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Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Viki Lyn

My Five Favorite Shape Shifter Animals

I once had a poll on my newsgroup asking what type of romance genre was a favorite to read, and shape shifter romance won hands down. I have one shape shifter series (The Tiger Within) featuring my white tiger, Antoine Fortescue. And even my vampires and slayers shift into animal forms.

Number One:
White Tiger and the cat family – there’s just something very sexy about sleek, muscular cats on the prowl. Quick, ferocious, independent, I love the idea of a man turning into a tiger. Cats in all their forms have been used universally in shamanic practices. Since Paleolithic times, the wild cat evoked sexual and physical prowess, psychic agility and stealth.

Number Two:
Wolf family – The werewolf is standard fare for shape shifters, and there’s a reason for it – a wolf is alpha all the way, and there’s something very appealing about the lone wolf. Before the werewolf myth was born, Egyptians worshipped the wolf-headed god Upuaut – he who opens the way. The wolf was thought of embodying the path to the moon and to opening the doors to the collective unconscious.

Number Three:
Bear – I’ve introduced a grizzly bear in my next shape shifter book. He’s a ferocious killer when provoked and can tear out a man’s rib cage in one swipe of his talons. A formidable power, the form is used by hunters, healers and shamans.

Number Four:
Snake – Snakes are portrayed as evil serpents or mystical creatures, and at one time the Snake Goddess was revered around the world. The snake is an archetype representing fertility and regeneration, and has been part of pagan rituals since the beginning of time.

Number Five:
Eagle and bird family – Birds with the gift of flight always fascinated me. What a different perspective we’d have of the world if we viewed it from the sky. Birds are associated with the time between the worlds – sunset or twilight. They can travel to the heavens.

This is my last post and I want to thank everyone who has followed me this week. Please visit my website for more information about me and my books. I also have a contest running in celebration of my latest release Fighting Chance. You can view the details at my site.

Happy Reading!
Viki Lyn

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Cathy M said...

I am a huge shifter fan, too, Viki, my favorites are the wolves and the big cats.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Thanks for a fun week, I enjoyed your blog posts.