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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Gianna Bruno

I’m Old Fashioned-And I Prefer Print Books

So, to finish of this week, I decided to open up some discussion with readers about what they like to read, and how they like to read it.

I am Internet savvy--any author needs to be these days. But I am fundamentally technophobic and often long for the time when I couldn't be reached so easily with news about what someone was having for lunch or how their dog's diarrhea was coming along.

I love the convenience of research on the web, and for communicating with writers and readers from all over the world. But I don't think I will ever be able to read e-books. I've downloaded a few, won a few, and they are still on my computer--unread. I prefer the intimacy of physical contact with the glossy cover, the pages between my fingers, the smell of the binding --and the moldy smell of an old favorite or a classic I picked up in a garage sale only adds to the thrill of re-reading it.

My eyes hurt while reading from my computer, and the e-readers I've tried feel robotic, mechanical, and distance me from the characters. I've often been told that writing long hand is a better way to connect your emotions with the words--that the physical contact with the paper and pencil communicates directly between the brain and your hands. I believe reading is the same—at least for me.

I'm not ready to give up word processing and all its conveniences, but still scrawl notes and snippets of scenes on paper when they come to me, often in the middle of the night. No, I don't think there is an e-reader in my future any time soon. And in case you wondered, I don't use my MP3 player unless it's plugged into a device with speakers that immerse my whole body in the music.

I don't know if that is because I'm a dancer and need to feel the music as well as hear it, but I do know that if I can't feel the pages turning, reading loses all of its enjoyment. I’ve begun to embrace digital photography, even though I still scrapbook using prints and traditional albums because it more fun for me to turn the pages in an album and journal in my own (sloppy) handwriting.

The appeal of being able to store 1000 books on a single electronic device is intriguing, but I crave clutter. I’m a pack-rat and can not bring myself to get rid of anything unless I place it in the hands of someone I know will appreciate it. As such, my house is bursting at the seams; every room has a collection of some sort. I also collect antiques, and one day fear I will be known as that crazy lady with the carousel horse in the living room and walls made out of books. But I only have one cat. So far.

So, tell us what you think about electronic vs. print books, what genres you like to read, what makes a story great for you, and what makes you put the book down or close the file and not go back.

It’s been great being here with you all this week. I hope you’ll continue the discussions we’ve started and keep in touch with me, whichever way is best for you: on my blog, forums, Facebook Page, website, or even my Yahoo Group. All the links are at

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Na said...

I definitely prefer reading a print book over a digital copy. Holding a physical book, feeling the weight of the book, flipping through the pages, smelling it and admiring the cover is all part of the reading experience. They heighten an already wonderful story. I read multiple genres and enjoy them all.

I do see an ereader in the near future and like the convenience and privacy an ereader provides. I think I will always read more print books than digital but an ereader is more convenient. Thousands of books in my hands does have its appeal. It looks like in the future the bookshelf will be for my keepers.

Andrew Richardson said...

I'm with physical books too. I've seen e-readers and I suppose they're the future because of the ease of storage, but I don't think the technology is quite good enough yet.

But I don't go anywhere without my I-pod!

katsrus said...

A month ago I would of said a physical book but; I won a Kindle and really love it more than I ever thought I would. For me its much easier to read with these old eyes. LOL. Although there is still nothing like an authographed book from an author. I still read regular books and have a couple full bookcases. And I still look finding a great book at a garage sale or thrift store. But; I have to say my ereader is taking over. LOL.
Sue B