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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Absolute Decision by Megan Slayer

“I almost forgot how wonderful you are.”

Ned tilted his head to kiss her and explored the soft skin of her back with the pads of his fingers. “I want you to come home with me tonight.”

He handed the valet attendant his ticket and pulled Andie closer. He couldn’t get enough of her. He wanted to kiss her, maul her, own her, right there in the parking lot… maybe even forever.

Ned removed his black tuxedo jacket and wrapped it around her thin body. The air was unseasonably warm that December evening, but he knew the chill would freeze her solid soon enough.

He didn’t care if he didn’t know her well; he was a territorial son of a bitch and not about to share. She was for his eyes only.

Shivering slightly, Andie curled into his body. She glanced up at him with heavy-lidded, smoky eyes and a pleased grin.

“What?” he asked and returned her grin.

With her arms not yet in the sleeves, she reached behind her head and undid the clasp holding the top of her dress in place. As she brought her hands back down, she slid her fingers over her bare breasts. Sheer luck, determination, and Ned’s quick reflexes held the jacket in place around her shoulders.

He wrapped his arm tighter around her to prevent onlookers and used his other hand to caress the silky soft flesh of her breast. His lips grazed her jaw and earlobe.

“We need to get back to your apartment fast,” she whispered and parted her crimson lips slightly.

Ned’s fingers caught on the ring in her puckered right nipple. A matching ring adorned her left one as well. He raised a brow in delicious surprise. “Nice.”

She tipped her head back in pleasure and closed her eyes. “Tug.”

His hand abandoned her breasts to cup the back of her head. He lowered his lips to hers for a crushing kiss. “Let’s keep this up where there aren’t so many on-lookers,” he said in a primal, claiming voice. “I want you… bad, good, and every other way possible.”

When the attendant returned, Ned covered her taut breasts with the jacket and opened the car door for her. Andie grinned and slid onto the seat.

Ned crossed around the hood and settled himself behind the wheel. “Ready?”

She nodded.

“Come here,” he asked in a commanding tone and held his arm open.

She slid over as far as the seatbelt would allow and rested her head on his shoulder. Her hand resumed its exploration of his lap and groin. He clenched his hand on the steering wheel and prayed they’d make it back to the apartment in one piece. He pulled to a stop in front of the building. “You’re mine.”

“All yours.” A wicked grin curled her lips and she glanced at both the door and his lap before gazing into his eyes. She licked her lips slowly, with teasing movements.

Blood surged to Ned’s groin. He helped her out of the car, locked it and led her to the elevator. “You’re an addiction,” he rumbled in her ear as they entered the car. “I promise to satisfy you tonight and cook breakfast in the morning before we satisfy each other all afternoon.”

Andie dropped the coat and leaned against the wall of the elevator car. She released her hair from the barrette and shook it down over her shoulders. One arm went over her head to slide down the wall, while the other fondled her breast.

“Do you like what you see?” She pinched her nipple.

Ned moved to cage her body between his strong arms. “I’d be dead not to,” he growled and claimed her neck with searing hot kisses.

She moved her hands down to caress the growing bulge in his pants. “You make me think things I have no right to think about.”

The bell rang signaling Ned’s floor and jolted the couple back to reality. Bending to kiss her breasts, he picked up the coat and covered her body.

Ned opened the door to his apartment and ushered her inside. “It’s not much, but it's home.” Without giving her time to consider leaving, he crushed her against the door. “I can’t wait any longer,” he gasped and hiked up her skirt. His voice took on a low, primal quality he barely recognized. “I need to feel you.”

He found the zipper at the hip of her dress and tugged. Soon the garment pooled at her feet, leaving her naked except for her spike heeled sandals.

“God, you’re gorgeous,” he whispered and knelt before her. “And you taste perfect.” Ned hooked her right leg over his shoulder and began to tickle her clit with his tongue. One hand snaked up to grasp her breast. Andie shivered.

“Do you like this, Andie? Tell me you like it. Tell me you love it.” His right hand kneaded her ass.

A shudder ripped through her body. “Yes,” she hissed and tangled her fingers in his hair.

“What about this?” He slipped a finger into her moist depths. Her inner muscles clenched around his digit. Holy fuck it felt good.

“Oh, Ned,” she moaned and bucked against his skilled tongue. He slipped another finger into her pussy and stroked intently.

“Yes, Doll. Come for me,” he coaxed and increased his rhythm. “Let it wash over you and come for me.”

“Oh,” she squealed. Ned suckled on the sweet release of her body until Andie crumbled in a boneless heap next to him. With heavy-lidded eyes, she stared at him. “I’ve never had an orgasm like that before.”

Ned grinned. “Good thing I plan on practicing all night long.”

He carried her sated, naked body to the bedroom and flicked on the table lamp. Deposited on the bed, Andie curled up on the bed and and wrapped the comforter around her body.

“Doll?” He toed out of his shoes and tossed his wallet onto the nightstand.

“I’m waiting for you to be as naked as I am,” she replied and slipped out of the comforter. “Strip.”

She slid her hand along the line of buttons on his dress shirt and button by button releasing him. “I’ve waited too long for this,” she purred and flicked open the fasteners. Andie bent to take one of his pebbled nipples into her mouth. “Umm,” she hummed and flicked the sensitized skin with her tongue. “I need to explore.” She dropped to her knees in front of him.

Explore away, baby… Ned drew in a sharp breath as she popped open the fly of his pants. Andie tugged his trousers and boxers down his thighs, releasing his cock. He stood up to remove the clothing and kick off his socks, but she stilled his hands.

Her eyes lit up and she licked her lips once more before running her tongue slowly and tantalizingly along the vein. He gripped the back of her head and threaded his fingers in her hair. “Yes, Doll… take it all in the sweet mouth of yours. Fuck, yes.”

She teased his dick for a bit longer before kissing the knobby head. “You’re good, too.” She slid his length to the back of her throat.

“Yes,” he hissed. Inadvertently he tugged her hair to gain better access and pump furiously. What he thought would detract only spurred her on all the more. She stroked the sensitive skin of his sack as her mouth worked on his dick, prolonging the sensation and build-up to his orgasm. “Oh, God, I can’t wait any longer,” he moaned and clenched his fists.

Andie took him once more to the back of her throat and greedily devoured his come.

Doll, you are a dream come to life. His his semi-hard cock slid out of her mouth. I could love you, Andie.

She rose from her knees and slid along the length of his body until she faced him, skin to skin. Her hair fell around her face as she curled her body around his. He stroked her hair and pulled the comforter over their slick, heated bodies. “Stay forever.”

“Sounds perfect.” She kissed his neck and closed her eyes. Before long, her breathing slowed and she was fast asleep.

Ned wrapped his arms around her body and held her tight. He wanted everything. He brushed his cheek on her forehead and replayed the events of the past twenty-four hours in his mind.

Am I in love with her?

Silly thoughts began to cloud his mind and he tried in vain to tamp them down. Did Andie care about money? Would his job push her away, too? Then it occurred to him – he didn’t know her last name.

So we have a lot of talking to do in the morning over—no—after breakfast. Nibbling on her body would be the perfect morning meal. He closed his eyes and gave in to sleep. No doubt, he’d fallen in love.

About the author: When she's not writing the stories in her head, Megan Slayer can be found luxuriating in her hot tub with her two vampire Cabana boys, Luke and Jeremy. She has the tendency to run a tad too far with her muse, so she has to hide in the head of her alter ego, but the boys don't seem to mind. When she's not obsessing over her whip collection, she can be found picking up her kidlet from school. You can visit her by going to her blog:

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