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Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Spotlight: Kaily Hart

Who said sweet couldn’t be HOT too?

A number of reviews on my books have hit on something that has really pleased me. They’ve mentioned the hot love/sex scenes, they’ve highlighted the sexual tension, the heat level, the SEX in my books as being sizzling, but they’ve also mentioned the emotional intensity, the feelings, the LOVE in my books. That’s been great because when I write a book, I’m writing a love story first and foremost. I’m writing a journey between two people who’ll end up together. Yes, I write hot and steamy, actually very hot and steamy, but I think that it’s a crucial aspect of being able to fully develop and explore the burgeoning emotional arc between the characters. I firmly believe that the bedroom door needs to stay open. It’s during these very intimate scenes that the really good stuff happens (and I don’t mean the sex). These scenes are often when characters are vulnerable, where barriers are removed or enhanced, where issues are resolved or surface, where the intimacy propels the relationship one more step forward (or back) depending on the stage of the story. For me, not being able to write and include the details of these scenes would disadvantage the story I think and do a disservice to the characters. Yes, by this point they’re pretty real to me!

I love to write the alpha hero, unwilling to show weakness, probably rough around the edges, hard and perhaps tortured and explore the scenarios (and the woman) who could make such a man gentle, even tender, protective and loving. I adore it when someone talks about my books being sexy and scorching, but emotionally intense. Those reviews have been the ultimate compliment because I always think - who says an erotic romance can’t be sweet on some level as well?


Maureen said...

It is definitely the emotional connection between the hero and heroine that makes me enjoy the story.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

Robin Covington said...

Kaily - I absolutely agree - the emotional intensity is the stuff that grabs me as a reader and as an author. I know that some authors hate writing sex scenes but I love to do it because (like you said) that is where the good stuff happens. That is where they become emotionally naked and the barriers can be broken down.

Great post!

Ju Dimello said...

Hi Kaily, I totally need the emotional connection with the characters for me to enjoy the book..and I find that "sex" scene after sex scene to be kinda..boring without the sweet moments in between !

And what better moment to show an emotional vulnerability than during their bedroom moments!!!

Totally agree with each point you mentioned :)

Cathy M said...

Love your stories, Kaily. You've nailed the emotional component with the very sensual romance, and give us such memorable heroes.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Kaily Hart said...

Maureen, me too!

Hey, Robin absolutely! I really love writing those scenes. They can be the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. BTW, LOVED meeting you in person last week :)!!

Ju, yeah the sex for the sake of it is boring for me as well. The bedroom door for me will always have to be open!

Hey, Cathy thank so much! That's my ultimate goal :).

chey said...

The emotional connection is so important in a book.

Anonymous said...

I love an Alpha hero too. I want him to be a strong, confident man who is protective of the heroine. I also like my heroes to be a bit dark and tortured too. I like to see the heroine break down his defenses and show him he deserves to be loved.

I think stories can have an emotional core and be hot. I like the story to engage me on every level. Great post Kaily!

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Kaily Hart said...

Chey, I couldn't agree more.

Stacie, you've described the kind of story I love to read and the type of books I write :)!

Gabby said...

I've never give much thought to the emotional ties that were created when it comes to the love scenes of a romance/erotic romance novel.

I guess I'm going to have think of it more if I'm to someday create novel of my own.

Your post was pretty thought provoking Ms. Hart! Thanks!


Kaily Hart said...

Thanks, Gabby. For me, even when a book is super hot, it has to have the emotional thread for it to be a 'wow' book!