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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Storm Moon Press

The story behind the name: Storm Moon Press

Storm Moon Press may seem like an odd name for a publishing company, but it was actually carefully chosen. We wanted a name that hadn't been used before in the industry and would tell a lot about our press for the discerning reader. To explain the name, we'll delve into a little history. Just a little, I promise!

In different regions of the country in what is now the USA, there used to be labels attached to each full moon of the month as a way of naming the months by their moons. It was particularly common amongst Native American tribes, and the Europeans sort of expanded on the concept in North America after that. This is the same reason that the second full moon in a single month is called the Blue Moon. It varies from region to region which names were given to each lunar cycle, and there are some sources that mix them up one way or the other because of the way lunar cycles don't just start on the 1st of the month and end at the last day of the month. With moon cycles being 28 to 29 days long instead of 30 to 31 in our 12 month calendar, there's a little wiggle room.

When S.L. Armstrong and I (K. Piet) were thinking of names for the press, she found one of those lists of full moon names. In the list we were looking at, the Storm Moon was the full moon that cycled through March. March is the month in which both our birthdays are, and the Storm Moon's symbolic colors were purple and green. Purple is S.L.'s favorite color while green is mine. We thought the coincidence was too much to ignore, and since the name Storm Moon Press had a nice ring to it, that's the full moon name we chose.

Looking back now, there's even more symbolism that fell perfectly into place with the name. The Storm Moon—think March and the Equinox—borders both winter and spring. It brings to mind the colder, darker aspects of winter, along with the sexuality that is traditionally associated with the water element (i.e. Chinese elements). At the same time, it brings to mind the lighter aspects of growth, greenery, and the romance and budding love associated with spring and the wood element. We love the dichotomy of the Storm Moon, and it allows us a bit of freedom to publish a range of darker erotica or fluffy romances.

Storm Moon Press is the beginning of a new kind of press, one that provides quality erotic fiction to readers while giving each author the credit and compensation they deserve for their hard work. We spend the time needed to make thorough edits, and we work one-on-one with both our authors and cover artists to make sure their covers are stunning. We take chances that other presses might not, publishing both darker stories and those with bittersweet endings right along with the happily-ever-after romances. We want to be a press that sees the GLBT grow to include more bisexual and trans fiction, stories that make you stop to think, question a topic, or simply appreciate life.

The Storm Moon is the period when darkness gives way to light, taking what has been learned from the past and harnessing it to better embrace the future. We are confident Storm Moon Press will live up to its name, and we hope you will agree as you watch us grow!

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booklover0226 said...

What a great and interesting post; I really enjoyed reading it.

I learned something new today about Storm Moon Press.

Tracey D
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