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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Silvia Violet

Yesterday I made dinner for Jason Fleetfoot, hero of Sex on the Hoof . Today I’ll be feeding his sister’s lover, Officer Wolf Savage, hero of Savage Wolf . Wolf is a alpha werewolf who likes to eat like a man’s man. In his wolf form, he only eats raw meat, but as a human he can handle a rare steak or a hamburger grilled until it’s no longer bleeding. He’s even been known to eat a vegetable or two as long as they’re flavored with meat. Bacon and ham hocks will be your friends if you are cooking side dishes for Wolf. And dessert? After a long day’s work at the precinct, he’s capable of putting away a whole cake or pie in one sitting. So for tonight’s dinner, I’ll be serving Wolf country style pork ribs, collards cooked with bacon, mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake.

These crock pot Country Style Ribs are easy to prepare and so delicious. They’ve become part of our regular dinner rotation.

Collards with bacon can be found at Simply Recipes, one of my favorite food blogs.

Silvia’s Mashed Potatoes

10-12 small red-skinned potatoes, cut in quarters, (I often leave skins on but you can remove them.)

½ t salt (or more to taste)

4T butter

2T plain yogurt (could substitute buttermilk)

approximately ½ cup milk

Boil potatoes until easily split with fork. Drain water. Add salt, butter, yogurt, and milk. Mash or use an immersion blender until they are well-blended and as creamy as you like them. Add milk if needed.

This is my favorite recipe for chocolate cake.

Excerpt from Savage Wolf :

I’m Wolf, Officer Aidan “Wolf” Savage. I’m a werewolf. But unlike most of my kind these days, I’m one of the good guys even if I do scare the hell out of most people the first time they meet me.

I’m a damned good cop. If I’m tracking a criminal, he doesn’t stand a chance of getting away. I love the chase, the take-down, the chance to be scary-as-hell, but there’s one thing I hate about this job: stakeouts.

That’s what tonight is all about, sitting in a hot, muggy car, eating doughnuts and watching the woods for signs of life. Man what I wouldn’t give for a beer right now. And a warm house and a warm woman. Ok, that train of thought isn’t doing a damn thing for me. Because my partner and I are stuck right here until we see something, or the sun comes up.

Jacobson, my partner, crushes his paper coffee cup and tosses it in the bag that serves as a trashcan. “I so don’t want to do this shit tonight.”

I don’t think his comment deserves a response so I take a sip of my own coffee, which is damn near empty too.

Jacobson stares hard at the fence outside his window. “Do you actually think we’re going to see anything? Anyone could have dumped those bodies by the park. Why would they come back now?”

We’re parked along the outer perimeter of City Park. In it’s heyday it was a place for city residents to relax, have a picnic, get some exercise, and remember what trees actually looked like. When the economy went south, the city stopped maintaining it. Now it’s an overgrown eyesore used primarily by the homeless, drug addicts, and kids looking for a thrill.

The department is constantly getting complaints about the vermin that thrive in the undergrowth, both animal and human. But recently, the volume of calls about trouble in the park has increased, and two teenagers were found dead at the park’s northern gates last night. They’d been shot, execution style.

I take another sip of coffee before responding to Jacob’s questions. “We’ve had too many complaints and none from the usual suspects. Something’s up.”

“Gang initiation?” Jacobson suggests.

I shake my head. “I don’t think so.”

His eyes narrow. “You smell something, don’t you?”

I nod. Under the smells of sex, beer, and greasy food, there’s an odd chemical odor. I can’t place it, but I’m certain it doesn’t belong in the park. It hadn’t been there a few months ago when I’d pulled the short straw and been sent to run off a bunch of kids who’d come out here to party.

Before I can describe the smell to Jacob, I hear distant footsteps pounding the pavement. “Someone’s running this way. Someone fast.”

Jacob nods. I doubt he can hear a thing, but he’s learned to trust my non-human ears without question. A few seconds later, a woman comes into view. She’s wearing a sundress and a pair of high-heeled sandals so I doubt she’s running for her health. Not that any sane woman would be at night in this part of town.

She has straight, reddish-brown hair that swings past her waist. Her heavy, round breasts are barely contained by her dress. Long shapely legs reach out for the ground making my cock sit up and say hello. Her strides are so long she’s practically leaping.

She’s moving faster than any human should be in shoes like that. The wolf inside me begs me to chase her for the sheer thrill of apprehending such a hot piece of flesh. But my cop instincts tell me this woman is our key to what’s actually going on in the park.

Jacobson reaches for the door handle, but I lay a hand on his arm, stopping him. “Not yet.”

“She’s not out for an evening jog, Wolf. Someone’s chasing her.”

“Exactly. And we need to know who and why.”

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Thanks for the excerpts and fabulous recipes. I can't wait to try the mashed potatoes and chocolate cake.

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