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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Must Be Some Misunderstanding by Megan Slayer

Kane checked the clock on his phone for the tenth time. It wasn’t like Roddy to be late. Hell, the guy lived for schedules. Roddy wasn’t the type to pick a pizza joint for a date. Kane gritted his teeth. Of the two of them, Kane was the one who forgot dates, missed deadlines, and screwed up on a regular basis.

He glanced down at the text once more.

Be @ Marcos @ 7

“I’m here at Marcos, Roddy. Where the hell are you?”

The waiter plopped down in the seat beside Kane. “Are you waiting on someone or just planning on drinking the soda till you float away?”

Kane sighed. He should be annoyed. Should. The guy might come off like a jerk, but whatever. “I’m supposed to be meeting my boyfriend.”

“What time?”


The waiter, Timmy, according to his crooked nametag, rolled his eyes. “You’re strung tight, man. What time is he coming?”

“An hour ago.”

“Call him?” Timmy drummed his fingers on the table. “Unless he’s a real douche, he’d be here. You should call him.”

“Vulgar, but I get your point.” Kane stood and pushed his chair in. He should’ve thought to call Roddy. What if something bad happened? He’d never be able to live with himself.

“Dude, chill. Just make the call. No one in their right mind wants to meet here.” The kid nodded behind Kane. “Full of the under 21 crowd. Not your speed.”

“True. Thanks.” Kane strolled out of the pizza joint and pressed the numbers on his phone. He made his way to his car as the call rang through.

“Kane, where are you?”

Kane leaned against the side of his car. “I’d ask you the same thing. I’m waiting at Marco’s like you said.”


“That’s what the text said.”

On his end of the line, Roddy groaned. “Why would I want to meet at a pizza joint?”

“Fuck if I know. Anyway, I’m on my way home. The scent of pepperoni is churning my stomach.” Kane climbed into his car and started home. This has to be a misunderstanding.

Roddy stared at his phone. He knew what he’d sent. Texts didn’t just up and change without warning. There had to be something else going on.

“It’s possible for the text to change.” Tory shrugged. “Ever hear of autocorrect? Fucks me over all the time. I sent this text to River. I thought I’d said ‘meet me at six’. What he got in the text? ‘Matt ass sex’. Yeah, that was a long talk and a night we didn’t intend to waste. It all ended up pretty good, though.”

Roddy rolled his eyes. He didn’t need to know what Tory and River did in their private time. “That’s not what happened. I said Marconi’s. I know I did.”

“Check it.” Tory dug his elbow into Roddy’s side. “Do it. I bet you ten bucks it’s something else from what you typed.”

“You’re on, but you’re gonna be out ten big ones.” Roddy brought up the text and bit back bile. He’d owe Tory the ten dollars. “Damn it.”

“Screwed it up, didn’t it?”

“Fuck. I’ll give you your money later. I’m heading to the house to explain this.”

“Forget the cash. Go get your man and good luck.”

The drive to the house seemed to last forever. Every traffic light turned red and trains sped down both crossings. Roddy rested his forehead on the steering wheel. “Damn you stupid auto correct. He thinks I stood him up.”

Roddy walked through the door exactly seventeen minutes later. He’d counted every minute between the last crossing and pulling into the driveway. A combination of embarrassment and frustration flowed through his veins. This was supposed to be a special night, not a misunderstanding.

“Kane?” The relationship had its share of rocky moments. Roddy couldn’t be sure Kane wasn’t in the bedroom packing.

Kane ambled out of the kitchen and stole Roddy’s breath. The simple grey t-shirt contoured to every muscle and the faded denim wrapped around his legs like a second skin. Roddy shivered. He loved it when Kane went barefoot. Where else was the man bare?

“I see you’re not totally angry with me.” Kane crossed the room and caught Roddy up in an embrace. “It was something silly, wasn’t it?”

Roddy pressed his lips to Kane’s and nibbled Kane’s bottom lip. “Less talk, more kissing.” He rubbed his groin on Kane’s, creating delicious friction.

“Needy?” Kane groaned, but the sound was more like a rumble that vibrated down Roddy’s spine.

“Want you.” With Kane still in his grasp, Roddy maneuvered them to his bedroom and collapsed on top of his lover. “Can’t wait.” Roddy kissed and licked along Kane’s jaw, loving the feel of his five o’clock shadow on his tongue.

“God.” Kane arched into Roddy and hooked his fingers in Roddy’s belt loops.

“Fuck me,” Roddy gasped. He stood and fumbled with his trouser button.

“Let me.” Kane slid to the edge of the bed and worked the pesky button. “I don’t know what got into you, but I like the insistence.” He grabbed the hem of Roddy’s pants and pulled, taking the pants and boxer shorts in one yank. “So pretty and hard.”

Cool air swirled around Roddy’s cock, followed by a long wet lick from Kane. He wasn’t sure what was going to kill him first, the need or actually having Kane caressing him. Roddy thrust his fingers into Kane’s hair and pumped himself in and out of Kane’s mouth.

“You’re dangerous.” A tremor started low in his balls and ricocheted through Roddy’s body. “Fuck.”

Roddy shivered. He’d said the words. He’d wanted to be fucked. That so wasn’t going to happen now. He held onto his restraint by the thinnest thread.

Mouthful of Roddy, Kane stared up at Roddy and grinned. He buried his nose in the hairs at the base of Roddy’s cock and curled his fingers around Roddy’s balls.

“Can’t. Hold. On.” Roddy’s knees buckled as the orgasm took over his being. The room spun and went fuzzy for a long moment. He gasped for breath and sank to the floor in front of Kane. “Holy...”

Kane smiled again. He wiped the corner of his mouth. “That was intense. You’ve never come so close to collapsing on me. Are you getting old or was I really that good?”

“That good.” Roddy rested his cheek on Kane’s thigh. “You were that good.”

Kane stroked Roddy’s hair and hummed a tune Roddy had never heard before. Roddy stared into space, reeling from the climax and lulled by the song. He should move. Soon.

“Rod? Where were we supposed to meet?”

Pulled from his half-sleepy state, Roddy crawled up onto the bed beside Kane. “The plan was meet at Marconi’s, have some wine, indulge in fine pasta and something else.”

“Huh.” Kane nodded slowly. “That’s certainly better than where I was.”

“Marco’s. Sorry.”

“I’m not upset. Hell, autocorrect gets us all at one time or another.” He linked fingers with Roddy. “What was the other thing?”

Roddy’s heart beat at triple speed. He could do this. He’d planned out what he wanted to say. He drew a long breath into his lungs and let it out slowly. “We’ve been dating for a year and I want to take things a little further.” Roddy swallowed past the lump of emotion in his throat. “Move in with me.”

There. He’d said it.

“Me?” Kane’s eyes widened. “Like, for good?”

“If you don’t want to...maybe asking you in front of our friends wasn’t such a good idea.”

“It wasn’t.”


“I like this way better. And the answer is yes.”

“Thank you autocorrect.”

About the author: When she's not writing the stories in her head, Megan Slayer can be found luxuriating in her hot tub with her two vampire Cabana boys, Luke and Jeremy. She has the tendency to run a tad too far with her muse, so she has to hide in the head of her alter ego, but the boys don't seem to mind.

When she's not obsessing over her whip collection, she can be found picking up her kidlet from school. She enjoys writing in all genres, but writing about men in love suits her fancy best.

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