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Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Cassandra Carr

Five ways to show authors some love on Amazon
By Cassandra Carr

You guys love authors, right? After all, we’re the lovely (demented) people who bring you your favorite books. It’s possible you’ve heard all this before, but it bears repeating: there are a ton of things you, as a reader, can do to support your favorite authors. To make it easy for you, I’ve created a handy-dandy list, using Amazon as an example!

1. View our book. Amazon, silly people that they are, uses a complicated algorithm to determine where in the search results our books land. The more our books are viewed, the higher it will be placed on the list.

2. “Like” our book. Somewhere right near the top in the area close to the price, is a “like” button. Any book with ten or more “likes” is considered popular and is bumped up in the search rankings.

3. Agree with the book’s tags. Down below the information about the book is an area with tags, such as “romance”, “firefighter”, “western”, etc. The more people who agree with these tags (again, I’ve heard the magic number is ten), the higher the book climbs in the search order. Now, here’s something that’s important. Don’t click on “agree with all tags”. It almost never works. Instead, click on each tag individually to agree with it.

4. Leave a review. You don’t have to buy the book on Amazon (or Barnes & Noble, etc) to leave a review there. It doesn’t have to be long – most of the reviews I give are three to five sentences. Be short and sweet – tell other readers what you loved about the book and encourage them to try it out for themselves.

5. Go to the author’s profile on and “like” that too. It’s not only important for the books to be popular, but the author, too. Once again, the magic number seems to be ten. Don’t ask me why…

So now that you know some ways to show your love, can you think of any I missed?


Lacey Wolfe said...

great thoughts! :) It always makes an author feel good when their readers support them.

I did not know you can like an author page on amazon so I must run out and do this now!

dave94 said...

Thanks for listing these specifics. I would add that simply "liking" a book on social media might be easily overlooked if you don't add a personal comment to your "friends" (such as: "you guys might like the interesting sex scenes in this book") .
In a crowded field, good writers need all the help they can get from their fans.

Cassandra Carr said...


I agree. You definitely need to tell your friends why they should read the book. However, on Amazon, you can simply "like" the book OR the author right on Amazon's website.

Thanks for stopping by!