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Wednesday, August 22, 2012



Long and Short Reviews welcomes Kharisma Rhayne, whose newest book Knowing Thyne is available. One lucky commenter will win a download of Knowing Thyne, a ménage, and one will win a copy of Bound by Temptation, a m/m romance.

"How do you personally distinguish between pornography, erotica, and erotic romance?" I asked.

"I think everyone has their own taste when it comes to this and there’s such a fine line between porn and erotica that it’s almost a 'why bother' with me. I don’t even argue it out anymore. One person’s porn is another person’s erotica and no matter what you call mine, I’m just happy you read it. For me, my shorts are erotica. There’s not a lot of romantic build up. They’re about the encounter itself. My longer reads are erotic romance (to me anyway) as they have the explicit sex but the characters are in love or working their way to it…so there’s caring, protection and more to what the two people having sex share." For it to be a good erotic story for Kharisma, especially on the longer works, it needs to have substantial characters—she needs to be able to pull all the sex out of her longer works and still feel like she has a good read.

"If I can’t do that…I’ll work on it until I can," she told me.

Kharisma has been writing since she was in junior high (not that she's willing to share those writings with anyone). She read Hamlet and thought she could write it better. She read Jane Eyre and thought she could write it better. During junior high and high school, she rewrote some of the classics.

"I love the classics," she assured me. "I've actually attained permission to do sequels to several well-known books (none mentioned here), but they will take years to write to compare with the original authors and tons of research."

As she got older, she would see movies and television shows and thought she could write them better.

"Translated to: I could get the exact ending I wanted. So, I picked up some paper and started writing again. I had never planned to try to publish any of it, but one thing lead to another."

"Do you ever suffer from writer's block?" I asked.

"Yes. I’ve read over and over again that there is no such thing. But, I would swear there is. Sometimes I really struggle. So far my secret has been to make sure I have multiple manuscripts going at once. If I hit a road block on one, I shrug it off and select another to continue writing on."

One of the projects she's working on is the sequel to her ménage Knowing Thyne. The title for the new books is Having Thyne.

"It was a surprise as Having Thyne was only supposed to be one short read and I was done with ménage. I’m also working on my Native American Romance Trilogy, two different Highlander series and a Viking Series (all are erotic romance). I have more than that…but I won’t keep everyone reading. They’re all 'teased' on my blog."

She told me she doesn't consider herself a writer---that may come after she's sold a million copies of something. She doesn't have fans; she has friends who enjoy her stories, and she tries to chat and get to know them.

"I’m not sure I’ll ever change. I write because I enjoy it. I love sharing a story. But I’m still just me," she said.

She admitted that her writing space is a disaster.

"It’s always cluttered and I’m always losing brilliant ideas—well, they were to me," she told me with a smile. "I do have a collection of dry erase boards as well and if anyone ever came along with a spray bottle…I’d have to bury them in my backyard. My boards are everything. I keep track of ideas, plots, characters, what they look like (don’t you hate it when someone starts out with green eyes and then ends up with blue?). I always have an iced coffee or Pepsi within arm’s reach as well as my cell phone, an external drive and several USB drives."

The hardest part of writing for her is her family—she's a mom 24/7 and feels guilty if she has a deadline. She also needs complete silence to write, so often she finds herself writing at 2 AM when nobody needs her.

"What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your books?" I wondered.

"I don’t seem to run out of ideas. I thought that I’d have a few ideas and then just burn out. Just sort of fade out of writing and publishing. However, the issue really has turned into likely never living long enough to write all the books that I have ideas for."

She is very much a pantser—so much so that she told me, "It's not even funny. I never have a clue. Something will come to me…like…'Oh, how about a serial killer' – then I’m just writing. I have no idea what I want this killer to be like, no idea what kind of life they’ll have, who will they kill, what will the pattern be…I just write and somehow, eventually…it just all manages to be typed. I tried making outlines and it was awful. I mean – AWFUL. I stared at the paper…I drew a picture…I stared at the paper. Before I knew it…I’d killed 3 hours and have some silly three dimensional drawing of a box and not a word of anything about writing. I gave up. We are what we are. I just sit and type and go where it leads me."

Finally, I asked, "What research books do you recommend for authors starting out in writing erotica?" "I suggest hands on practice as much as possible. And I’m not trying to be silly. Honest. It’s the best way to be able to describe how your characters are feeling. Find out exact thoughts from your partner too. Not only does it make your book better, but you’ll find it does a lot for your relationship too. It’s a win/win." About the Author:
Ten years ago, Kharisma traded in snow, ice and tornadoes for sun, heat, sand and mountains. She now lives in beautiful Arizona with her husband, 4 kids & 5 rescue dogs. Her love for nature and animals is well known and she gets to indulge it in her new home with wolves, coyotes, snakes, and various other creatures as her nearest neighbors. Living in the middle of nowhere is something she wouldn’t change for the world.

Dabbling in writing through Junior High and High School, Kharisma officially got her start writing LGBT, BDSM and erotica. Never one to slow down, she started writing several additional genres including crime, medical, historical and paranormal. Her latest adventure is a dark horror.

When you pick up one of her books, she wants you to walk away turned on and inspired! Come take a stroll into Kharisma’s worlds of ecstasy, love, adventure and fear.

Find Kharisma online at


It's Thyne & Adison's 5th wedding anniversary.

Adison has always known that Thyne had an interest in men. She could tell by the way he looked at them. Rather than be offended when he finally told her three years into their marriage, she found it arousing. Now, on their little getaway for their 5th anniversary, Adison wants to make things memorable for her husband. She wants to continue their great sex life and also wants to watch him with another man--hoping that maybe, in the end, he'll let her join in with them.

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