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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Author Interview with Madison J. Edwards

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Madison J. Edwards, whose latest book According to Plan is available from Turquoise Morning Press.

According to Plan didn't actually start out to be an erotic book, however. The first draft was called "Shelby's Legacy." The plot revolved around a trapped Scottish laird who'd been cursed into a mirror and was waiting to be released by Shelby (a whole generational curse thing). Madison introduced the character of Tank as a diversion, because (in her original plan), Shelby was supposed to ultimately end up with Liam.

"As soon as Tank was brought into the story, he told me almost immediately Shelby was his, and Liam could go suck rocks," she explained. "In fact, I was writing a brief vignette with Shelby in the shower and before I could stop him Tank slipped in, and – well – the rest is history. Poor Liam, he got tossed pretty quick, although an editor at Wild Rose Press told me he deserves his own story, he was such a saucy character. After that, I found my niche was erotic writing. I’ve tried to write a sweetheart romance, take it to the bedroom door and no further, but I keep peeking in through the keyhole, and of course I have to write what I see..."

I asked her how she distinguished between erotica, erotic romance, and pornography.

"The line at times may be fine, but to me erotica is heavy on the physical, sexual relationship. At times the story may be drive by sex alone and the sex scenes, which are graphic, no euphemisms for body parts and functions. Nothing is left to your imagination.

"Erotic romance is first and foremost a romance and the main characters have a strong physical relationship. The sexual scenes can be graphic, but romance drives the story.

"Pornography is straight sex. Usually little or no plot as those who want to watch, read, or look at pornography don’t care if there is a story."

Erotic authors Madison enjoy are Lila DiPasqua, Delilah Devlin, and Cherise Sinclair. Lila was the first author who showed her how the man in the story feels.

"As a woman I can only guess what ‘he’ thinks, but Lila has the uncanny ability to get inside the man’s head, and it was like a light bulb went on for me," Madison told me. "Delilah has the best character driven stories with a whole lot of naughty written in them. Even though her characters seem over the top, they are believable. You feel like you’re a fly on the wall, watching everything unfold in front of you. Cherise Sinclair, without a doubt, writes the most riveting stories centered around the BDSM scene but without the ‘ick’ factor. Her characters are natural, and once again, you feel like they could be your next door neighbour."

"Is there a boundary between porn and erotic romance you would never cross?" I wondered.

"Yes, although sometimes the boundary becomes a fuzzy line. For example, I would never write about forced sex, gang bang scenes, but in a story I’m working on right now, the heroine was a sex slave at a remote compound for two years before escaping. I’m trying to write these two years in a tasteful way (?), in order for the reader to know why she reacts the way she does. It’s difficult, as you have to ask yourself, how far do you take it. She was unwilling, and forced, but it made her who she is later in the story.

"I couldn’t write about one night stands, as that is something I would never do, nor would I entertain the thought. And that’s my personal thing. If it floats your boat, then go ahead. Now, I may write about a young girl who got rip roaring drunk, wakes up in a bed in Las Vegas, and finds herself married ... oh wait!... I am."

"What food do you consider best for eating off another person?" I asked.

"Honey and candy sparkles come to mind... and in my book, According to Plan, Tank eats whipped cream off several areas of Shelby’s body, starting with her nipples and moves south in a leisurely fashion.

"I toyed with one of my heroines laid out on the dining table, covered in lettuce because the hero stated he wanted to eat healthy. Then Sex in the City 2 came out, the one where Samantha laid out a sushi spread *wink, wink*. I knew right then no one would believe I had the idea first."

"What is your favorite food?" I continued.

"Homemade potato salad, with egg. Yum. Now I’m hungry – thanks."

"Least favorite?"

"The list is long and varied, but head cheese comes to mind. Cow’s tongue, pig hooves, Haggis (ugh) and liver. Thanks. I’m not hungry anymore."

Madison's favorite letter? "Scarlet??" she said, then added, "Seriously, the letter S. All curvy and saucy, and looks great as a monogram."

I also asked her about her strangest habit, and she admitted she had one, but she doesn't want to lose it because it drives her husband "crackers." She jiggles her legs under the table.

He had to travel a lot with his job, so when Madison's not writing, she tries to spend as much time as possible with him. They have the family over for dinners and love going to friends to play cards. When he's away, and she's not writing, she can normally be found on the social networking web.

Finally, I asked Madison, "What advice do you give authors wanting to write erotica?"

"First and foremost – have no fear. If his cock is throbbing, then that’s what you write. If you can’t, then erotica is NOT for you.

"Second – crawl inside your character’s skin. Become them and show your readers what they’re thinking, feeling, desiring. We want to smell the sweat, feel her skin prickle into gooseflesh as the feather light touch of his hand follows the curve of her breast.

"Third – be prepared for some people who won’t know how to act around you anymore. I have a co-worker who turns a dull red whenever he’s around me. He actually fidgets, and beats a hasty retreat as soon as politely possible."

You can keep up with Madison on her blog,

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