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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Buttercup

Hi, my name is Buttercup and I'm a book addict....err reviewer. I guess you could say that my love of books came from my mother; I had trouble learning to read when I was a child and she was my most demanding teacher and staunchest supporter. It might have taken a little while and a lot of work but one day everything clicked and I've had my nose buried in a book ever since. I sort of stumbled upon the reviewing thing by accident; someone put out a call for reviewers on one of the groups I follow, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I love reviewing, and everyone at LARS/WC is so great. Thus far I have only done reviews for WC. I always intend to pick books from both groups, but there are so many good ones out there that before I know it I have filled up my quota before I've even gotten a chance to look at both groups. I think that is probably my favorite thing about reviewing (besides the free books of course)-- the exposure to so many different authors and styles even within the same genre. While I probably do tend to stick to my favorite sub-genres I also try to pick something new in each batch of books I review, and then there is the rare occasion when you get a book that is nothing like you think it was going to be. I've had a recent experience with this; lucky for me the book was amazing. But even if it wasn't the ladies at LASR are very understanding and know that for every book there is a reader, but just because you are a reader doesn't mean you will like every book.

I said before that I tend to stick somewhat to my favorite sub-genres and I do. I am a big fan of paranormal romance, and because I read so much of it, it's always exciting to me when someone brings a new twist to the mythologies that surround any given paranormal creature. Not just the paranormal books either; I love new and unexpected twists in books of any genre. That's one of the great things about books anything can happen in them. I always love it when I hear authors talking about something they have written and they say how they were planning to write one thing but their characters had a different idea. It reminds me of The Never Ending Story-- how the characters come alive when you read them, and the only limit to their adventures is your imagination. Although I have to admit that I never read that story as a child, I was a much bigger fan of Alice in Wonderland and Thru the Looking Glass; even to this day I will occasionally take a tumble down the rabbit hole and see all the wonders that there are to behold.

Of course when you break it all down it, the characters, plot, everything, it all comes down to words. For what is a book, but a bunch of words strung together to make sentences, that create the fantastical worlds, engaging characters, harrowing escapes, and of course happy endings. The right words grab you from the start and never let you go even long after you're finished with the book, and, well, the wrong words can keep you from ever finishing a book. There is nothing I like better than to come across a truly great line in a book, one that feels like it was written just for you, even though the author doesn't know you from Adam. I am always in awe when I come across those truly great lines, the ones that make you feel connected to something a bit bigger than yourself. That's probably the best thing about reviewing-- finding those hidden words and being able to tell everyone about them.


Na said...

I read from a lot of genres and enjoy them all. I also like seeing unexpected twists in these genres as it makes it all the more interesting :)

Mountain Laurel said...

I also enjoy discovering that one line in a book that was written for me even when the writer does not know who I am. Thanks Buttercup for your reviews!

Anonymous said...

Great inspiring post. I liked your references to children's stories. Especially the Neverending Story. Things like that really open children's minds and hook them on reading. My favorites were C.S. Lewis', The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and all of Madeline L'Engle's books. Especially, A Wrinkle in Time. I even loved Ali Baba stories as a kid. There was definately a theme of magic and sorcery!

Stormy said...

Really great post, Buttercup! "Meeting" new authors and getting to sample so many different genres...literally at our fingertips is a real bonus to being a reviewer!