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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Long and Short Reviews welcomes Rico Lamoureux, whose book in Six Degrees of SeXparation is due out shortly.

He will also be releasing his autobiography, Power of the Pen, in October. He also recently finished a powerful drama that involves the crossing paths of a young suppressed Afghan woman and a Ninja, entitled Bleeding Perseverance that will be out later this year, and he's currently writing an interesting story that explores the balance between madness and brilliance called Starving For Genius.

Rico has been writing since he picked up a pen and started writing when he was 11.

"In seventh grade, I won a school writing contest and got published in the school paper. It was my first real validation that I indeed have a talent for storytelling. Twenty-seven years later, I still feel the magic every time I put pen to paper!" he said. "Occasionally I'll put fingertips to a keyboard, but nothing takes the place of doing it the old-fashioned way."

"How do you personally distinguish between pornography, erotica, and erotic romance?" I asked.

"Pornography is just about the "Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am." No substance at all. In erotica, sex drives the plot forward, as in my book Sex Degrees Of SeXparation. With erotic romance, story and character are the driving forces, as with my drama, Bleeding Perseverance."

I asked him who his favorite erotic author was.

"I hardly ever read erotica and/or erotic romance. Personally, I prefer to not read in the genre I write because I feel in order to stay unique in my writing I shouldn’t fill my brain with other authors' styles of writing, but instead come at it with my own individual voice. I read just about every other genre out there, but in order to stay in alignment with my own personal truth I avoid reading from my own genre."

Writing from his own personal truth is something Rico feels very strongly about, telling me that you can't go wrong that way.

"This doesn’t mean you have to go out and experience every little thing your characters are experiencing," he explained. "It means only you have lived your life, and therefore only you have this unique perspective that can tell stories like no other. So that first element is the most important. To recognize that your individuality is your greatest asset. The other essential element is to be honest with yourself. You’ll know when you’ve produced your best work."

I asked Rico to tell us about his writing space.

"I'm currently on the other side of the world in Manila and find it very difficult to write in such harsh heat," he said. "My writing desk is the most expensive thing I currently won. It's my sanctuary, which currently has a half dozen paperbacks atop it, alongside a few erotic Sailor Moon figurines and my desk lamp."

For the past six or so years, Rico's sleeping schedule centers around his writing.

"Every two to three weeks I’ll go from a day schedule to a night schedule, depending on the time of day my creative juices feel like flowing. So whether I’m waking up at six in the morning or six in the evening, after I eat I have to get straight to the writing. Anything stops me from doing so and my whole day is usually shot! My brain and pen demand to be numero uno before anything else," he said with a laugh.

"What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to learn about you?" I wondered.

"As a teen I went totally blind in my left eye. Eleven years later, in 2001, my condition spread to my right eye, leaving me near legally blind. But my driven nature doesn’t know how to slow down!"

Finally, I asked him, "What are you passionate about these days? Building a strong foundation for the child my wife and I plan to have in the near future. We both come from nothing, and promised that we would be patient until we could provide the kind of life for our child that neither of us ever had. Thanks to the kindness of my readers, that dream is on the brink of coming true!"

About the Author: Ten years ago Rico Lamoureux left behind everything he ever knew and headed for the other side of the world in the name of love. Never could he have imagined what lay ahead.

Faced with overwhelming obstacles under Third World conditions, he refused to return home without his soul mate and therefore remains among the harsh environment he describes as “the complete opposite from the Land of Opportunity.”

With so many years having passed, Rico’s unwavering American spirit has kept him going strong, now using his passion for storytelling to pave the way towards a better future.

“I’m writing my way back home one pen stroke at a time.”

Find Rico online at

The unleashing of a sexual beast, a sexplorer's discovery of a lifetime, and the cherishing of a pristine innocent. Add this to an erogenous tale of curiosity in "The Pink French" and the quenching of a lustful thirst in "Business Class" and you've got five salacious short stories linked by six passionate characters in Six Degrees of SeXparation.


Debby said...

My mother in law in blind and she can do amazing things. I admire your ability to carry on.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Rico Lamoureux said...

Thank you for the kind words, Debby. And thank you LASR, for the opportunity to share a little of my story:)

Rico Lamoureux said...

Six Degrees of SeXparation is now available:)