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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Long and Short Reviews is pleased to welcome Bobbi Brattz whose latest book Costa Rican Heat was released in October.

Bobbi's from southern Ontario, Canada, and she says about her home, "Living in the country surrounded by forest makes my writing flow well. The town near where we live is small enough that if we have more than three cars at a four-way stop, it's considered a traffic jam. I love the seclusion."

Bobbi Brattz is actually her pen name—Bobbi from her middle name Roberta. Her last name, Brattz, she said, "Comes from just being a Brat."

I asked Bobbi what she considered the difference between erotic romance, erotica, and pornography.

"Chemistry is what counts!" she explained. "Porn is plain sex with no emotional involvement. Erotica has to do with kinky sex toys and the Kama Sutra, yet still no emotional involvement. Erotic romance is a love between two or more people where there are no holds barred in the bedroom or any location where sex occurs (my favorite scene is in the kitchen on the island with delectable dessert foods including whipped cream! Yummm.) Chemistry, emotions and a willing to please each other on an even basis is important as well. It's no one-night-stand where you never see each other again but a future of love and joy."

I asked her to tell us about Costa Rican Heat.

"Costa Rican Heat was a ball of fun to write. Heroine Jada McKenzie meets her internet pal for the first time, is swept off her feet, and whisked away to Costa Rica, she has no idea she will be the dessert on the menu for two men. Her greatest experience with sex is from watching adult videos.

"Tait Bennett and Constable Mike Turner surprise Jada when they arrive at Tait's home in the hills and soon show her what amazing sex in a menage a trois is all about. It takes a while to convince her because she does her best to escape them pulling all kinds of antics to get away.

"When she falls for them both, she must decide if she wants to stay with them forever more or go back to her humdrum life in Toronto."

Bobbi has another book that Siren Bookstrand has picked up which will release later this year: Hawaiian Triple Heat, part of the Dr. Love Shark series.

"It's volcanic, it's so hot!" she assured me. "Stranded in Hawaii, Rae Hooper finds more excitement that she expects when the infamous Doctor Love Shark helps her out. After suffering for years in a bad marriage, she becomes a sex therapy model in a menage a trois with the doctor and his best friend and her entire life turns upside down.

"Rae must decide if she will forgive and forget being lied to and stay with, or live as a recluse after her sexual encounter goes viral!"

The second book in the series she's planned is called The second one I have planned is called 'The Kegelmeister'.

"Just wait until you get to read about the naughtiness between three reporters at Dr. Love Shark's resort when they try to unearth his sex secrets," she said.

When Bobbi gets an idea for a plot, such as in Costa Rican Heat, she writes out the basics, such as woman bored with her life meets her internet man on a date and is swept away to a tropical island where she finds she's the dessert and two men are the main meal in a ménage a trios. Once that's set, she creates her characters by completing character lists including who they are, what they look like, what their careers are, their biggest challenges, and who the people in their lives are.

"I spend a lot of time doing this so that the characters are in my mind when I bring them to life and tug at your heart strings," she explained. "Everyone loves a bad boy alpha male and a determined alpha female batting heads. The second male is the peacekeeper who usually has a wacky sense of humor to lighten the plot and give you a chuckle."

When Bobbi hits a snag and suffers from writer's block, she takes a step back and work on another WIP (work in progress). She has several of them running around in her head and admits she either has to write them down or lose sleep over them.

"When I do get insomnia, I find that's the best time to write. My mind is clear, there are no distractions, and the peace of the night helps me to focus on the story," she said. "Another trick to overcoming writer's block is to start reading the story from the beginning and edit. This helps to make sure the plot is in order, the characters are showing the correct traits to make them fascinating, and also a great tool to find the tiny errors we tend to make such as spelling and grammar."

Not surprisingly, a good sturdy plot is number one on her list of important details of good writing, she said, with "lots of twists and turns where the heroine or hero have to make near impossible choices, a devious villain or problem to overcome, and lots of yummy nooky-nooky. In the end, the characters should be happy, satiated, and ready for more..."

I asked Bobbi to describe her writing space.

"Have laptop, will travel! I write whenever the urge strikes. My characters take on a life of their own in my mind whether I'm at the doctor's office, sitting at home, sleeping, or anywhere else, believe it or not. If I don't have access to my laptop, I write in point form on my ever-present notepad. Thankfully, no one can read my mind!" she said with a laugh.

"What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?" I asked.

"I tend to laugh out loud when I have a funny scene going or even cry during the sad parts. My moods are attached to the characters. When I start squirming in my chair, I know for a fact that the scene is perfectly delicious!"

Finally, I asked, "What is your most embarrassing moment?"

"I lived with my roommate when I was eighteen years old. When I got back from my date at a local bar, I jumped in the shower thinking no one was home. The apartment was completely dark and quiet so I opened the bathroom door with all my jewels visible and froze in place when I heard a male voice chuckle and say, 'Hello kitty.' I had to stay in the bathroom for a long time before I got the courage to lift my chin and walk to my room as though no one was there. It was a brave thing to do as I was rather shy back then."

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