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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Cassandra Carr

The novels on my nightstand (or in my Nook, as the case may be)
By Cassandra Carr

I read romance almost exclusively. Yes, I’m sure I should be reading other genres, if only to see what writers in other genres do – what their voices are like, how they handle plot points, etc. But my time is both valuable and limited, so I read what I like best: romance.

Within romance, I read very little paranormal. Just not my thing. Ditto for sci-fi/fantasy. I also don’t read inspirational romance. There’s nothing wrong with inspy, and I’ve read some interesting inspy-type books in the past, but it’s not my first (or second or third) choice.

You’re probably asking yourself – what the heck DOES she read? Contemporary, western, historical, and erotic romance, for the most part. My favorite authors include Jennifer Crusie (or Jenny Crusie, as we call her in the biz, lol), Lisa Kleypas, Deidre Martin, Rachel Gibson, Lauren Dane, Maya Banks, Jaci Burton, and Eloisa James. I was surprised when browsing through the bookstore at the airport the other day to see that Lisa Kleypas had released a book I didn’t know about. How did that happen?!?

Yes, I obsessively track my favorite authors, just like you do. Every writer I know does. After all, at the end of the day, we’re all readers too.

What novels are on your nightstand?

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