men over the edge.

Cass waved his hand and the bedroom window opened bringing in a cool breeze.

Pulling out of her, Cass lay down on the bed. He reached out, taking her from Dred’s arms and laid her down next to him.

Cass palmed her breast, playing with her nipple. “You did well, our queen. Rest for a few before we start again.”

Frankie buried her head against Cass’s stomach. She smiled and kissed his chest. There was doubt in her mind she had made the right choice. Her life would be filled with passion and love.

Author bio: Trinity Blacio has been writing now professionally for eight years. Currently she has available titles from Freya’s Bower, and Ravenous Romance, with more to come. She is always excited to be writing, hearing from readers, and helping fellow authors.

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