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Monday, May 2, 2011


My name is Tiger Lily, RAWR, and I primarily review for Whipped Cream. Why? I like my hinky kinky stories. Yup. I gotta have some bite to the story to keep my attention. Too syrupy sweet and I wander away.

Why do I review? I want to say something fantastic and philosophical. Yeah, won't happen. I review because I love to read. A lot. So why not merge my love of reading with my need to talk and tell everyone about the books I'd read. I'd tell them anyway. I like reviewing for Whipped Cream because the gals are friendly, and I've made some great friends. It's fun to be in a group where we all love books, in all styles and genres under the romance umbrella. It's a place to hone my writing skills and to have a great time.

What do I like best in a story? It had better tug my heartstrings. I don't mean sappy stuff. Blech. I want the hero to be believable. We all know they have body hair, heroes--gasp--burp, and don't always say the perfect thing. I love it when the author can put that into a book. It's realism. Don't get me wrong. I like my fantasy, paranormal, that sort of thing. But I want it plausible. Huge gaps in time, huge gaps in story...those turn me off and make me put the book down in record time. I also hate--makes me grind my teeth--heroines that are wimps. I realize there are time periods where women were repressed. Fine. But sheesh. Give the gal some pluck. If she blindly goes along with everything the hero says, and some of it is stuff she's totally against (not talking forced seduction she really wants, just doesn't know it yet), then I'm not gonna finish the book. Sorry. Can't do it, Captain. Oh, and it had better have a happily ever after. You can't give me that, I will slam the book down and stomp away. I don't dig it in movies and I despise it in books.

My favorite book of all time? Wow, this one is a toughy....Regularly Scheduled Life is my favorite WC book of all time. Why? There are few books that keep me in my seat for more than a couple minutes. I need action, multiple things going on, and noise. With this book, I sat down and read it all the way through at one time. No music, no tv blaring in the background. Just read. I stayed up way too late, did the ponytail thing when taking the totlet to school, but it was so worth it. By the time I finished the book, my heart ached for Kyle, I wanted to box Sean's ears, and I cried. Oh, man, did I cry, but in the midst of the emotion, I felt the love of these two men, struggling with a situation anyone could be in and trying to figure out how to forge ahead.

I'm a simple girl. I love my books, my racing, and my men alpha (especially when they are alpha together!) I'm hard when I review, but I'd like to think I'm fair. Come check out my reviews some time. You might find your next favorite book!


SheriV said...

I'll have to check out Regularly Scheduled Life. If the characters affected you that much then it is something I need to check out. I look forward to reading some of your reviews.

Cynnara Tregarth said...

I'll need to get Regularly Scheduled Life. I've heard some really good things about the book, so now it's moved up on my list. I also agree with you on how heroes and heroines should be in stories. I love knowing that reviewers like the same things I do!