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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ven Conmigo by Elyzabeth VaLey

Samantha raised her hand and waited for the teacher to approach her. Gods he was handsome: at least six feet tall, he was broad at the shoulders and the t-shirt he was wearing was tight against his chest. His long blond hair hung behind in a messy ponytail, wisps of it framing his masculine face and highlighting his dark blue eyes.

“Class dismissed,” James called.

He noticed Samantha’s raised hand and nodded to her. He swallowed hard, trying to calm down his nerves and his libido. It was incredible what one look at that girl could do to him. He was 28 years old and he had never felt so attracted to any woman, but there was something about Sammy. Maybe it was those long pigtail braids she liked wearing, or those large brown puppy eyes; perhaps, it was those luscious red lips, or those feminine curves.

“What is it, Sammy?”

Samantha smiled. She mentally reprimanded herself for staring at her teacher. She was 25. She should be over that sort of teenage behavior.

“I think the book is wrong,” she stated. She began pointing out the errors and James nodded absent-mindedly. He could not care less about some stupid grammar book and its mistakes. Sammy’s cleavage was distracting him.

“What do you think?”

James turned to look at her. He took in a dizzying breath. She smelled like candy.

“Ven conmigo,” he said in Spanish.

“What?” Sammy asked bewildered.

“Come with me,” James repeated in English, as he went back to his desk and began to collect his books.

Samantha stared after him; her body shook at having him so near.

James walked in front of Samantha. He heard her heels clicking on the cold marble floor, and his thoughts strayed from her feet to her well-shaped legs. He opened the door to his small office and invited Samantha inside. He tried hard not to stare after her full round bottom. He entered behind her and closed the door. All coherent thoughts fled from James’ mind as he looked at her. Samantha stood next to his desk, her books hugged tightly to her chest, her eyes wide, her lips slightly open: a perfect portrayal of innocence.

Samantha quivered. She reddened slightly as she recalled more than one masturbating session with James as her object of desire. Embarrassed at her erotic thoughts, she shifted her weight, licked her lips and waited for James to say something.

James saw the pink tip of her tongue graze her lips and he was unable to hold back. Gently, he tucked her books away from her and deposited them on the desk with his. He found her eyes and heard her gasp as he bent his head to capture her mouth with his.

Surprised, Samantha couldn’t help gasping when she looked into James’s eyes and saw in them the same desire she felt coursing through her body.

James placed his hands around Sammy’s waist and pulled her to him. He heard her sharp intake of breath when she felt his hardened cock press against her. He pushed his tongue inside her mouth and his heart beat heavily against his chest as she responded to his kiss, letting her own tongue run free and begin a battle with his.

His hands raced from her waist to her shoulders, finally finding their way to her ample bosom. He placed a hand on her breast and was rewarded by a moan. Encouraged, he squeezed the fleshy mound before proceeding to open her blouse.

Samantha gasped again as James pulled her closer and she was pressed against the fullness of his stiff member. A rush of wetness reached her panties when he fondled her breasts. She wound her hands tighter around him, releasing his hair and running her fingers across the long silky strands. Her hands roamed down his back and she cupped his firm ass before introducing her hands inside his waistband.

James growled and nipped Sammy’s lower lip when he felt her soft hands caress his swollen cock. With a groan, he released her lips and pushed her breasts out of her bra. Without hesitancy, he lowered his head and took the tight nipple of her left breast into his mouth.

Samantha moaned. Her panties were soaked and yet she was not satiated. A pulsing feeling began at her core. She needed him. She needed James inside her.

“Please,” she managed to say.

James lifted his head from her breasts. His eyes were hazy with desire. Without a sound he claimed her lips again as his hands found their way beneath her skirt. Somehow, she ended up sitting on his desk, her legs splayed open as his fingers traced the outline of her wet mound.

She moaned into his mouth as he flexed his finger and lifted the edge of her panties. Involuntarily, she bucked against him, her body unconsciously searching for something to fill her.

James pushed two fingers into Samantha. He pulled them in and out of her a few times before she stopped him with her hand.

She shook her head. “I want you now, James.”

James smiled. Without missing a beat he pulled out his cock and pushed it into Sammy’s waiting cunt.

Samantha gasped. Her legs entwined around James as he pushed into her. Together they found release as they whispered sweet words of love to one another.

James kissed her neck, bringing her back to reality. Samantha looked at their entwined hands and smiled. James followed her gaze and chuckled.

“You realize that most of your students hate me?” she asked her husband.

James brought up her hand and kissed the finger that held their wedding band.

“I don’t think that’s possible, love.”

About the author: Usually shy and quiet, with either a book or notebook nearby, at first sight you might think that Elyzabeth is nothing more than a hard working student. However, at closer inspection, you might discover that behind her serene demeanor she might be concocting an elaborate fantasy of love and desire.

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