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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Spring Of Easter by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Brendan sat up with a gasp. His heart raced, his hands shook and drops of cold sweat rolled down his bare back. He shut his eyes for a moment, trying to hold on to the remnants of his dream. It didn’t work. He passed a hand through his damp hair. He needed some fresh air.

He leaned back against the cottage’s doorway, enjoying the sounds of the woodland creatures at night. The moon emerged from behind a cloud, its light bathing his naked body. Over six feet tall, he had the appearance of a demigod. With firm, well-delineated muscles, his body resembled that of a warrior. In contrast, his long blond hair and green eyes made him look like an angel.

Brendan relaxed. The cool air seemed to wrap around him, soothing his nerves and refreshing his body. He couldn’t remember how long he had been having that same dream. In it, he would be on the verge of making love to a beautiful woman. Suddenly, he would convert into a white rabbit. The conversion always startled him into awakening. However, it didn’t scare him. What made him restless was the painful yearning he felt for the woman.

He shook his head. It didn’t matter. He could never recapture the dream once he woke up. He began to turn around to re-enter his home, when movement at a nearby tree caught his eye. A white rabbit stood barely a few feet away from him. Brendan gaped. Its eyes were blue and full of intelligence. The animal cocked its head to one side, beckoning him. It skipped away and Brendan followed.

The rabbit hurried forward into its den. Brendan threw himself after it, attempting to seize it. Before he was aware of what was happening, he began to fall.


The scent of the forest after a refreshing spring rain assaulted his senses. Brendan opened his eyes. He lay atop a bed covered in colorful pine-green sheets. Surprised, he leaned back on his elbows. His jaw dropped.

The woman of his dreams stood at the foot of the bed. Her hair fell in long soft waves over her naked body, creating the illusion of a curtain that barely let him spy bits and pieces of her curvaceous anatomy. As he caught tantalizing glimpses of light curly hair peeking from between shapely thighs and lush breasts with puckered rosy tips, his cock began to rise.

“Welcome, Brendan. I have been waiting for you, my love.” The woman smiled, oblivious to his physical reaction. Brendan peered into her face, searching her intense blue eyes for answers.

“Maia,” he whispered.

“Yes, love, you remember.” She crawled towards him and with long graceful fingers cupped his balls, before closing her hand around his stiff member.

“Do you remember this too?” she asked, bending over to pull his hard shaft into her warm mouth. Brendan fell back against the bed, reveling in the feel of Maia’s velvety mouth aptly licking and sucking him.

Unable to take anymore, Brendan gently lifted her head. He looked into her eyes for an instant before kissing her with fervor. He hugged her to him, enjoying the feel of her silken skin against his hot body. His hands seemed to have a life of their own as they cupped her ass and slid between her legs and into the crevice of her wet folds. Maia mewled and he dipped another finger inside her molten center.

His excitement escalated as she panted into his ear. He needed her. She was wet and craving for him, just like he craved to be inside her.

He turned her over in his embrace, pushing her back against the covers. He nibbled on her lips for a moment before beginning a trail of hungry kisses down her neck and towards her milky white breasts. He groaned in response to Maia’s moans as he took first one nipple and then the other into his mouth and suckled with gusto.

“I need you, Maia.”

“And I you, love.”

Unable to hold back any longer, Brendan thrust into her. Her gasp encouraged him and he pulled out slowly, enticing her to gasp for him again.

Abruptly, an image entered his mind: the answer to a prayer. It was the gift of one god to another. Maia was Spring, a symbol of fertility and love. Her gift and her prayer: a man. Brendan.

He looked at Maia, comprehending.

“You are my wish,” she whispered.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” he replied, plunging inside her again.

Maia moaned with passionate abandon. Her nails raked his back, her body arched to meet his. Brendan felt himself lose control. He pushed harder, faster. Maia screamed and pleasure flowed from her body to his as her vaginal walls contracted in spasms.

Another vision assaulted his senses: They sat together, laughing. Maia kissed him and chanted a few words. He turned into a rabbit. Maia giggled and accommodated on her arm the basket filled with colorful eggs. Together they stepped outside to bless the world around them with abundance.

Brendan grunted. Maia entwined her legs around him, pushing him deeper inside her as he found orgasmic release. He collapsed atop her.

She was spring and he was her messenger. His mission: to pick out those that had been good and deserved a blessing from the goddess. For it, he would take the shape of an innocent rabbit, a cute furry animal prolific in breeding.

“No, my love,” Maia whispered.

Brendan met her gaze. She smiled, and her eyes were filled with passion, happiness and love.

“You are not merely a messenger; you are my love, my gift, what keeps me alive.”

Brendan pulled her into his embrace, kissing her gently. She was right and he knew it. They were so much more. They were the essence of spring united at last.

About the Author: Usually shy and quiet, with either a book or notebook nearby, at first sight you might think that Elyzabeth is nothing more than a hard working student. However, at closer inspection, you might discover that behind her serene demeanor she might be concocting an elaborate fantasy of love and desire.

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