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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Long and Short Reviews welcomes Hennessee Andrews, whose latest release Damon-The Texas Senator's Son came out yesterday. To celebrate, Hennessee is giving away both her newest book and her debut novel, Eight Seconds, along with $5 worth of Strandbucks that can be used to purchase any title Bookstrands offers. All you have to do to be entered into the drawing is leave a comment on this interview.

When the author choose Hennessee Andrews for a pen name, she wanted something unique that people would remember, as well as a cool name befitting a writer.

"I don’t know where I ever came up with Hennessee, but it stuck. I chose a last name that flowed, but wanted it to start with A, because of alphabetical reasons," she admited. "It’s goofy I know, but when searching through alphabetized names, where do you start?"

Damon is the first book in Hennessee's Texas Senator's Sons series, and it came to her as a "what if" scenario while she was driving. She thought what if I take a florist yearning to do something exciting, wanting to escape the day-to-day drain of life? What if I threw a hot cowboy into her life, a man that excites her and, also, offers her the chance to shuck off normalcy and do something wild and crazy. It's rare that she ever creates a character first—it just doesn't work for her.

She's currently working on Drake--the third book in the Texas Senator's Sons series.

"I’m stepping out into a new genre with Drake. He is much different than his brothers, and it starts with the fact that he is the Senator’s son by way of an affair the senator has kept going for 23 years. I put Drake through the wringer in this book," she admitted, "and he discovers that he is as attracted to a hot cowboy and rancher as much as women. Not only does he have to deal with his own sexuality, but he is faced with the media when the truth about the senator, his affair, and his bastard son is leaked, putting Drake into the spotlight he doesn’t want."

The hardest part of writing for Hennessee is juggling her time. She's married with two girls on a working farm and also works part-time away from the house.

"That makes me a great spokesman for Tums," she assured me. "If I had a live-in housekeeper and a stress guru, I'd write all the time."

She's not very creative during the day, and she doesn't really understand why.

"Maybe I was a creature of the night in a past life or something. It’s very weird and not at all helpful with kids in school, but I do most of my writing late at night. Some days I’m a walking zombie and drink large amounts of coffee to keep going," she admitted.

"What is the most embarrassing thing your mother has ever done to you?" I wondered.

"My mother, oh wow, she has funny bone and lives to aggravate me. She is very Southern, and has a habit of just telling people what exactly is going on, whether they need to know or not. Well, I had been waiting for a call from a guy, of course, and I heard the phone ring and listened for her to answer it. I sat quietly in the bathtub and heard, 'Nope, she can’t come to the phone. She’s in the tub.' I was embarrassed and stomped out of the bathroom and asked her to not tell people that I was in the tub. I went back to the bathroom to finish up and the phone rang again. My younger brother called off the other phone line in the house and I didn’t know it. I got quiet and waited to hear what she was going to say. 'No, she can’t come to phone. She’s taking a dump.' I think I screamed and cried for an hour, even after I learned it was a joke."

Hennessee comes from a family of five kids—she has three brothers and a sister. Her brothers take after their mom and are jokesters, always smiling and laughing.

"My sister is quite bit older than me, so for years we had little in common. Today, I find we are both warped in the head the same way which gives me someone to bounce ideas off of," Hennessee told me. "My mother is hard-working, loving and honest. She is also my number one fan. I have two ornery farm girls that like to fish and work cattle. My husband is my soul mate, a hard worker and a fabulous father."

You might not be surprised to find out that Hennessee loves Southern food, with her favorite meal being chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

"The more gravy the better is my motto," she said. "For dessert, I like banana pudding or peach cobbler. I’m a Southern food lover, and my hips show it too."

"How about a crayon?" I asked. "Have you ever eaten one of those?"

"I’ve never eaten a crayon, but I accidentally ate half a paper napkin I had wrapped around my sandwich once. I was in some other world, exploring my imagination and smacking away on my sandwich. I couldn’t figure out the strange texture, but chewed anyway. When I finally looked at my half eaten sandwich and napkin, I had one of those V8 moments and thumped myself in the head."

