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Friday, May 27, 2011

Take Me Home by Megan Slayer

A full bank account meant nothing if he had no one at home to unwind with.

Roddy tossed his headset onto the chair and strode from the studio. Frustration flowed through his veins. Sure, working as the station manager for Channel Twenty-Five paid the bills, but the headaches, the bickering, and the sexual innuendo grated his frayed nerves.

Time to get out for a while. Time for a martini.

“Best not to dwell on the negative,”he groused and made his way through the foyer of the station. The best thing to do would be to find someone to spend time with. Ha! He needed a personal life outside the station before he could begin to contemplate finding a lover. The sliding doors swooshed open, letting in a few last rays of sunshine. He stopped on the sidewalk and drew in a breath, basking in the soft light.

“Roddy? Man, wait.”

Roddy knew that voice. He puffed the breath out and turned. Kane Davitt. Holy hell. Noon news anchor and the reason the station kept its core audience. Women loved Kane’s dark hair and doe eyes, not to mention his lopsided grin.

“Hey,” Kane’s cheeks darkened, as if he’d run the length of the corridor.

“You’re here late,” Roddy replied and clamped his teeth together. Way to sound intelligent.

“You’re right. My car died and it just so happens none of the guys on the six o’clock shift know the correct use for jumper cables. Cardin gave me an idea for something I’m pretty sure is illegal, but not what I wanted to try.” Kane stuffed his arms into his khaki pockets. “Look, I need a favor.”

“Name it.”

“Take me home.”

Roddy raised one brow. “You do realize I’m gay, I haven’t had a boyfriend in over a year, and your words are a definite come-on.” Oh crap. The words rushed from his lips faster than his brain worked. No time to take any of his revelation back. He forked his fingers through his hair to mask his apprehension. Really, why did he seem to think Kane needed the information?

“And your point is?” Kane tipped his head and the beginning of a smile quirked on his lips.

So Roddy’s sexual orientation wasn’t an issue for Kane? Talk about a game changer. Roddy stared at Kane for a bit longer than a casual acquaintance should. Muscles in the right places and the very hint of scruff on his cheeks. “Um...where do you live?”

“Santa Rosa Boulevard. Sixteen Twenty-Seven. Please?”

At least it wasn’t clear across the state. Roddy nodded. “Come on.”

Fifteen minutes later, Kane sat next to him in the Lexus. Roddy gripped the wheel, afraid to say anything. It wasn’t like Kane was so hard to talk to. The guy just happened to ooze sex and star in Roddy’s dirtiest fantasies. He came to a stop in front of a Cape Cod house.

“That’s mine.” Kane shifted and stared at Roddy. “I knew, you know.”

The air rushed from Roddy’s lungs. He swallowed hard. “You knew...what?”

Kane chuckled. “My gaydar is very well tuned.”

Roddy’s stomach soured. “Wonderful.” Didn’t exactly mean it didn’t bother Kane, but the confession didn’t soothe Roddy’s soul either. He pinched the bridge of his nose. “I want to say something smart, but I’m not sure what to say.”

“Roddy.” Kane placed his hand on Roddy’s, wrapping his fingers around Roddy’s wrist. “I’m damned glad.”

Roddy slumped down in his seat. No fucking way. He replayed Kane’s words in his mind. His heart pounded. “You’re glad?”

Squeezing Roddy’s hand, Kane’s smile widened. “Come inside with me. Have a drink. A thank you for driving out here?”

“I shouldn’t,” Roddy blurted. Shouldn’t? Hell, he should run in and have two or three drinks... Damn.

Kane scooted closer. “We both just left work and tomorrow’s Saturday.” He released Roddy’s hand and rubbed his thumb across Roddy’s chin. “We’re both free and I’m dying to find out what you taste like.”

