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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Holiday Heaven by Tony Haynes

Stacy took a long sip of her drink and relaxed back on the sun lounger. It felt bliss. Life at work had been hectic of late, as Stacy had been responsible for supervising the recent systems upgrade, however once everything had been finalized and was running smoothly she had decided it was time to take a break. Stacy had deliberated long and hard as to where she should go. After careful consideration, she eventually decided to really push the boat out and treat herself to the holiday of a lifetime in the Seychelles.

On arriving at the five-star hotel she had booked, even though it was off season, Stacy was amazed to find that she more or less had the place to herself. On her second afternoon there, as she relaxed on the patio, there was only one other person in the vicinity and he was busy doing lengths in the pool. Stacy’s eyes drifted towards him. She vaguely recognized him as being the same guy who had nodded to her at the breakfast bar that morning. Barely being half-awake at the time, Stacy had only given him a cursory reply, but as she watched him now she wished she had paid him a little more attention. Whilst sipping her cocktail, Stacy couldn’t help but admire his lithe, sun-tanned body as he cut through the water. As if instinctively aware that she was looking, the swimmer gave Stacy a little wave. Though she was slightly embarrassed at having been caught watching him, Stacy waved back. She had always enjoyed a bit of harmless flirting.

Alas, that was all it proved to be, for after completing another couple of lengths, disappointingly, Stacy’s eye candy got out of the pool and retreated back inside the hotel. Ah well, Stacy thought, never mind, and she picked up the book that she was reading instead. As she got lost in the plot however her mind began to play tricks on her. As the handsome hero in the novel clambered out of a pool, he took on the characteristics of the guy who Stacy had just been watching. Rather naughtily, Stacy allowed herself to wonder what it would be like to kiss him. Having come to the conclusion that it would be quite nice, she lay her book down and permitted her imagination to run riot. What the heck she thought, as she indulged in her fantasy, she was on holiday after all.


So, Stacy idled the afternoon away day dreaming. When the evening finally arrived, she nipped up to her room, grabbed a quick shower, then made her way back downstairs to the restaurant. After ordering a drink Stacy settled back in her seat to study the menu. Choices, choices. On hearing a polite cough, she looked up to find herself gazing into the deepest pair of blue eyes that she had seen for a long time. Her swimmer looked down at her and asked, "Would you mind if I joined you?"

Stacy didn’t hesitate. "Please, be my guest."

"It is Stacy, isn’t it?"

For a moment, Stacy felt slightly uncomfortable. "How on earth do you know my name?"

"Don’t you remember? We met at that software convention in Montreal last year."

A light bulb went off in Stacy’s head. "I thought I recognized you! Brad isn’t it?"

"Brett actually."

Stacy blushed slightly. "Sorry."

Thankfully, Brett just laughed it off. "No biggie."

It wasn’t the only thing that they laughed about that evening, as Stacy found her dining partner really good company. In fact, the evening flew by far quicker than Stacy anticipated and she was rather disappointed when, at eleven o’clock, the waiters ushered the pair out of the restaurant, for she didn’t want the night to end. As they climbed the stairs together, Stacy wondered whether she should offer Brett a late night coffee in her room. As if reading her mind, he beat her to it. "I don’t suppose you fancy…"

Stacy didn’t let him finish. "I’d love to."

Brett grinned. "You don’t even know what I was going to say."

"I’m guessing you were going to suggest going back to your room for a coffee."

Brett clicked his fingers and feigned disappointment. "Damn. Am I really that transparent?"

"If you are, that makes two of us," Stacy whispered in his ear.

Turning at the top of the landing, the pair made their way along the corridor to Brett’s room. He opened the door and invited Stacy inside. He clicked the light on and then crossed over to the table on which the tea tray rested. Brett glanced over it. "I’m really sorry; I appear to be all out of coffee actually. Is there anything else I could offer you?"

Acting much bolder than she actually felt, Stacy impudently replied, "It depends; what did you have in mind?" Provocatively, she sidled up to him.

Brett turned to find himself practically in Stacy’s arms. "Well, there’s the mini-bar," he faltered.

"Come now, I’m sure you can do better than that." With that, Stacy leant forwards and feathered her lips against his. They locked in a long, passionate embrace. Stacy felt Brett’s hands tease down her back. They lingered momentarily at the base of her spine as if testing the water. When Stacy didn’t pull away, Brett was bold enough to lower them even further and caress her bottom. His touch was electrifying. One by one, Stacy began to undo the buttons on Brett’s shirt. His chest was smooth and muscular and practically begged to be touched. Stacy obliged, running her hand down Brett’s pecs and toned stomach until it reached his waistband.

As Brett lowered the zipper on Stacy’s skirt, her right hand delved inside his trousers. She gasped excitedly as her fingers curled around his cock. It felt delightfully hard already. By this time, Brett had discarded Stacy’s skirt. He slipped her top off next, undid her bra and then kissed her gorgeous tits. Stacy felt as if she was melting as his tongue licked around the nipples of, firstly, her left breast, then her right. Breaking away from one another momentarily, they each discarded their last remaining items of clothing. As Stacy kicked her panties off, Brett took her in his arms and lowered her onto the bed. She could sense his glorious hard-on pressing into her and longed to feel it inside her.

Before Brett obliged though, he maneuvered around on the bed until his head rested between Stacy’s legs. Tenderly, he kissed her pussy lips experimentally. Stacy sighed. Brett then lapped her clit, causing Stacy to let out a low whisper of delight. His tongue felt incredible as it toyed with her pussy, sending little ripples of pleasure cascading through her thighs. Brett kissed and licked Stacy until her juices began to flow freely. Only then did he raise himself back up on the bed and position his cock against her beautiful muff. As he slipped it into her, they kissed once more. Brett then began to work into a steady rhythm as he slid his cock in and out of her. Stacy felt as if she was in heaven. In no time at all, she was aware of a delightful tell-tale tingling between her thighs. Stacy did her best to prolong the moment, however she found it impossible. She cried out as a sensational orgasm pulsed through her whole body. Sensing her come, Brett’s strokes grew faster and faster until he reached his own climax. As his cock twitched inside Stacy, another wonderful after-shock of pleasure coursed through her pussy.

Brett held her tightly until their orgasms were both spent. As they kissed once again, Stacy cheekily asked him, "How long are you staying for?"

"Ten days," Brett replied.

Stacy grinned for she had the feeling it was going to be a holiday to remember.

About the author: I have written a number of articles for local newspapers as a freelance. In August of 2009 my first short story was published by the e-zine Romance Stories Magazine. Since then I have sold a science fiction tale to Short Story Me, a sports piece to Midnight Showcase Fiction and a noir detective story to Big Pulp Magazine, and short stories to Whipped Cream. A number of my erotic stories have also featured in the on-line magazines For the Girls and Clean Sheets. I have also had a crime thriller accepted for publication by The Fringe.

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