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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Spotlight: Mary Abshire

Do you ever Google locations mentioned in a book, or travel to them? Are you curious to know about the location the author used in their book?

After I read the Twilight series, I recalled hearing about people visiting the town Stephanie Myer put in her book. I don't know enough about her writing, but I wonder if she thought ahead when she was writing the series. Did she think, hey, people might check this place out?

As for me, I'm not curious to know about locations in books. I like to imagine them in my head. I never had the urge to jump up and visit a place in a book, nor searched for the place on-line. Just not me. But with a wealth of information at our fingertips, I knew someone could do check on a place, and probably would.

So, when I sat down to write, I took the above question into consideration. In my books, towns, restaurants, bars, hotels, and the Fort are all real. I altered details of a few locations, such as a bar or hotel, but the actual location is real. So if any one did Google or decide to visit, they would find the location.

When it came time to find locations to use, I kept my search simple. In book one, I used Chicago. Most activity took place at Drake's condo, on the streets, or in the clubs. In book two, they travel to Phoenix. I made up the diner off the Interstate, but the hotel is real. In book three, the Fort is real and that was an interesting place to check into. I needed a secluded location and how I stumbled upon the Fort, I don't recall. But it was a nice find and visitors can stay there. I doubt I'll get to visit in my lifetime, but it sure looks like a nice place to check out.

So, I'm curious now. Do you ever search or visit places from a book?

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