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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Author Interview with Jan Springer

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Jan Springer, whose third book in the Desperadoes series, Be My Dream Tonight is out from Siren-Bookstrand.

I asked her to tell us a little bit about Be My Dream Tonight.

A fiery eruption of solar flares disintegrates most of Earth’s human population, frying electrical grids around the world and thrusting everyone into a cold, harsh land where only the strong survive. Passionate ménages with the fierce men of the Durango gang have always made Eve Wright’s body hum with sizzling arousal. Secretly, she loved all three men, that is, until she suffered a head injury and forgot them. Now her memory is returning with a carnal vengeance and she knows of only one way to relieve her sexual frustrations…by returning to the men she once loved.

When Eve shows up at their hideout, Kayne, Riley, and Maddox are pleased she wants them to help her remember what they once shared. Their hot looks, tender touches, and scorching pleasure-pain will leave Eve tangled in an erotic storm that threatens to break her heart and give up a gut-wrenching secret.
I asked Jan how she distinguished between erotica, erotic romance, and pornography.

"I feel that erotica entails most of the story revolving around sex with a lesser plot and a possibility of not a happy ending. Erotic romance to me means a juicy plot with lots of hot sex and sexual tension and a happy ending always. Porn is just one sex scene after another with no real plot. In other words, sex just for sex sakes."

At the beginning of her writing career, an editor told Jan that she will know she's done her job right when she feels aroused while writing her sex scenes. Jan tends to stick with that rule as a guide for when she's on the right track with a story.

Other authors that Jan feel write excellent erotic fiction include Jaid Black, Lora Leigh, Cheyenne McCray, and Maya Banks, but she admitted there are many more. Lora Leigh, however, is her favorite with Marly's Choice being her favorite erotic book.

"Marly's Choice was the first ménage erotic romance I ever read," Jan explained, "and I am still blushing today every time I pick it up to read."

For research, Jan reads lots and lots of erotic romances.

"Usually if I have an idea for a story – for instance if I want to write an amnesia erotic romance, I will immerse myself in reading amnesia romances to get as many ideas as I can get and then I plunge ahead with fleshing out my story," she told me.

Jan first started off writing romantic suspense, but one day she discovered Ellora's Cave.

"I went thru the 'I can’t write this stuff' phase," she confessed. "But then one day something clicked in my head and I began saying to myself, if other authors can write this exciting stuff then I can too!!"

I asked her what her family thought about her writing erotic romance.

"Well, my brother thinks I write porn. My dad always grins when I show him my covers and my mom keeps bragging about me writing hot stuff to whoever she meets. My mom read my stuff before I wrote erotic romance, but I won’t let her read it now. I tell her she’s too young."

On a personal note, I asked, "If you had to pierce a body part, what would you pierce and why?"

"Oh my! I would go with nipple rings because I think that would look really sexy. I’d have large gold hoops…maybe light weights attached with pretty diamond jewels dangling from the weights. I would think that matching nipple rings, belly ring and labia rings would make a woman look visually sexier to a guy."

Some things you probably don't know about Jan:

Her favorite food is ice cream—all flavors, but her favorite is Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip.

She can't bring herself to eat seafood—she thinks it might have something to do when she was younger and would go fishing with her dad and brother. She would watch her mom take out the insides and sometimes the heart would still be beating. Now, the closest she can come to seafood is a can of tuna.

She can tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi, but not because of the taste—Pepsi keeps her from sleeping at night and Coke doesn't.

Her favorite letter is F. Why? "I use the f word a lot when I am mad," she admitted.

If someone were to play Jan in a movie, she would like it to be Julia Roberts.

"First of all, because she is my favorite actress and she’s a great actress. Second of all she did a really wonderful job in the movie Eat, Pray, Love about a woman searching for her destiny. I too seem to searching constantly for my destiny, so that’s why I would pick her to play the part of me."

"What is your most embarrassing moment?" I asked.

"Well, I guess it would be safe to say it here since you asked…I believe in chiropractors so I go to them. One particular time I was going to this one chiropractor who put me into the position on the table to adjust my hips…when he was pushing down on my one hip…I farted. How embarrassing!! I never went back to him, I was so embarrassed. So, yeah, that would be it for me."

Finally, I asked Jan what advice she would give to authors who wanted to write erotica.

"When I first started out thinking about writing erotica I kept saying to myself 'I can’t write these kinds of stories. What will people think?' My advice is, don’t give a hoot what other people think. If you want to write erotica or erotica romance, then by all means write it. Hide behind a pseudonym if you have to," she said with a grin, "but get your butt into a chair and write. Make a habit to write every day. When I started out I wrote during lunch hours at work. I wrote while waiting in the doctor or dentist’s offices (of course I always found a secluded corner where no one could look over my shoulder). For the longest time I would escape the madness of family (I still do) by hopping into the car and heading to a park with a parking lot where I can sit and write for hours (with the doors locked). I write in the car in the winter in 30 below celcius (turning on the heater once in awhile). I write in heat waves parking my car under trees (lots of cold water in the cooler), and I’ve been known to sit in my car during blizzards in order to finish a story. The latter part is how I found my latest stray cat, Chee Chee, during a blizzard stuck up a tree." She laughed. "I coaxed the skinny ball of fur down from the tree and took her home with me. Anyways the moral of my story is write wherever you can and whenever you can. Read your favorite authors and figure out why you like their voice and how they write. Soon you’ll be able to find your own voice and you’ll be on your way. Most of all, if you really crave to write it, never give up. No matter what."

You can keep up with Jan on her website,

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