Before Roddy could answer, Kane nabbed him in a kiss. The brush of Kane’s whisker-dusted chin against Roddy’s skin sent tingles through Roddy’s system. Kane swallowed Roddy’s moan and caressed Roddy’s dick through his dress slacks. God, it had been a long time since he’d even had a casual relationship with someone else.

Breaking the kiss, Kane’s breath fanned over Roddy’s cheeks. “Come inside with me.”

Roddy nodded. Yes. Inside. He fumbled out of the luxury vehicle and followed Kane through the front door. As he stood in the foyer, a pang of trepidation slid through Roddy. Sure, he knew Kane. He’d talked to him a couple times and spent too many hours pining over him. “I’m gay, but I’m not stupid. I did random hook-ups when I was younger and I’m too old to risk anything.”

Kane tugged Roddy’s shirt, closing the gap between them. “Good.”

“I want emotion to go along with the sex.”

Nodding, Kane sank to his knees. “Perfect.” He worked the button on Roddy’s pants. The constricting fabric pooled at his feet. Kane nuzzled the bulge in Roddy’s boxer shorts. Through the fabric, he kissed the crown of Roddy’s cock.

“You’re very agreeable.” Weak-kneed, Roddy leaned back against the door. “Oh God.”

With his gaze locked on Roddy, Kane withdrew Roddy’s penis and ran his tongue along the underside. “You. Talk. Too. Much.” His fingers bit into Roddy’s ass as he wrapped his lips around Roddy’s erection.

The synapses in Roddy’s brain misfired. He thrust his fingers into Kane’s hair, taking control of the sex act. He shuddered as the orgasm built low in his belly. Too close. His knees quaked.

“Bed. Now,” Roddy bit out and kicked out of his pants and boxers. “I can’t last. Fuck me.”

In a tangle of arms and legs, Kane tugged Roddy to the bedroom. Roddy knelt on the bed and waved his ass towards Kane.

“Open.” Kane held the condom in front of Roddy. Roddy tore the packet with his teeth. The sound of Kane’s hand connecting with Roddy’s ass ricocheted around the room in a loud crack. Roddy groaned and barely had time to bask in the sting when something chilly caressed his asshole.

“Mine,” Kane growled and pressed his cock against the tight muscle. Roddy exhaled, relaxing his body and allowing Kane entrance. This time, Kane groaned and pistoned into Roddy. “Fuck, so good.”

Roddy shuddered as the orgasm growing in his balls washed through him. He closed his eyes and fisted his hands in the sheets. Behind him, Kane’s cry filled the room. “I’m coming.”

With the weight of Kane bearing down on him, Roddy fought to catch his breath. “Damn.”

“Yeah.” Kane pulled out and collapsed next to Roddy. After chucking the used protection, Kane once against closed the space between them and rubbed his flaccid cock against Roddy’s hip. “I’m gonna put it all out there—I’m attracted to you. I’m usually not this forward and I’m certainly not trolling for a hook-up. I saw what developed between Tory and River. I want what they have. I want it with you, but God, it scared me because I was sure you’d turn me down.”

“I’m no one special.” Roddy flopped over to gaze into Kane’s eyes.

“You’re a sexy man who has no idea he’s hot. You put up with shit and keep smiling. That’s incredible.” Kane shrugged. “And you turned around when I blatantly came on to you.”

“I did.”

“Call me crazy, but I think I’ve been a little in love with you from the start. Now, it’s more than a little. I’m in love with you, Roddy.” Kane brushed his nose against Roddy’s. The timbre of his voice vibrated along Roddy’s spine. “I’m so glad I had you take me home.”

Everything Roddy had ever wanted snuggled in the crook of his arm. He grinned. “Are you ready for round two?”


About the author: When she's not writing the stories in her head, Megan Slayer can be found luxuriating in her hot tub with her two vampire Cabana boys, Luke and Jeremy. She has the tendency to run a tad too far with her muse, so she has to hide in the head of her alter ego, but the boys don't seem to mind. When she's not obsessing over her whip collection, she can be found picking up her kidlet from school.

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