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Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Elle Laudan

She Rides

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my week here at LASR/WC. Thanks to all of you for having me here. It’s been fun sharing a little insight into my world.

From start to finish, She Rides took me five years to write. I mean, I’d start writing, and would put it away for a few months. I’d pull it out again, etc.... Last year I committed to finishing this book. I really wanted to show my lady rider, Missy, the way the majority of lady riders I’ve known are—genuine, compassionate, real women.

She Rides is my first Elle Laudan title. I was hesitant about venturing into the erotic side of publishing. I’ve always envied those who do, and do it well. Can I pull this off without sounding totally lame? So far, the response has been humbling. I hope I’ve enticed you to read my book. I’d love to hear your thoughts, good and bad.

I leave you with this HOT excerpt... (not suitable for those under the age of 18)

Suddenly he grabbed hold of her and rolled over, looking down on her.

“What are you up to?” Missy recognized the devilish glint to his big brown eyes. She clasped her hands loosely behind his neck; the diamonds of her ring caught the light of the fire and left a trail of colorful prisms.

“I want you to remember this night always.” He started to undo the buttons on her shirt slowly; his gaze into her eyes didn’t waver for even a heartbeat.

“I will never forget, Tommy.” Her voice nothing but a breathy whisper as he parted her shirt; the air in the cabin prickled her skin. His touch brought with it goose bumps to her flesh.

Tommy dipped down to place a kiss at the hollow of her neck, lightly feathering kisses until he reached the rhinestone clasp of her bra. He tilted his head to capture her gaze while his fingers unclasped the front of her bra. Each cup fell away, exposing her breasts.

“Tommy...” She reached out to him, only to have him bring both hands above her head, crossed at the wrists and held them in place with one hand as the other one reached into the bucket and took out an ice cube.

Her nipples hardened in anticipation of what he planned to do next.

With the frozen cube placed between his lips, he lowered his head to her stomach and slowly and deliberately pressed the ice against her belly, melting a trail upward, pausing between her breasts.

$1 from each print copy sold will be donated to Breast Cancer Research.

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