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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Mistletoe

Why do I review? The easy answer to that question is my love of reading and writing. When I review I get to put both of those things together. Of course giving my opinion of the books that I read is a plus. I love introducing other readers to new authors and books that they may have not heard of before or thought to read.

I have had reviews posted at both the LASR and Whipped Cream side but most of my picks come from the Whipped Cream side. I enjoy reading more of the racier stories and tend to pick more of those these days. I have been reviewing for two years and I still consider myself new and always learning. I am happy to say that everyone at The Long and Short Of It has been a great help. From the editors who help me hone my writing to the other reviewers who are always ready and willing to lend a hand when anyone of us are in need of help. Which makes reviewing for this site fun and friendly as well as rewarding. Which is what reviewing should be. If you do not enjoy something it is not worth doing and it will always show in your final product whether you love or hate it.

Although reviewing is fun it does come with responsibility. If you are truthful and professional about your opinions, people will want to read your reviews and authors will be more than happy to see a review of their books by you. Hopefully I have done that and when people see my name attached to a review they will be excited to read it and see what I have to say.

As a reviewer there is so much that I have learned while enjoying myself. From how to constructively put my opinions and thoughts together to finding my favorite books and writing styles. There is nothing better than a well-put together and informative review. If it makes you seek out the book and read it for yourself than I have done my job. Yet I know there is so much more that I have to learn and of course so many more books to read. I cannot help but be excited to see what will come next.

I have found so many new and now favorite authors by being a reviewer that I cannot keep up and my to be read pile is always overflowing. Reading is a passion of mine and being able to put it together with writing gives me a great opportunity to let other readers know how many great books that are out there.

There is nothing like seeing your favorite author respond to one of your reviews. Even just seeing your review posted gives you a feeling of accomplishment and pride. Thankfully I have never had any negative feedback and hope that I continue to be so lucky. Even though I tend to review similar genres I do like to branch out and try something new every once in awhile. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised while at other times I am left disappointed but as with all things you never know unless you try.

I am pleased to say that being a reviewer is a rewarding experience for me. Along with the long list of wonderful authors and books that I have reviewed I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with the wonderful group of people that are always ready to help when needed, much like a family. Who could ask for anything more?


Na said...

I always appreciate reviews that are informative and well written. They make me want to try new authors, books, and genres. A love for reading and writing are important in order to have fun writing reviews.

Mountain Laurel said...

Leaving honest reviews is a rarity these days and I enjoy coming here to read the reviews because people like you Mistletoe tell it like it is. It makes my reading choices so much easier.

Anonymous said...

YES, yes, yes! So well said, Mistletoe! Now all I have to say is, same as.. what she said. I agree totally on every point and really feel like we are on the same wavelength. Carnation

Stormy said...

Reviewing for WC and LASR is fun and educational! I appreciate the fact that we get to choose our own books in and out of the database. Also, that we're given plenty of time to read and write our reviews. Your reviews are always very insiteful, Mistletoe!