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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Rose Anderson

Released this past July, Dreamscape is my second novel through Siren-Bookstrand. I crafted this story to be an Easter egg hunt -- a story within a story peppered with clues pointing at something behind the scenes. I planned the suspense carefully.

My first encounter with suspense was Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. I was eleven and visiting my sister’s home at the time. She was an avid reader and always had a stack of interesting books to pick through (she’s the one who first got me reading romances). She loved crime novels and Agatha Christie, and so recommended that one to me. And Then There Were None was filled with clues, though at age eleven, I didn’t see them. A few years after I read it, I saw an old black and white movie entitled Ten Little Indians. I thought, hey wait a minute, that’s Agatha Christie’s story! I reread the novel and saw what my younger self had missed. The story was literally filled with clues that pointed to the murderer -- so many in fact my mind practically tripped over a few! This time through, I already knew who the murderer was, so picking them out was easy.

I wanted Dreamscape to be such a story. I wanted readers to stop and ask, did she mean to put that there or is this a coincidence? Nope. No coincidences. It all has deeper meaning! In this tale, I introduce readers to Doctor Lanie O’Keefe: a confident, independent woman who’s just bought herself a Mid-Victorian mansion that the locals say is haunted. It certainly looks the part with its overgrown weeds and decades of vandalism. As the inside needs only minor repairs and major cleaning, Lanie moves in with grand plans to refit the mansion’s old coach house into a free clinic. She’s ecstatic. This is a dream house in the truest sense, for Lanie has been dreaming of the Bowen mansion since she was a child. Little does she realize the local legend is true.

For nearly one hundred and twenty years, the ghost of Doctor Jason Bowen roams his house contemplating the treachery that took his life. Then one day, his brooding thoughts are interrupted by a woman with valise in tow. Not only is she moving into his house, but she’s sleeping in the master bedroom as well – his bedroom. As a gentleman coming from a time of social propriety and impeccable manners, Jason tries to give Lanie space. But it doesn’t take long before he becomes infatuated with his house guest. Once he discovers the electric signature of his ghostly essence can ride her dreams, he follows where her dreams take him and finds himself in his time period as the date of his murder draws near.

I really like offbeat turn-things-on-their-ear scenarios. In my first novel, Hermes Online, there is the unlikely. In Dreamscape, there is the impossible. Doesn’t it make you wonder how such an impossible love story is going to work out? ;)

Have you ever fallen so deeply in love with the characters in a romance novel that thoughts of them linger long after the last page is turned? Have you ever been so completely immersed in a love scene that you’d swear you’ve just been kissed or more? Meet Rose Anderson’s strong, confident heroines and be seduced by compelling heroes you’ll wish were there beside you. Come see how their lives intertwine and through their stories discover love profound. From her current novels Hermes Online and Dreamscape, to the passionate stories that follow, this new author will sweep you away on a sensual tide of memorable story-telling.

People ask how I came to write romance stories of the sort. As I didn’t start out with this genre in mind, I’ve asked myself that very thing! I’ve several reasons actually, too many to list all of them here. First of all, I like seduction. That’s the reason I enjoy reading my favorite romance authors. Written seduction in a romance novel is a mind game, a ring-side seat to observe the psychological metamorphosis of the characters. Secondly, I like the physics of it. There comes a point where the connection between characters ignites into something neither has any control over–a 451° point of complete surrender that leads to total combustion. Lastly, because seduction is a cerebral thing, I find erotic romance to be the natural progression of the romance story.

I hope my imagery transports the reader to a time and place where, through the magic and power of words, they’re able to be inside the mind of the characters. Often from this intimate vantage point, the reader experiences the seductive transformation that will eventually send the hero and heroine hurtling toward the precipice. Come be the voyeur to their printed lives.

Open yourself and allow my words to take you there. Draw close as coals ignite and feel the climax build as if you yourself are there being plied with firm hands and soft kisses. And when all is absorbed and endured and nerves are strung bow tight, release this most cerebral orgasm and free fall to earth.

I hope you enjoy the flights of fancy I’ve created. When the last page is turned and the lovers roll into each others’ arms truly spent, know that I just may have another ember tucked away to warm your senses.

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