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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Two's Company, Three's Allowed by Tony Haynes

It had taken Nicky some years, but finally she had managed to save up enough to put a deposit down on a place of her own. She knew that she would find it a struggle to keep on her wages alone so she advertised the spare room to let. Although secretly she had hoped that maybe some good looking, sexy, stranger might want to move in, the only enquiries she received came from girls, which about summed up Nicky’s recent luck. On the bright side, it didn’t take long for a promising flatmate to express an interest. From the moment she first spoke to Sara, Nicky knew they were going to get along. Sara was a similar age to Nicky and had the same slightly cheeky sense of humour. The day she came around to view the pair hit it off really well and so a date was agreed for Sara to move in.

When the doorbell to the flat rang the following Saturday morning Nicky was quite surprised to discover a rather athletic, well-built lad in his mid-twenties standing there.

"Hello. Can I help you?"

"Hi. I’m Ben, Sara’s…"

"Brother." Sara dashed up and interrupted. "He’s my big, younger brother come to help me with the move."

Nicky offered Ben her hand. "Nice to meet you."

Ben took it in a very assured grip and shook. "Likewise."

"Can I help at all?"

Sara smiled. "Thanks for the offer, but I think we’ll be all right."

Conscious of allowing Sara her own space, Nicky left them to it and went out for the day. When she got back later that evening, everything seemed pretty quiet. Nicky assumed that Sara and her brother must have gone out, so she treated herself to a couple of glasses of wine, then decided to turn in. As she switched off the bedside light, she couldn’t help feeling a slight pang of regret that she hadn’t invited Ben to stay for the evening. She hoped that he would be a frequent visitor.

Nicky wasn’t sure what time it was when she woke. She was sure of what it was that disturbed her. She assumed that Sara must have gotten lucky earlier on, because Nicky could hear the unmistakable low moans of pleasure emitting from the adjacent bedroom. Still only half awake, Nicky was surprised at how aroused she had become upon hearing the sound. Her imagination began to run riot as she pictured herself writhing around naked on top of Sara, their hands exploring one another’s bodies. The moaning began to grow in intensity from the room next door. Feeling extremely horny by now, Nicky reached down and began to finger herself as she revelled in her fantasy. As Sara let out a cry of ecstasy, Nicky had to bite her pillow hard in order to stop herself from joining in as she came all over her fingers.

Nicky lay there for some time listening for any signs of further activity, but the lovers must have satisfied their appetites for all appeared quiet. Feeling a touch thirsty, Nicky eased out of bed, slipped on her silk dressing gown and padded across the landing to the kitchen. It took a couple of seconds fumbling around to find the light switch. As she hit it, the kitchen was illuminated and she found herself facing a fully naked Ben. Immediately she clicked the lights back off and apologized.

Ben did so too, almost simultaneously. "I’m really sorry. I just came to get a drink." His voice trailed off in embarrassed silence.

Nicky knew that the decent thing to do would be to go back to her room and allow Ben to return to the sanctuary of the other bedroom. In that brief instant in which the lights had flashed on though, she hadn’t missed the opportunity to take a sneaky look at Ben’s cock and what a glorious cock it was too, shapely and thick. Still wet from her earlier exertions, Nicky longed to feel it thrusting away inside her. As her eyes adjusted to the moonlit kitchen, she strained to take another look. She could swear that she could see it glistening in the dark.

Ben coughed. "Ahem. Would you mind if I got back to Sara?"

Nicky determined she wasn’t about to let him escape that easily. "Your sister?"

Hearing a faint noise behind her, Nicky turned to find Sara standing there. A white towel was loosely wrapped around her shapely figure and she looked very sheepish. "I’m really sorry. I know I should have told you, it’s just that I was a bit worried you might not let me have the room if you knew I had a boyfriend. You’re not too annoyed, I hope?"

Nicky smiled. "Don’t be silly. How could I possibly be annoyed with a gorgeous creature like this?"

Ben grinned on receiving the compliment. "Thanks."

Sara blushed. "I’m guessing you heard us then?"

Nicky giggled. "It was difficult not to."

Sara bit her lip. "I’ll try not to let it happen again; it’s just, I get so excited when, you know."

Nicky looked Sara square in the eye and decided it was now or never. "I’m not sure I do. Why don’t you show me?" As Nicky stepped aside, she noticed Ben’s cock begin to twitch into life again.

Sara blushed, "I’m not sure I could in front of someone else."

Nicky felt it was time to confess. "No need to be embarrassed. I really enjoyed earlier on."

Sara seemed more than a little curious as she asked, "How do you mean?"

"Well, you sounded as if you were having such a fabulous time, I couldn’t resist joining in."

With that, Nicky undid the knot on her dressing gown and allowed it to fall open. Turning so as to look straight at Ben’s cock, she sat on the edge of the kitchen table, slipped a couple of fingers inside her cunt, and began to pleasure herself once more.

Ben grinned and stepped over to his girlfriend. "I think your new landlady wants a show. Shall we give her one?"

Sara still looked unsure until Ben loosened her towel and threw it on the floor. Nicky let out a gasp of pleasure on seeing Sara’s magnificent, curvy body. It was every bit as beautiful as she’d pictured it in her imagination; from Sara’s delicious, large breasts, down to her neatly trimmed blonde pubes, which Ben began to run his hands through.

As Ben kissed Sara he began to ease her around in a slow waltz until the pair were embracing right beneath Nicky’s nose. Sara had shaken off her earlier inhibitions and had taken Ben’s cock in her hand and begun to masturbate him slowly. In one neat, quick, move, Ben sat down in the chair at the head of the table and maneuvered Sara with him, positioning her wet pussy right above his cock. Sara adjusted slightly until the tip of it rubbed against her clit, then she eased down until he sank inside her.

Sara let out a deep, moan, even louder than the ones that Nicky had heard earlier in the evening. Throwing her head back in complete abandon, Nicky began to rub herself furiously as Sara wriggled and writhed around on Ben’s cock. As her pussy started to tingle, Nicky jumped in surprise as she felt someone else touch her. On glancing down she found that Ben had leant across and begun to stroke her. In order to give him free reign, Nicky removed her own fingers, sat back and allowed Ben to play with her to his heart’s content. Sara let out a huge scream of delight as she came all over Ben’s cock. Nicky felt herself begin to climax and covered Ben’s fingers with her sweet, sticky, juices. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Ben waited until Sara’s climax had subsided before withdrawing his cock in order to allow the girls watch him shoot hot cum all over his thighs and stomach.

As the three of them sat there in the lovely warm afterglow of their respective climaxes, Sara began to laugh. It was infectious and so Ben and Nicky joined in. Nicky was curious though, "What’s so funny?"

Sara forced herself to stop. "Sorry, it’s just that, you were quite loud yourself."

Nicky grinned. "That’s nothing, you should hear me when I really let go."

Taking the hint, Sara kissed Ben, then invited Nicky to take her place. "Why don’t you show me?"

Nicky raised an eyebrow. She never dreamt that letting out a room could be such an education.

About the author: I have written a number of articles for local newspapers as a freelance. In August of 2009 my first short story was published by the e-zine Romance Stories Magazine. Since then I have sold a science fiction tale to Short Story Me, a sports piece to Midnight Showcase Fiction and a noir detective story to Big Pulp Magazine, and short stories to Whipped Cream. A number of my erotic stories have also featured in the on-line magazines For the Girls and Clean Sheets. I have also had a crime thriller accepted for publication by The Fringe.

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