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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Viki Lyn

My Five Favorite Symbols

Symbols have been around since the dawn of civilization and are the ultimate form of spiritual expression. From first glance, a person knows the meaning within herself. That’s the beauty of symbols – the profound emotions it evokes inside of us. In Fighting Chance, Corbin is branded with a symbol of his Order – the thunder mark, the Slavic symbol of the god Perun who wields lightening.

Number One:
Spiral – This might be one of the most ancient symbols known to man. It’s a continual motion with no beginning and no end. At one time ancients believed physical and spiritual energy flowed in a spiral motion.

Number Two:
Yin and Yang – This Chinese symbol represents the balance between opposing forces necessary to create the world of forms. Male and female, good and evil, and all opposites need each other for their form of expression.

Number Three:
The Hand – Being of Italian descent, I can’t talk without moving my hands. It’s a form of my expression when I communicate to the world. In some cultures, the right hand symbolizes rectitude and the left hand deviousness. Hindus and Buddhists use a system of over five hundred hand gestures in their rituals and dances. I love the symbol of the hand because for me personally, it represents creativity.

Number Four:
The World Tree – The tree connects the mundane world with the spiritual world with its roots in the ground and the boughs reaching up to the sky. It symbolizes our potential to rise above the physical and reach for the stars.

Number Five:
The Lotus – This beautiful flower grows from the bottom of the pond. It rises above the mud and blossoms on the surface of the water, revealing its beauty. The flower represents enlightenment -- the soul rising from the confusion of matter.
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Viki Lyn
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Cathy M said...

Great fun facts, Viki.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Viki Lyn said...

Thx Cathy. When I write my paranormals, I love taking myths and such and twisting them into my own interpretation. Although, ideas just get reinvented! Vik