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Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Anita Philmar

Questions for an Erotic Author – Anita Philmar

What does your family think of you writing erotica?

My family is very proud of me and the books I’ve published.  My husband prints out my covers and we frame them. I love having them in my office to remind me of the success I’ve had so far.

What would you tell a reader reluctant to read erotica?

For people who do not like much sex in books, I would suggest they don’t start off with erotica. Start with a sweet romance and see if that satisfy your level of heat, if it does. Stop. If not, step into a hotter book.  An erotica is still a romance, two people meet and find they have an attraction to each other. Maybe the sex happens faster but they still have the same issues all people have. They want to find happiness and fall in love.

Personal I think it’s a great read. Once you give it a try, you’ll find you’ll enjoy a little more heat than just holding hands.

Have you ever tested out one of your sex scenes on your significant other?

Not so much for the re-enactment of the scene but to see if the positions and feasibility of the scene is conceivable. Some things really are logistically impossible. But I’d love to try air sex – like the fairies did in “Fairy Fun.”

What do you think about playing with sex toys?

Toys can add a new element to the fun. There is no right or wrong item to use as long as both parties are comfortable with it.  Again if you try it out and like it—great. If not, move on to something else.

What about food?

Now you can never go wrong with chocolate.  Spread it on your lover and lick it off.  Food rocks and can make foreplay a treat in and of itself.

What do you think of role play?

A great way to add excitement. Again both parties need to agree with what roles they are going to play, and if need be, a way to put an end to the fun.

Hope everyone has learned a little bit more about me this week. Enjoy my books and visit me any time at my website

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