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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Author Interview: Dawne Prochilo

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Dawne Prochilo, who is a very busy lady. Currently with six erotic and contemporary romance books released, a short erotic F/F/M will be released in an anthology with Romance Divine this summer. In October, her seventh book, His Holiday Seduction, an erotic M/F, will be released, also from Romance Divine. She's the Promotion Director for a publisher, she's a freelance writer for a newspaper, writes web content and is the administrative editor of the WM Connection Freelance Writers website and a contributing editor for the WM Connection Review. She writes relationship articles for, and associated press. She's also a reviewer for Eden Fantasy products and writes for their sister website, Eden Cafe. She does book reviews for Coffee and Romance Times and Sexy Reads.

Dawne started out her writing career with writing sweet, contemporary romance in 2009. She had the entire manuscript finished with the exception of two sex scenes. She put off writing those scenes, because she didn't know how to be descriptive and make it interesting. She sent off the first three chapters to a publisher, who immediately requested the entire manuscript. Of course, at that point, Dawne had to finish the sex scenes! After she wrote them, she had her husband read them and he loved them. Once she sent the manuscript out, she realized how much she enjoyed writing more graphic love and sex scenes.

She prefers erotic over sweet, straightforward romance. She told me that she found straight romance more challenging to write because "of the extensiveness of the details, the length of the novel and I personally feel that many full-length novels (50k or more) have too much fluff and filler. I like the direct, to the point writing style that I have discovered."

Dawne had always wanted to be an author. Her first professional paying writing job was in 1999, when she became a freelance writer for a local newspaper. She worked in the industry for a decade, but the love and dream to become an author still hovered in her head, so she began the trek to finding a publisher and writing her manuscript.

"Six books and hundreds of online articles later, here I am," she stated.

"What does your family think of your writing? Do they read it?"

"My children don't read it. They see my covers on display in the house, know what I write but have never REALLY read one of my novels. My husband was my number one fan. He would read, give me ideas for story lines and he was my first editor. They are all proud of my accomplishments and encourage me to continue and find new avenues for my writing."

"What do you find are the biggest public misconceptions about erotica?" I wondered.

"That it is pornography in writing. It's not at all. Erotica is an expressive writing style allowing readers a glimpse behind the proverbial closed bedroom door. Pornography is basically sex for the fun of pure sex with no feelings or emotions connecting while in erotica writing the characters have a connection. Whether it's M/F or menage, emotions, feelings and even love play a role."

Some writers that Dawne feel write excellent erotic fiction include Maya Banks, Jodi Olson, Sandy Sullivan, Brindle Chase and Cassandre Dayne, with her current favorite being Jodi Olson.

"She writes short novels with saucy heroines, sexier than hell heroes and can really weave a tale of desire, love and passion," Dawne explained.

Her favorite all-time favorite erotic book is Maya Banks' Colters' Woman.

"When I first read this book, my first foursome/menage, I was dropping my jaw during the sex scenes," she admitted. "I kept thinking do people really live like this? I was hooked."

On a more personal note, Dawne told me that she considers whipped topping best for eating off of body parts—all kinds of body parts.

"It's sweet, light and can make such a wonderful sticky mess."

Speaking of food, Dawne's favorite is pizza loaded with cheese, bacon and pepperoni—she loves her meat. She can't stand, however, cooked peas and carrots.

"Those two actually make my stomach queasy," she said. "Ick!"

Her favorite letter? "S without a doubt," she said promptly. "The way it slithers around. It has such delightful curves. And is so sensual, sexy and intimate."

Coke or Pepsi? "Coke has a flat taste to it while Pepsi has more fizz. I love when the fizz tickles my nose."

"What is your strangest habit?" I wondered.

"While trying to relax and fall asleep I revert back to a habit when I was a little girl. I twirl my long hair endlessly around my index finger. It is such a soothing feeling and brings relaxation to my over-worked mind."

If Dawne isn't writing, she can either be found reading, cooking, or baking.

"I love to read (every great writer is a great reader) and I love to be in the kitchen making delicious meals and desserts for my family."

"If someone were to play you in a movie, what actor would it be and why?" I asked.

"Wow- I would love to have Kate Hudson play me. She's funny but serious...and she's a blonde with an attitude at times. Her whimsical performances are who I'd like to be."

"Have you ever known anyone who can tie a cherry stem with their tongue?"

"No, I don't. But if it's a man, please send him my way. If his tongue is that talented I have a few other suggestions for him and that tongue."

You can keep up with Dawne on her blog,


Brindle Chase said...

Dawne, you roxxers!!! Loved it. And thanks for the shout out!!! XoXoX

An Open Book said...

You're welcome Brindle- and ty for having me on WC- Sorry I was out of town when it posted but am feverishly promoting now

Jean said...

Great interview, Dawne. I continue to learn things about you I never knew *throws bowl of cooked peas and carrots in the garbage*, like what foods not to send as a gift!

An Open Book said...

LOL Jean- too funny and thanks for visiting

Elle D Hayes said...

Great interview Dawne! I don't know how you do it all but I'd love just a tenth of your energy.

Jodi Olson said...

Just found this and thanks for the mention. You rock.