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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Sweetest Christmas Candy

By Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Twas the night before Christmas, the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, the Christmas tree shone as brightly as ever, and the red lingerie seemed to glow with anticipation at Santa's visit.

All was quiet in the house; the champagne was still cold, the cream on the strawberries still fresh, and the spot between her thighs warm, waiting for the arrival of Santa in red and white fur which hid the hard planes of a masculine chest, and a matching hat which disguised the long blond hair but not the lips that made her faint.

All was still, all was ready. Sandra lay down on the couch to wait for jolly old Santa to arrive. This year would be different, she swore with vehemence. This year she'd stay awake and not drool on the sofa.

Sandra mumbled sleepily and stretched; she felt warm hands caress her legs, and lips that made her faint with its mere touch brush against her own. Startled, she opened her eyes and saw Santa's merry old hat, bobbing between her legs as he tickled and explored with his naughty tongue and long fingers. Sandra moaned, and raised herself on the sofa.

"Oh Santa, I'm sorry, I fell asleep," she whispered, trying to ignore the finger, pushing into her wet steamy hole. Santa chuckled, and pulled out his finger, bringing it to his mouth; he licked it lavishly, before putting it over her babbling lips.

"Oh dear Sandra, I much prefer it this way," he replied, helping her pull off her negligee with a wink and a wicked tweak at her sensitive nipples. Santa savored her breasts, and Sandra let her head fall back accompanied by a deep moan which escaped her lips.

Santa chuckled, and in a merry little twinkle he disposed of her sexy red panties. He wrinkled his nose and with a happy little grin, he pulled of his hat and lowered his head between her warm little nest.

Sandra moaned and gasped, as Santa's stubble of a beard rasped against her legs, as his red tongue, pushed and tasted her inside. His fingers found their way into her slippery hole; she moaned and shivered, humping her body eagerly against the strong fingers. Santa laughed and removed his hands; he stood up and let her body rest.

Santa smiled down at her and began to strip off his suit: first went the boots, then the large coat, then the suspenders, the white shirt, and next the baggy pants and the mistletoe decorated underwear. Out sprang Santa's greatest gift: a big candy cane, hard and sweet, all for Sandra.

Sandra smiled and got to her knees; oh how she craved for a taste of Christmas on her lips. Kneeling before Santa she took his Candy Cane in her mouth with great relish. She suckled and licked with pleasure, until Santa had to place a hand on her shoulder and say in a husky voice, "Oh please, Sandra, if you keep this up, there will be no more left."

Santa made his way back to the couch, and eagerly Sandra climbed on his lap, impaling the sweet sugary stick of his between her legs, almost melting it with her heat. Santa chuckled or growled, Sandra wasn't sure which, but little did it matter; she could see the desire in his twinkling blue eyes. He grabbed her hips, set his lips to her breasts, tugging and sucking in earnest he settled the pace for her to ride. Eagerly, they rose and fell, almost like riding a fast merry-go-round. Sandra laughed, so happy she felt, and loving dear old Santa she kissed his cleft.

Together they moaned, together they gasped, until, unable to take it anymore, New Year fireworks exploded between them and Santa let out in a strangled cry "Merry Christmas, Mrs. Claus. I love you so much!"

Unable to reply by the joy of it all, completed and full to the hilt, Mrs. Sandra Claus smiled and let her head rest on the chest of her dear Santa.

Author Bio: Shy, quiet, and always with a book or notebook under her nose; a good student, is what you might think of Elyzabeth at first sight, but at closer inspection you might discover that what's she's reading and scribbling into her notebook, might just melt you into your chair. Link to blog:

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