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Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Poppy

Why review? I think most folks who love books, myself included, love to talk about them. Reviewing gives me that chance on a wider scale. Plus, there’s the bonus of not only FREE books, but all the stories I can read!

The fact is, I rely on reviews to choose what I read, especially when it comes to new authors – and there are SO many new names out there anymore; ePublishing has really opened the floodgates. So, how to do you choose where to spend your money and your time?

You ask a friend! And, really, that’s what reviewers are: other book lovers with an opinion.

We all have our favorite books and authors, and while I gravitate toward them, one of the best parts about reviewing is discovering new authors without risk. Yes, reviewing takes time, especially if you’re writing a really well composed, coherent and interesting review. But it’s worth it! I’ve dipped my toe into the pool of genres I’ve never read before, and never thought I would because of reviewing. For instance, I discovered that zombies are pretty cool (Ashley Drake, Zombie Hunter: A Plague on All Houses by Dana Fredsti), and that a good ménage is a keeper (Rough Justice by KyAnn Waters), two genres I’d never even considered until I started here.

I love a story that grips you, that makes you HAVE to turn pages to find out what happens. One with characters that you become fully invested in, ones that MUST have a happy ending after they overcome any conflict that’s thrown into their path. What a wonderful opportunity for me to find these gems, to be allowed to choose any story that intrigues me, and then ... I get to talk about it.

Reviewing is an incredible job... a joy and ridiculously fun. I highly recommend it.

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Na said...

It's fun discovering new genres and this past year I've gone out of my way to read from genres that are new to me. There are so many wonderful stories out there :)