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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow by Chele Diego

Amberlyn stared in horrified fascination in her bathroom mirror. Surely she couldn’t be seeing what she was seeing. It had to rank up there as a woman’s worst nightmare. She brushed her hands over the newly sprouted fuzz encircling her areolas and jumped.

“What the…!” She gently rubbed it again and moaned. “Oh wow, that zinged right to my pussy.”

She watched her reflection as she experimented with her newly sensitive breasts. Her nipples pebbled into stiff points while waves of pleasure made her clit throb. Amberlyn Murdock never denied herself gratification. She accepted that her hands and her stash of sex toys were her only means to finding release. Her father’s penchant for waving knives around at potential mates pretty much insured that. Sexual climax would not be coming from a man’s mouth or hands anytime soon, so this little development was an erotic surprise. Amber watched her reflection as a grin spread from ear to ear. So what if men like perfect, hairless perky nipples? She was going to have some fun with these enhanced sized B’s. But later – after work.

Burt Thorn sauntered into the store like he owned it. Amberlyn covertly eyed him from beneath her bangs. Based on the money he plunked down every week in her father’s butcher shop, he could have bought it lock, stock and barrel.

“Hey, Amber, could you please take care of Mr. Thorn? I’m in the middle of slicing that thirty pound rib-eye for Mrs. Jackson and you know she has to have the steaks cut just right.”

She rolled her eyes but hustled over to the counter. There was something about the arrogant yet very eye appealing Mr. Thorn that made her want to put an extra sway to her hips.

Burt eyed his future mate behind the counter with avid interest. His nose caught the whiff of her scent. It told him she was finally ready for her first change and mating cycle. His sharp vision zeroed in on her clothing. He laughed to himself. She’d traded her typical scooped neck shirt for one with a crew neck and the effect was like a neon sign. Although cat shifters didn’t court per se, he’d enjoyed the banter – making her blush and stumble. But the time for games was over. He needed to make her his. Now.

“Hello, Amber.”

The affect of his voice slid down her spine like a hand stroking the back of a cat. Amber’s eyes widened. Whoa, what’s going on? He’d always called her Miss Murdock and now it’s ‘Amber’? His using her name did something to her body that was nothing less than sinful. She’d been mooning over him for months and except for some very hot stares, he never made a move. He had to be teasing her, mocking her. Amber saw red, felt her temperature spike and her body tensed. Something inside her arched and hissed. She wanted to rip into him, throttle him, tear his shirt off and grab his…

“Is something the matter, Amber? You look a trifle…annoyed.”

Annoyed? Amber whipped off her apron, threw it to the floor and flipped back the hinged counter section with force enough to make it bounce. She marched right up to the man, nose to collar bone – and poked him in his spectacular chest.

“Annoyed? You have no idea what I’m feeling, Mr. Thorn.” His raised eyebrow, his smug smile and his sudden brush of a very impressive bump against her tummy made her insides clench. She attributed her increased agitation to fury, not an immediate carnal reaction to his body’s rub against hers. No way. Amber grabbed both sides of the shirt covering his very broad and firm shoulders and dragged him towards the short hallway and the stock room beyond. His chuckling response infuriated her to the point of tunnel vision --no more thoughts, no plan, just pure action and a need so strong she let it have its way with her. Because she intended to have her way with him.

Amber swiped off the paper towels and extra aprons off the shelving making an impromptu bed. She tried to turn back towards Burt but found herself immobilized by strong hands on her shoulders. He pulled her backwards until she once again felt his hard thickness. She stood trembling within the cage of his hands. Adrenaline and anticipation slammed into her when he turned her body enough to get a good look into his eyes. His pupils had enlarged to black discs and golden starbursts shimmered in their depths. She couldn’t look away. Nor did she resist when he turned her face forward again, drew her hair to the side and sniffed behind her ear. He bit her lobe almost to the point of pain then soothed it by suckling and licking it. He whispered nonsense about Forever Mates and her being impossible to resist but she tuned it out. She tilted her neck further to the side and whimpered as he gently bit. Oh, how she wanted to get her own way and bite him instead. The thought caused her pussy to clench. His swift intake of breath and exhaled low growl sent her into overdrive. She had to taste him! She struggled, and ripped his shirt sleeves. Cuff buttons pinged and clattered as she tore at the offending fabric with her claws.

