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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Author Interview with Ella Jade

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Ella Jade, who has a brand new release that just came out yesterday. I asked her to tell us a little bit about it.

Successful businessman Alec Carter realizes his life is less than fulfilled when he meets beautiful Princeton University senior Clara Whittaker at a local coffee shop. Alec experiments in the BDSM lifestyle but doesn't consider himself hardcore until he crosses paths with the obviously submissive Clara. The more time Alec spends with young Clara, the more his dominant tendencies push to the surface. She could be what has been missing.

After her grandmother's death, Clara ends up a guest in Alec's home until she can finish school. She quickly learns she's a natural submissive and decides she wants to explore this new side of herself with the man of house. Alec shows her a life she never knew existed as they enter into a world of role playing, fantasy, and desire. Alec may be the Master, but Clara holds the key to his heart.

As the semester comes to an end, so does their arrangement. If Alec doesn't admit his true feelings for Clara, she could walk out of his life forever. But, Alec isn’t sure which she craves more . . . his dominance . . . or his love.
She also has some exciting news to share. Her last release Be My Everything is an Amazon best-seller, holding in the Top 100 List for Erotica for the last three weeks.

Ella told me she'd always been a writer—even as a child, she had a notebook and pen in hand all the time and now she's an adult, her laptop is never far away.

"I had all these ideas but I didn’t know what to do with them," she explained. "About two years ago, I stumbled onto a fan fiction website and read all of these really great stories. It wasn't long before I decided to try it. I found much success and picked up a pretty big following spinning alternate tales of a popular vampire series. That experience gave me the experience to begin submitting my original stories to publishers. And, here I am, sharing it with all of you."

She's always been a love story and HEA writer and with her experience in the fan-fic world also came her experience in erotica.

"The very first time I tried it, the response was insane and that fueled my fire. I had no idea I was any good at it until people starting contacting me and telling me how hot my stories were and how happy their husbands were they were reading my stuff. I'm credited for spicing up a few marriages," she said. "It wasn't something I set out to do, but with each sex scene I wrote, I learned a little more about how to go about it. Those scenes are still not my favorite things to write and I usually save them for when I'm finished with the rest of the chapter. I'll go back in and insert (no pun intended) the sex. When I read back the final product I can see how the heat enhances the story. It’s still a learning process for me, but I get a little better each time I write one."

One important thing for Ella, there needs to be a strong emotional connection between the characters—she wants to show why they are drawn to one another.

"I don't always want it to be about the physical attraction," she told me. "It's important for them to have chemistry, sexual tension and have the potential to fall in love and live happily ever after. For me it isn't about one sex scene after the other. I'm big with realistic dialogue and creating characters that will stay with the reader long after they're finished the story."

She feels that a lot of people who don't read erotica quickly dismiss it as porn.

"There are lots of stories out there that showcase sex for the sake of sex," she agreed, "but most well written stories have a plot and good characters. Yes, there is sex and lots of it, but if it moves the plot I don’t necessarily classify it as porn."

"How do you do your research for your books?" I wondered.

"I read a lot. I've also been known to Google everything! I'm drawn to sexy, strong, well educated men when I read, so I research many different professions and Ivy League Schools. Several of my stories are set in towns that have good universities.

"My friends think all the sex scenes in my books are from activities that are actually going on in my bedroom. Trust me, I don't that have that much time! Reading many genres of erotic fiction helps get my creative juices flowing.

"The dialogue is what moves my plot in most cases, so there isn't much research I can do with that. I just run the scenes in my head and read back the conversations to make sure they sound realistic."

"What does your family think of your writing?" I asked.

"Most of my family can't believe this is what I write," she said with a laugh. "They don’t expect it from me. A few of them have read my YA Romance Jocelyn's Choice and were surprised at how detailed the sex scenes were. I told them if they thought that was steamy then they probably should skip the next few which include BDSM and M/M. I can appreciate erotic fiction isn't for everyone, so I don't push my work on them. There are plenty of readers out there who want to read what authors like me have to say. To them I say, Thank You!"

On a more personal note, I asked her, "If you had to pierce a body part, what would you pierce and why?" I was also curious what she found sexy about body piercing.

"I'm more into tattoos than body piercings, but if I had to pierce something it would probably be my bellybutton. I've always thought that was sexy, but never really felt I had a toned enough stomach for it. There's always next summer!

"Now on a guy, I like when he has an eyebrow piercing and if he's really hot, I like to see a nipple ring. I've read a few erotic books where the lucky heroine gets to bite the hero's nipple ring. Yum!"

Ella's favorite food is anything Mexican, but especially cheese and onion enchiladas. She's not big on fish, however. She'll eat shrimp or crab meat, but that's about it as far as seafood goes. Her eleven-year-old son, on the other hand, loves fish of all kinds and orders it every time they go out.

"I don't know where he gets it!" she said.

She's also a Coke girl through and through, and she's been known to refuse to eat at certain restaurants because they don't serve the 'real thing.'

Finally, I asked her, "If someone were to play you in a movie, what actor would it be and why?"

"I'm thinking Catherine Zeta Jones. She's beautiful, sophisticated and a great actress. Plus, I'd love for her to play me and speak with her really cool British accent. Yeah, I want a British accent!"

You can keep up with Ella on her blog,

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