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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Lori Toland

Let the music play

Life has a soundtrack, or at least it should. I always have music playing in my house or when I’m driving. When I’m walking, I listen to music and I’ve come inside at a run many times because I just had an idea for the story I’m working on.

Lovers have their own rhythm too. Like in Dirty Dancing, Johnny holds Baby’s hand over his heart and they dance in the rhythm. Our rhythm lies deep within us and I’m not talking just about dancing. Your heartbeat is the key.

I’ll set my playlists to shuffle and sit down to work on a story. Sometimes I’ll get lucky and the perfect song appears out of thin air. With my most recent story, I was watching a video game trailer with my husband and the song in the trailer fit perfectly with the mood of the scene I was writing right then.

Sometimes the perfect song tears into my life and I can’t stop writing. My fingers can’t keep up and I have to make notes as well to ensure nothing gets left behind. A song recently altered the whole course of my story and the characters started writing their own story. And that’s never bad!

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