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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Lisa Sanchez

Writing Quirks

Whether we’re authors, readers, computer professionals or stay-at-home moms, we’ve all got one thing in common: we’ve all got quirks.

I can’t start my day without a Diet Coke. My hubby, wonderful, loving man that he is, routinely reminds me how weird and unhealthy my six am soda habit is. My response usually involves a bit of eye rolling, along with a round of snark regarding his morning caffeine fix. My guy’s two large cups of coffee trump my one little Diet Coke. I’m just sayin’.

Not all quirks involve morning routines. Some people can’t leave their house without checking their stove more than once. I’ve got family members who have made it all the way out of town for a weekend trip, and had to turn around because they can’t remember whether or not they’ve shut their garage door. This last one’s a little obsessive compulsive, but hey…who am I to judge? We’ve all got our own hang ups.

Writers, just like everyone else, have quirks too. I’ve heard some authors say they can’t write during the day. Their inspiration comes only during the wee hours of the morning. I’ve heard others say they can’t sit down in front of their keyboard without some type of energy drink like Rockstar or Red Bull. One of my critique partners prefers writing when it’s dark and stormy outside.

My quirks aren’t too bad. At least, I don’t think so (insert smile.) All my writing is done in my recliner in my family room. I wait until my kiddos are in school (too much distraction when they’re home), then I grab a Diet Coke (have to have it), my laptop and kick up the footrest. My chi likes to sit at my feet while I write, so once she’s snuggled in my writing mojo is ready to roll.

What about you? Have any special quirks when you write/read? Do you need a certain snack? Do you listen to music, or do you require silence? Weigh in with a comment!

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