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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight: Lisa Sanchez

Romance and food––a sinfully sweet combination

I’m sure you’ve heard the old cliché “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Yes? Well, I’m here to tell you that’s true––partially. I believe food can play a pivotal role in romance. And no, I’m not talking about wrestling with your partner in a vat of warm chocolate. Bear with me here.

Eating is a pleasurable experience. The moment our favorite food hits our tongue, there’s usually an explosive reaction. Electrical pulses are sent to our brain, which then translates that information into our individual tasting experience. If the food or particular dish we’re consuming is really good, we might close our eyes, twist and contort our expressions and, hell…sometimes we even moan. C’mon! I dare you to dive into a piece of chocolate covered cheesecake and maintain silence. It’s damn near impossible.

Certain foods have more of what I like to call the “hubba hubba factor.” They rev your libido, and get your juices flowing. Think bananas, chocolate, figs, and oysters (Personally, I don’t get the oyster thing. Anything that resembles phlegm doesn’t light my fire.) Smart men and women all over the world have added these aphrodisiac foods to their wooing arsenal. Wanna make your girl happy? Feed her chocolate. Wanna drive your man wild? Play out your enjoyment of the juicy strawberry you just bit into. In Dark Lover, J.R. Ward wrote a very memorable love scene involving the hero, Wrath, his love interest, Beth, and a juicy peach. Um, yeah…I’ve never looked at a peach the same way since. Hot, people. Smokin’ hot!

Have you read any memorable love scenes with food in them? What was it about the food or the way it was used between the characters that made the scene work? I’m sure after reading this post, it won’t come as any surprise when I tell you there’s a scene in my erotic suspense, Obsessed that involves a couple of juicy strawberries. Hubba hubba! I get breathless thinking about it even now. Woohoo! Food isn’t love, but heck, it sure helps it along sometimes.

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