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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hi! If you are a regular reader of the LASR/WC reviews, you've seen my work. I am Holly, and I love what I do here. I work both sides of the romance road, from sweet and sensual to hot and heavy romance, and all the stages in between. If it involves a HEA or HFN, I will give it a whirl. Sometimes I do get a bit wordy, but it is usually because I want you all to know how great the book I'm talking about is, and I get carried away.

To be honest, I decided to become a reviewer because I love to read, and thought it would be a cool way to get books free. Yeah, I know, selfish reason, but I quickly discovered that I love being able to 'voice' my opinion about the books I read, and encourage others to enjoy them as I have. I've grown as a reviewer, and for that, I have to thank the powers behind the scene-M~, W~, and m~, who support us even when we do stupid things (and I do those regularly, believe me)

The first time I saw one of my reviews, with the Holly tag on it, I was thrilled. I wanted to shout out to everyone about it, but that would have ruined the anonymity we aim for, so I just did a quick "Snoopy dance" where I sat, and smiled all day. I still get a charge out of seeing something I've written about a book posted here for all to see; I don't think that will ever change.

I have to say that this particular group of reviewers, whether they are on the LASR side or the Whipped Cream side, have all become like a second family for me, and I hope they feel the same. We tend to support each other during the troubled times, and cheer when something good happens to one of us. I always wanted a sister, and now I have lots of 'surrogates' here to share our love of reading, romance and good books. There is something here for every taste, from the sweet to the down and dirty, and we try to handle it all. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we get 'goosed' and the boss threatens with her infamous 'wet noodle'. Who could ask for more? Thanks for making this more than a 'job' and I hope to be able to give my opinion for a long time.

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Margie Church said...

You have reviewed a couple of my books and personally, are such a lot of fun. A rose by any other name would be Holly. LOL