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Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Eggcellent Offer by Angie Jarrett

Bryan was in the kitchen making dinner while waiting for Andrew to show up. They were going to spend the weekend at his house and if he were lucky many more weekends to come. He had decided to bite the bullet and asked his boyfriend of the past nine months to move in with him. He just hoped Andrew was on board with the idea.

Pushing away from the counter, Bryan went to put the chicken in the oven. He had prepared Andrew’s favorite meal, baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and glazed carrots. He was pulling out all the stops to make this a weekend to remember. He hadn’t seen Andrew in a week. Andrew had gone back home for the Easter holiday to visit his parents. Bryan had missed him but totally understood the need to see family. Bryan couldn’t go with Andrew for this last visit; he was a nurse, and it was his weekend to work.

There was a plus side to being the only male nurse amongst a group of women. They had helped him plan the perfect way to asked Andrew to move in. Women can be creative, and Bryan needed all the help he could get.

“Do I smell chicken?” a voice said from the entry way.

Bryan looked up to see Andrew waltzing into the kitchen. Floppy blond hair falling into his big blue eyes and a smile as bright as the summer sun plastered across his face. As he reached Bryan, Andrew wrapped his arms around Bryan’s neck and kissed him sweetly on the lips.

Pulling back Bryan stared into Andrew’s eyes. “God I missed you.”

“Me, too, babe. Me, too.”Andrew leaned into to nuzzle his face in Bryan’s neck.

Bryan spun Andrew around and grabbed him by his lean hips to sit him on the counter top. He pushed himself between Andrew’s spread legs and could feel Andrew’s cock get iron hard.

“How much have you missed me?” Andrew mumbled against Bryan’s lips.

Bryan nipped at Andrew’s plump lower lip and then licked away the sting. “Do I need to show you?” Bryan asked as he ran his hands up Andrew’s thighs and felt him shudder.

“I think you might have to,” Andrew gasped.

With that Bryan scooped Andrew up and carried him out of the kitchen. Andrew was eight inches shorter and at least fifty pounds lighter than him, so carrying him was no big feat. Bryan liked being larger than Andrew; he loved to feel dominate over the smaller man.

Pushing open the bedroom door, Bryan carried Andrew to the bed. He laid Andrew down gently on the plush comforter. Once he had Andrew settled he stood up to look down at the love of his life.

“I want you to take off your clothes.” Bryan turned around to walk to the bathroom. He paused at the door and looked back at Andrew. “I want you nekked by the time I get back.”

Bryan could hear Andrew scramble off the bed to remove his clothes. He chuckled to himself at the show he was missing. An excited Andrew was a klutzy Andrew. Just then Bryan heard a loud thud and then Andrew shouting he was okay. Bryan shook his head as he rushed to the bathroom.

With lube in hand he ran back to his bedroom to see Andrew starting without him. Andrew was on his knees with his shoulders resting on the bed. He had one hand pulling one check apart and with his other hand he was fingering his little pink hole.

“Fuck,” Bryan moaned as he walked closer to the feast before his eyes.

Andrew turned his head to face Bryan. “You like what you see?”

Without answering him, Bryan removed his clothes and climbed on the bed behind Andrew. He pulled Andrews fingers from his ass. Bryan then leaned down to kiss each rounded globe before snaking his tongue out to lick at Andrew’s center.

Andrew squirmed and pleaded for more. Bryan grabbed the lube and poured a generous amount on his cock. Bryan didn’t bother stretching him out; Andrew already took care of that for him.

Bryan rocked his hips forward until his cocked pushed against Andrew’s tight entrance. Bryan loved teasing Andrew but it had been a week and he needed to feel Andrew’s warm heat surrounding him. He pushed forward and they both moaned out loud as Bryan’s cock breached Andrew’s opening. With slow even thrust Bryan worked his cock into the tight sheath of Andrew’s ass.

“Don’t hold back. Please, I need to feel you. It’s been too long.” Andrew begged.

Bryan started moving faster. He angled his hips so he would hit Andrew’s sweet spot with every stroke. Andrew was going wild under him and Bryan knew his orgasm was close.

He continued his hard thrusts as he reached around to grab Andrew’s cock. Andrew erupted as Bryan ran his thumb over the weeping head. Warm come covered Bryan’s hand as he gave into his own release. He could feel his seed coating Andrew’s inner walls. The feel of Andrew’s muscle clenching his cocked made his body shudder.

When Bryan had control of his body he fell to the side and pull Andrew close to him. He was placing soft kisses to Andrew’s neck when he smelt something.

“Babe, I think you’re burning our dinner.” Andrew giggled.

Bryan ran out of the room to rush to the kitchen. He made it in time to save some of the chicken from certain death by fire. He pulled the smoking bird out of the over to sit on the counter. The sound of laughter had him turning his head.

“Should I fetch the take out menu?” Andrew teased.

Bryan growled and then gave chase to the other man. Andrew squealed as Bryan caught him and carried him back to bed.

Earlier the next morning before Andrew woke up, Bryan crawled out of bed quietly to go set up his proposal for his sleeping lover.

Bryan made his way down the stairs and headed to the kitchen to grabbed the bag of hard boiled eggs he had made. He walked out the sliding glass door and started to place brightly colored eggs all over the back yard. Once he was done he placed the yellow plastic egg with the key inside, right in the middle of the yard.

Bryan stood back to admire his work. He would forever be grateful to the girls at work for helping him come up with this idea. Smiling one more time at his colorful back yard, he went back inside to cuddle with Andrew.
“Hey, babe, wake up.” Bryan felt Andrew shaking his shoulder.

“What?” Bryan feigned annoyance so Andrew wouldn’t see his excitement.

“Well, I went down to the kitchen to start the coffee, and I think the Easter bunny made a mistake and came to the wrong house. Not only that, the dude is a week late.” Andrew said as he sat down on the bed.

“Baby, you’re not making any sense.” Bryan moved off the bed to pull on his pajama bottoms.

“Come see for yourself.” Andrew grabbed his hand and led him to the back yard.

Bryan pretended he was surprised when he saw the eggs. “You weren’t lying.” He pushed at Andrew shoulder. “Why don’t you go collect the eggs before they smell up the backyard.”

“Me?” Andrew pointed his finger at his chest.

Bryan nodded his head. “I’m going get our coffee while you tend to our egg issue.”

Bryan went back inside and peaked out the kitchen window. Andrew was mumbling to himself as he rounded up the eggs. Bryan poured coffee into two mugs and went to sit on the patio table to watch Andrew.

“This is weird.” Andrew said as he walked up to the table and took a seat.

“What’s weird?” Bryan hid his smile behind his coffee cup.

“Out of all these eggs, this is the only plastic one.” Andrew held up the yellow plastic egg.

Bryan shrugged his shoulders. “Crack it open and see what’s inside.”

Andrew narrowed his eyes at Bryan in suspicion but pulled the egg apart. His breath caught as the key fell into his lap. Holding it up, he looked at Bryan.

“What’s this for?” Andrew whispered.

“It’s a key to my house but I’m wanting it to be a key to our house.” Bryan held his breath while he waited for Andrew to say something.

“You want me to move in with you?” A smile spread across Andrews face.

“More than anything.” Andrew jumped up and came to straddle Bryan’s lap. He peppered kisses all over Bryan’s face. “I take that as a yes?”

Andrew pulled back to grin down at Bryan. “It’s an offer I can’t refuse.”

About the author: I’m a stay at home mom to four rowdy kids. I love to read and I read a lot. I married my best friend who encourages my desire to become a writer and lets me bounce ideas off his head from time to time.

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