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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Viki Lyn

My Five Favorite Archangels

Being raised Catholic it’s not a far stretch for me to believe in angels. I sometimes feel an angel poking at my shoulder and sometimes a devil as well! I’m not sure who wins out most of the time, but I’d say it’s a push and pull needed to keep me in tune with my spirit *g*. I wrote a book with angels who are anything but sweet cherubs strumming their harps while sitting on puffy clouds. My angels are dark, dangerous and cunning – but also noble, honest and forthright.

Number One:
Gabriel – I have a soft spot for Gabriel because this angel helps anyone whose life purpose involves art or communication.

Number Two:
Zadkiel – Many stories are about letting go of guilt, finally accepting the mistakes made, and moving on. Zadkiel is all about compassion and forgiveness, and we can all use these virtues in our lives.

Number Three:
Uriel – means God’s Light. It’s written that Uriel is the wisest of the angels. You would want Uriel as a personal sage – full of creative insight and providing practical solutions to problems.

Number Four:
Raziel – The divine wizard, Raziel unlocks the mysteries of the paranormal. He can help you understand esoteric material such as quantum physics (really?) and increase your sensitivity to psychic activity.

Number Five:
Raguel – This angel is the energizer rabbit – and helpful whenever you need an energy boost! Better than a shot of espresso! He’s your best friend, counselor and motivational coach.

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