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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Lori Toland

What’s in a name?

I have a confession. I hate thinking up character names. I hate thinking up book names. I am creative so I should be able to think up the most perfect name for my characters. Sometimes I get lucky and they wave their hands in the air to let me know their name. If they don’t tell me, I end up stuck with Mr. No Name.

Titles should be much easier. I wish I could find several words to capture the theme of the book perfectly.I don’t know why I can’t because I just wrote 20,000 to 60,000 words of plot and sex and love with these two (or three) characters. I know them inside and out.

Names are powerful. They are connected to images and memories for everyone. There are some books I can’t enjoy because the hero has the same name as a family name. And then there are names of character’s I fell in love with. Damon from The Vampire Diaries is one of my favorite characters of all time and when I met my husband, I told him how much I loved his name.

My most recent release is from Dreamspinner Press. It’s a story about Jared, a hospice nurse, who needs to make an emergency visit to a patient in the middle of a hurricane. After his job is done, he’s caught up in more than just high winds when the storm surge traps him with Deputy Fire Chief Mike Brown.

The title for this one was simple because when the edge of the hurricane comes on shore, it makes Landfall. If only all titles came to me so easy.


Anonymous said...

Landfall is a great name. It's not just like most others and it's something that's easy to remember because it brings a definite idea or picture to mind. Great post.

heather said...

Great post. The title and/or cover of a book is what really draws me to a book and wants to read the blurb. The names of the characters are really important to me, also. For example: I really loath reading a book with names I can't pronounce, lol, but sometimes you can't help it

Lori Toland said...

Hi Carnation. Landfall does bring to mind the ferocity of a hurricane. Once you've lived through one, it's something you'll never forget!

Hi Heather. I know what you mean. Keep it simple and dirty if possible ;)

Kayla Jameth said...

I love titles that are appropriate for the story, but are in some way a double entendre. I enjoy a good play on words.
Character names are more of a problem. The names shouldn't be too perfect for the character. After all the character's parents had no idea what the child would grow up to be like when they named them.

Kele Moon said...

Not only is the title great. . . But, Mike and Jared fit the characters PERFECTLY!



Lori Toland said...

Kayla: me too! There are so many clever titles out there! :)

Kele: Yes they are! :)