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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Minnette Meador

An urban fantasy thriller
By Minnette Meador
 Click on the video to hear the author read the excerpt.

Chapter One – Part 3
From the Shadows

The lobby was deserted. She could make out O’Donnell’s back through the glass double doors, his uniform as wrinkled as ever. He rocked on his heels watching the street, cigarette smoke circling his head, a stolen break from the security desk that gleamed in one corner of the lobby.
Belle really liked the rugged Irish guard. He was friendly, funny and had developed an almost fatherly devotion to her. Why, she didn’t know, but she didn’t mind. Despite her deeply rooted, almost radical independence, secretly she thought it was nice having someone looking out for her. Pride had kept her from asking him to escort her from the garage each night, though he had offered many times. She knew the demons she had to confront were her own, and she had to face them that way.
She was tempted to linger and chat, but her eyes were already drooping. Maybe tomorrow.
Crossing to the bank of golden mail boxes, she pulled a small key from the bunch. It slid easily into the worn keyhole, and the little door popped open under the stress of mail behind it. Belle pulled out the bundle and sorted it above the recycle box next to the panel of little doors, throwing most of it away.
Junk. Junk. Junk. Bill. Junk. Bill.
She froze at a small white envelope with her name printed neatly in the middle and no return address. Her heart caught in her chest.
It was from him.
As the police had instructed, she was careful not to handle it much. She wrapped a small flyer around the menacing post and tucked it under her arm, wiping her hand on her hip when she was done.
Belle imagined the stacks of little white envelopes tucked away somewhere inside police headquarters. There must be almost a hundred now. Each typed on plain white paper, folded exactly alike and stuffed into a common envelope. Every single one of them containing the same four words:
Just so you know.
She always turned the letters into the cops, and they always gave her the same answer: no fingerprints, no clues, no step closer to catching the son of a bitch who had taken away her independence—her innocence.
The night of her father’s murder snapped into her head unexpectedly, sparked by those four words, reminding her of what she had hidden from the police—from her therapist—from herself.
Those eyes—
In a panic, Belle pushed that memory as far down as she could manage, but it was getting harder all the time.
The world is deadly… there is no safe place…
With an audible, “Stop it!” Belle got herself under control by biting down on the inside of her cheek. “You’re not going to let him do this to you!” she whispered to herself. The top of the white post gleamed at her, and, in a frantic move, she stuffed it further into the flyer. She didn’t open the letters anymore. Her therapist had insisted.
Searching for anything to appease the anxiety, her mind took her to the one thought that always instantly trumped the rest.
Cranston could have solved this case in a heartbeat. She had almost called him more than once, but each time she managed to control the impulse, knowing it was a bad idea.
Cranston was the only man she knew who could drag the best and the worst from her. He was arrogant, irreverent, completely maddening and one of the most exciting men she had ever known. Is that why you married him? The question made her tighten her lips.
Since their divorce, she had seen him maybe a dozen times: police fund raisers, weddings of mutual friends and even a chance meeting once or twice. Every single time he had managed, with no effort at all, to anger her to the point of violence while at the same time reminding her deeply of emotional and physical needs that hadn’t been satisfied since their break up. It was infuriating that he could still touch her like that. She had moved on, made something of her life without him—hadn’t she? The thought of her ex-husband back in her life, in whatever capacity, sent a quick shiver down her arms. Belle wasn’t sure if it was pain or pleasure.
Let’s not go down that road, girl!


Maureen said...

Great excerpt. I definitely want to know more.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

Leanne109 said...

Every excerpt so far has made me want to read this book. It sounds like such a thriller. Once again thanks for sharing :D

leanne_gag[at] hotmail[dot]com

Jean P said...

Enjoyed the excerpt, very exciting, all the unknowns

skpetal [at] hotmail [dot] com

Minnette Meador said...

Thanks, Maureen! More tomorrow and Friday!

You're more than welcome, Leanne - I think the audio excerpt are kind of unique... at least I hope so.

Thanks, Jean!

I don't have a link yet to the book (drat!) but will post it here as soon as I have it. In the meantime, don't forget to send me your mailing info if you want to receive some goodies. Send to mmeador at minnettemeador dot com. Everyone have a great day! :o)

Christiana said...

Definitely have to buy this book, every excerpt just keeps making me want more. Keep up the great work Minnette!


Neko said...

Awesome excerpt. I'll be excited to see what else happens. Great job Minnette thanks!


Amanda said...

I love the audio excerpt, great voice and track! It sounds like a suspenseful read!

KirstenF said...

Great job minnette!! I can't wait to read the entire book! Btw I think the audio excerpts are going over great with everyone!!


Vanetta Q said...

Whew! I hope I made it in time! Just got off work! Wow what an Excerpt! .. another one I can't wait to READ! :)

vanetta at ymail dot com

Vanetta Q said...

Whew! I hope I made it in time! Just got off work! Wow what an Excerpt! .. another one I can't wait to READ! :)

vanetta at ymail dot com

Minnette Meador said...

Been an absolutely CRAZY day today! Barely got any promo out this AM, but here's the good news....


To celebrate, I'm giving away a copy of the book to one commenter tomorrow. So tell one and all to get their comments on!

Thanks, Leanne - Can't wait to have you read it!

You are so sweet, Chrisitana! I really hope you like it.

You're more than welcome, Neko!

Thanks, Amanda... I really hope it is!

They seem to be, Kirsten... I'm so glad you guys talked me into it!

Hi, Vanetta! Make sure to go back to the other days you missed and listen to the previous ones too.

Also, don't forget to send me your name and address so I can send you some goodies. mmeador at minnettemeador dot com...


Vanetta Q said...

What??? I missed some! OMGOSH! going now to check out!

Julee J. Adams said...

I'm excited to find out what happens next! Best of luck in blogworld. J

Bama said...

good evening:)

Minnette Meador said...

Hi, Bama!

To All: There was a bit of a mix up on the video. Video #3 should have been up today, but I think I messed up and #2 got played again... So I've asked WC to kindly play both #3 and #4 today (Thursday)... Sorry about that! Anyway, the text is correct. Thanks so much for your patience. :o)

Anonymous said...

Hats off to another fantastic excerpt. If I keep reading these I'll be in a COLD shower before long! Thanks!

Molly AT reviewsbymolly DOT com