Hennessee told me when it comes to her writing, she's most definitely a pantser.

"I like to allow my mind to create and roll along naturally with the story. I do have a plot in my head, but I can’t seem to plan it chapter by chapter, it doesn’t work for me. I like for the story to just evolve. I want my mind to be imaginative. If I plotted, I’d probably lose creativity. The only way I can keep my writing different from other authors writing erotic romance is to write from the heart. No one is like me, and that may be a good thing. I have an unusual sense of humor, and I like to inject it into my writing. Sarcasm comes naturally in the form of dry humor. I like for a reader to bust up laughing or giggle out of the clear blue and not expect it."

Her favorite character in her books is Drew Radcliffe, whose book is the second in the Texas Senator's Sons series and which is scheduled for release the end of the month.

"He’s a cowboy hell bent on hating women and staying away from them," she told me. "The only problem is that Drew is a very sexual driven man, a fact that causes his problems with women. He truly feels that his, uh, Mr. Happy leads him astray. He’s also blunt and to the point when he speaks. His attitude is cocky, and sarcastic, but he’s not arrogant. In the bed, he’s a very take charge kind of guy, demanding and domineering in a way that’s sexy as hell."

Finally, I asked Hennessee, "In your opinion, what is the difference between erotic romance, erotica, and pornography?"

"I will state adamantly, that erotic romance is not pornography, nor is it erotica. Erotica doesn’t have a developing love story, nor a happy ending. It’s just sex. I consider erotic romance to be regular romance with one hell of a kick. It’s in your face, no holds barred romance for readers that more than warm and fuzzy feelings. They are libido kick-starters, and let me tell you, they kicked started mine after falling victim to life, children and the humdrum of work and bills. Playgirl magazine in pornography for women. Erotic romance brings what was normally hidden behind closed doors out in the open along with a developing love story."

About the Author:
Growing up, I loved to learn and especially read as much as I could get my little hands on. Since we didn’t have an abundance of money, I didn’t have a lot of items to read at home so I read the dictionary to learn more. It wasn’t until much later in life I found a passion and love for writing. After college, I found myself not enjoying life, I was just living it. I married a wonderful man and I have two beautiful daughters, but I felt that I was missing something, something for just me. It was at that time I promised myself to work toward what made me happy, not anyone else, and I’m happiest when I’m writing.

Outside of writing, working, being a mom and a wife, I love genealogy and have researched extensively over the years. History is fascinating to me as well as mythology and ancient religions. I’m a firm believer in karma and that everyone has a special talent. Sometimes they ignore it while others embrace it. As for me, well, I’m embracing mine and learning something new every step of the way.

Find the author online:
Twitter: @HennesseeAndrew

Danielle Mallory hates rodeos, especially bull riders. Funny how life has ways of making people eat their words. She learns that lesson well when she comes face-to-face with the bull rider J.C. Evans that her heart still beats for.

J.C. Evans, a nationally ranked bull rider, has a hell of a reputation with women. His only regret: breaking Danielle's heart. Now he's determined to win her heart again, but it proves to be no easy task.

Danielle is quick-witted and sassy. Their sexual banter and teasing is fun, but only fans the flames they have even more.

Realizing that life may never be the same, Danielle opens her heart and more to experience passion, sensually erotic sex, and most importantly the love she always wanted.


Karen H in NC said...

Hi Hennessee,

You are a new-to-me author so I will enjoy learning more about you and your work.

You told us what the hardest part of writing was for you, but what is
A. the most fun part and
B. what part takes the most time?

Hennessee said...

Hi Karen!

The most fun part about writing for me is the developing relationship between two people. There is something about first meetings, and fluttery feelings that I adore. I suppose it's because it reminds me of when I met my husband. The crazy and fun emotions were overwhelming.

The part that takes me the most time is the transition into the plot where everything goes wrong or there's a snafu of some sort. I want to explore it, and show both sides of the conflict. That area for me is where two people begin to realize how deeply they feel for the other, so I put a lot of time into it.

Thank you for the great questions! Have a wonderful day :)

Long and Short Reviews said...

Congratulations to Karen H in NC for winning this contest.