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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Sable Hunter

Libby's Brownie Recipe in Cowboy Heat

Libby and I have requests to make these decadent brownies all the time.  And they are good.  The local parish church requests that I make pans and pans for their fund raisers.  When word gets out that Sable's Sinful Brownies are available - they come running.  But I have a secret - they aren't that hard to make - and they are to die for.  All I do is substitute and add to a really good brownie mix and I have them all fooled.  They think that I measured and sifted and poured and worried - but here it is. 

I use Hershey's Boxed Brownie Mix that I get at Sam's Club.

I substitute real melted butter for the oil and I substitute heavy whipped cream for the water.  This multiplies the richness of the concoction by mega-amounts.  Of course, leave the eggs the same.  I also add a teaspoon of instant coffee, a teaspoon of real vanilla extract and a quarter cup of real Hershey chocolate syrup and this is the kicker, an extra regular size bag of chocolate chips.  You can also add a half of a cup of chopped pecans or walnuts - my bunch isn't into nuts in their brownies - but it would be good.

When you cook the brownies, follow the directions on the box, but test them about ten minutes before the prescribed time because these brownies are better if they're not cooked quite as long as the regular ones. They are better a little on the soft side - but that is up to you.  The added goodies in this already great mix pushes these brownies over the top. 

Here's how the McCoy's reacted to Libby's brownies.

Libby went back to her food, then something wild started happening under the table.  Several times, she felt his knee bump hers – linger – then rub gently.  Once could have been an accident, but three times?  It had to be intentional.  The implications had Libby’s head spinning.  This attention from Aron was more than she had ever dreamed possible.
“I’m grateful to Bess for bringing you to me.”  Aron’s softly whispered words flowed straight to her breasts.  Instantly, her nipples swelled and hardened.  Before she realized it, they were eagerly protruding, and the thin little T-shirt was an insufficient barrier from prying eyes.  Seeing the effect his words had on her, Aron instantly excused himself and in a moment returned with one of his shirts from the laundry room.  Draping it over her shoulders, he whispered.  “Slip this on, sweetheart.”  He winked at her as she flushed as much from arousal as embarrassment.  “I’ll take care of you, baby.”
It had gotten quiet at the table, “What?” Aron challenged.  “Libby was cold.”
At last, the meal was over.  Everyone was very appreciative of the lasagna, the salad, the garlic bread and the blackberry cobbler that she had whipped up from the fresh berries in the crisper.  Bess had plenty of food laid back for her to work with; she wouldn’t have to do much grocery shopping for a while.  When Nathan was through, he stopped at her chair and kissed her cheek, “Thanks for everything, Libby.  Especially the help with the homework.  And the brownie,” he grinned.
“Where are the brownies?” Isaac zeroed in on the mention of chocolate. 
“That huge cookie jar by the rotisserie is full.  Help yourselves.”
“Don’t eat them all,” Aron cautioned.
Before she thought, Libby put her hand on his arm, and whispered, “Don’t worry, Aron.  I saved half the batch back for you; they’re in your office in a plastic tub.  Bess told me that chocolate was your weakness.”
Chocolate wasn’t his only weakness; that was quickly becoming apparent.  Aron was touched.  He didn’t know what he enjoyed more; the news of the chocolate treats hidden back just for him or the light touch of her hand on his skin.”  The touch.  Definitely the touch, he decided.

Thanks for reading.
Sable Hunter

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