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Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Spotlight:: Xeranthemum

Why do I Review?

That's both a hard and easy question to answer. Why I originally started was the tantalizing carrot of the free book. I mean, what was there not to like? What was the downside? I got to enjoy amazing adventures and I didn't have to travel to find them. The cost worked for a stay at home mom and the time was well spent. It was fun. Those were the positives.

Then the little gremlins called 'doubt' and 'what-if' started poking me with, 'What if I can't write? What if I sound stupid?' I'd never written a review or even thought of doing it, ever. How do I start? I started small, with a book that really spoke to me. I wanted to share all the things that made it worth reading and why I fell in love with the characters falling in love. I wrote from my heart. What hooked me was the feedback, from the author no less.

And that is what keeps me reviewing. It's not only the excitement of discovery or the enthusiasm that takes over my fingers as I share what I like. The feedback I've received over the years gives me as much of a high as a hot fudge sundae, with extra fudge and nuts. When I hear from people who say that my review helped them choose the book, and that they liked it as much as I did, I am so thrilled! When the author takes the time to write and say that not only did they appreciate the review but that I “got it”, that makes me feel ten feet tall. There’s a personal satisfaction in a job well done. And I’m always amazed that what I say can and does make a difference.

That’s why, after four years, I still review. I love the fact that there are so many books to read, so many journeys to take and so many opinions to share. I can say what I feel and be heard. I can share what I love and others know what I’m talking about. I get to be a part of a world that celebrates the written word and the happily ever after. And I get to chose what I want when I want. It’s great being a reviewer and I love the Long and Short of It Reviews. We ROCK!


Maureen said...

With so many books to choose from it's always good to find a review of a good book.

Maureen said...

With so many books to choose from it's always good to find a review of a good book.

Stormy said...

One of my favorite reviewers! I appreciate how you not only explain how and why the book worked or didn't work for you but you're never snide or snarky about it!

Na said...

The best stories are those that speak to you. I hope you keep enjoying books and sharing what you love about them.

Pearl said...

Not only do you share what you love when you review Xeranthemum, but you do it so well that we all learn so much that is useful in our own reviews. Thank you!

Nothing is better shared than knowledge and the eloquent way in which you do it, is nothing short of inspiring!

Mountain Laurel said...

Thank you Xeranthemum for your great book reviews! These reviews help me choice what books to read and also help me stumble on to new favorite writers as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pearl. You are an inspiration and a great teacher. You're my #1 reviewer role model and I've learned a lot from you. From studying your reviews to spending hours reading your blog.... you always have something relevant and worthwhile to say. Kudos!