“Oh ho, my queen, two can play at that game.”

“I’m not a queen and I’m not playing. So shut up and fuck me.” Amber growled as she shredded her own clothes. The cotton fabric tormented her skin.

Burt’s answering groan fueled her desire. His voice sounded pained to her ears. “First, queen refers to a female cat, second, I intend to enjoy playing with you, Amber and…” his own clawed hand ripped at his jeans and released his very thick, turgid penis. “I will fuck you to both our pleasures.”

Amber shuddered at his words and almost swallowed her tongue at the feel of rigid cock. Just the thought of it penetrating her, filling her and ramming into her made her want to purr. She almost came when Burt’s claws brushed up against her newly fuzzed nipples as he removed her tattered shirt and bra.

“Face me.” His command gave her an ear-gasm and she shivered in ecstasy.

“Your mark of fertility is so sexy and hot, Amber. I intend to play and tease your new nipple whiskers.” At her motion to pull back, he firmed his grip on her breasts and bent his head. His abrasive tongue swirled around the tip of her breast. The sensation duplicated itself around her clit and she whimpered. “What do whiskers do on a cat, Amber?” His gruff voice barely penetrated.

“Ah…”She could only voice a breathy moan. Intense contractions and an erotic pressure unlike anything she’d ever experienced before had her writhing against him. Wetness between her thighs coated his cock which he’d thrust between her legs. His teeth, tongue and mouth continued their assault on her sensitized nipples. She could only shake her head.

“They sense things, my love. They are a conduit for information. For natural felines of the world, their very safety relies on what their whiskers tell them.” He sucked hard on her distended nipple and she almost came from the effect it had on her clitoris. “For were-cats, nipple whiskers, as soft and delicate as they are, indicate sexual maturity and whose growth is triggered by the proximity of their mate.”

There was that word again, mate. Amber processed the ramifications in her sluggish and lust addled brain. “You mean -- you are my mate? I got fuzzy nips because of you hanging around the shop? And you triggered my inner…what? Heat? Burt, I’m …” Burt bit her neck and her legs gave out.

“A beautiful cat shifter, a lovely queen – and mine.” He bent to once again latch onto her sensitized nipple and when Amber arched her back in response, he thrust his penis into her moist depths, filling and stretching her enough to trigger a shockwave of ecstasy that turned her mindless. He pulled out, flipped her onto her hands and knees and rammed back home again. Amber yowled and hissed as her Savannah cat form shifted into being which brought on Burt’s change simultaneously. The two were-cats finished their age-old dance in a frenzy of snarls, hissing and eventually ending in purrs.

“Amber?” Burt’s exhausted voice filtered through her sated brain.

“Yes?” Her answer no more than a whispered sigh.

“I have good news and great news. The great news is that we are now Forever Mated.”

Yes, she thought. Having him for a mate could be a very good thing, if she didn’t kill him first.

“And the good news?” She dared ask.

“You are now whisker-free.”

Amber looked down at her now smooth and fuzz-free breasts and stared. Her gaze whipped back Burt’s laughing green eyes. “How the heck did that happen?”

“Sex. We’ve had glorious, sweaty and raunchy sex which negates the hormone production to mate. Until next month.”

“WHAT?” Her screech did her race proud.

“Yes, Amber my love. Just like the motto says, ‘hair today, gone tomorrow’.”

Yep, he was going to need all of those nine lives.

About the author: Chele Diego is the pseudonym for a woman who believes the paranormal presents an open canvas for erotic imagination and romance and it allows her to push her earthly boundaries. She has a penchant for men who growl and bite as well as those who sweep her off of her feet in grand passionate expressions of love and desire. When Chele is not being seduced by her characters, she can be found living her own HEA with her alpha guy, researching, baking chocolate anything, reading and at the same time riding herd on a couple of alphas-in-training.

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grace755 said...

I loved this short story! And hope this is part of some books the author has written. I have not heard of this author before and will investigate her works. Thank-you for something new and different.