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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Promise of a Dream by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Addy tripped. For a split second, she envisioned her face smashing against the edge of the nearby table. The impact never occurred. Instead, strong hands wrapped themselves around her waist and roughly tugged her upright. The abrupt intervention, made her further lose her balance and she flailed about as her savior captured her with his arms and hugged her to him.

Her eyes widened as she felt the curve of her ass press against the swell of a well-endowed cock. She tried to turn around to catch a glimpse of the man behind her, but the whisper of a kiss on her neck evaporated all thoughts of resistance.

The unknown man sensuously slid his hands over her bare arms, causing a shiver to run down her spine. Again, she tried to tilt her head to see him, but with a chuckle, he took hold of her chin and forced her to look ahead. Addy smiled to herself. Very well, she could wait. She wasn’t sure why, but she didn’t feel in any danger.

Fluid rushed between her legs and an insistent throbbing began to hum through her when the stranger grabbed her hips and rocked her against his stiff need. Addy resisted the urge to moan and rolled her hips back at him, smiling at his low growl of satisfaction.

“You better stop that,” he warned.

Addy swiveled her head and this time was rewarded with a glimpse of a long blond ponytail and large blue eyes full of warmth and passion.

The man twirled her in his arms. Bending her back, he looked down at her exposed cleavage.

“Creamy and dreamy.”

Addy laughed and snaked her hand around his neck, pulling him closer. Their lips collided and their tongues danced in frenzy against one another.

“Caleb,” it came out in a whisper. How she knew his name, she could not recall.

His hands lifted the hem of her skirt and cupped her ass. Kisses rained down her neck and across her chest. A moan caught in her throat as his fingers wound their way inside her wet core. Suddenly, she found herself on the floor, naked. Addy arched her back as Caleb’s fingers delved inside her moist center while his mouth suckled one of her breasts hungrily.

“Please, Caleb,” she begged.

Caleb looked at her, mischief and unveiled desire sparkling in his eyes. With slow precision, he removed his fingers from inside her. He traced the inside of her thighs and she shuddered. Tense, she waited for him to decide his next move. Her breath came out in a rush when he lowered his head between her legs. His tongue caressed her womanly folds, initially with tenderness, then, with growing urgency, he began to flick his tongue over her clit.

One of his hands crept up her body and over her breasts, tweaking her sensitive nipples. Addy bucked and cried aloud as an orgasm rattled her body. Her nails bit into his broad shoulders and she groaned in pleasure as he eagerly lapped at her juices.

Before she could recover her breath, Caleb positioned her on her hands and knees. Roughly, he grabbed her hips and thrust inside her. In and out he pounded, his balls slamming against her and adding to her pleasure. He wound his arm around her and thumbed her clitoris. Addy moaned as another orgasm shook her. Her vaginal walls contracted, milking Caleb’s cock and throwing him off the edge. Caleb growled and bit into her shoulder as he emptied his seed into her womb.

Spent, the couple toppled to the floor. Addy snuggled against Caleb’s chest, and he kissed the top of her head.

“I love you, Addy.”

Addy closed her eyes and smiled with contentment.

“Are you all right?”

Addy glanced up. Her smile vanished as vibrant blue eyes regarded her with interest. As reality dawned in on her, she felt her cheeks redden. Embarrassed and dizzy from the vivid memory of her dream, she swooned. Her hero tightened his grip on her waist and led her to a chair.

“Here, let’s sit you down. Feeling better?”

Addy nodded. Unable to utter a word, she stole another glance at the man that had haunted her dreams. He was slightly taller and his hair was longer, but his body build was the same: tall, broad, muscled. Overall, his eyes reflected the same deep sincerity and caring she had seen in her dreams.

“I’ll get you a drink. I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere,” he said, a dimpled grin highlighting his features and causing goose bumps to rise on her skin.


“Name’s Caleb, by the way.”

Caleb began to turn away, but mid stride, he changed his mind. Their eyes met and the silent promise of a future together seemed to pass between them. He lowered his head and found Addy’s lips. It was a kiss full of possibilities. It was the first kiss of a dream come true.

About the Author: Usually shy and quiet, with either a book or notebook nearby, at first sight you might think that Elyzabeth is nothing more than a hard working student. However, at closer inspection, you might discover that behind her serene demeanor she might be concocting an elaborate fantasy of love and desire.


diva donna said...

WOW!!! I need a shower. That's awesome. I want more!!!!!

Elyzabeth M. VaLey said...

Thanks Diva! Glad you enjoyed it!