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Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Spotlight: Cassandra Carr

A Day in My Writing Life
By Cassandra Carr

I don’t have “typical” writing days. I’m a stay-at-home mom with a toddler, in addition to being a writer, so every day is different. But here’s a peek into a specific day – today.

8:30 – climb out of bed, get myself ready

9:00 – wake up my daughter, get her dressed and in her high chair

9:15 – make my daughter’s breakfast, sit her in front of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to eat (she takes FOREVER and I’ve long since given up trying to have her eat at the kitchen table)

9:20-10:20 – check e-mail, get organized for the day, fetch things for my daughter – she’s a serial eater, so she wants one thing and then another thing etc, and pick up the bottom floor of the house so my mother-in-law isn’t disgusted when she picks my daughter up

10:20-10:30 – get my daughter and mother-in-law out the door

10:30 – start my tasks for the day

1:00 – throw a frozen meal into the microwave, keep working

3:30 – go to kitchen for a snack, realize I have something for dinner thawed but no idea what to do with it

6:15 – start dinner

6:45 – hubs arrives with our daughter

6:45-8:30 – family time

8:30 – hubs brings our daughter upstairs to bed

8:30-12:30 – work again

As you can see, my actual workday is around eleven hours, with short breaks taken to eat, cook, put in laundry, etc. How much did I get done today? I wrote ten blog posts and got nearly 3,000 more words in on my work-in-progress. Gotta make hay while the sun shines!

What do you think of my schedule? What’s yours like?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Cassandra Carr lives in Western New York with her husband, Inspiration, and her daughter, Too Cute for Words. When not writing she enjoys watching hockey and hanging out on Twitter. Her debut novel, Talk to Me, was released by Loose Id on March 22, 2011. Head Games, Buffalo Intimidators book 1, will release on November 2, 2011 from Siren Bookstrand, and Caught will release December 13, 2011 from Loose Id. For more information about Cassandra, check out her website at, "like" her Facebook fan page at or follow her on Twitter at


Cynthia said...

That Too Cute for Words gets me every time! Btw, who has the whipped cream on them and who is wielding the can?

janis lane said...

How many blog posts?! You are a well-oiled machine, Cassandra. LOve that cover.
Emma Lane

Cara Bristol said...

What a schedule. You are really on the go!