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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Author Interview: B.L. Bonita

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome BL Bonita, who writes erotic romance in multiple sub-genres: contemporary, historical, and suspense/thriller. Her latest work, Sooth My Soul, was released by Noble Romance in March.

I asked her to tell us a little bit about it.

She doesn’t want a man, and he’ll do anything to make her surrender.

A lounge singer, haunted by the past, Nina Grey pours her soul into her music and her trysts with women. Trouble is, having a sexy roommate like Jordan, she's beginning to question her decision. Would one night together ease the tension, or complicate their friendship?

Jordan Martin views Nina like water to a thirsty man, yet two things stand in his way. Nina claims she’s only interested in women, and she doesn't know a thing about Jordan's jaded life. But when her past catches up to her, and secrets are revealed, Jordan is forced to show his true colors, or risk losing Nina forever.
BL told me she knows she's doing something right if she gets turned on by her own work.

"I do my best to create an engaging plot and characters—not cardboard cutouts or plots that revolve only around sex," she said. "In my work, the sex scenes could be left out and the story would still be engaging. I love a good mixture of a captivating story and titillating sex."

In fact, she started writing because she had read hundreds of romance novels and the love scenes—or lack thereof—instigated in her a need to write it for herself. She always knew her stories would, in her terms, "stimulate the southern regions."

She's actually tried writing non-erotic romance but told me she found it too hard.

"I can’t not write graphic sex," she explained. "Now, some of my work is more sensual than erotic, but in the end, there’s always one or more sex scene. It has to be done. My stories and sex are like bacon and fat; it doesn’t taste the same without it."

"What does your family think of your writing?" I asked. "Do they read it?"

"Most of my family does, actually, and I’m thankful for it. Sure, there are some that may skim through the naughty parts. I understand that, but never once have I been treated like I did anything wrong. Naturally, being the black sheep of the family, if they were ever embarrassed because of me it wouldn’t be anything new," she said with a snicker.

She recently wrote a scene where the hero was caught masturbating in the living room by his female roommate. He tried to stop the oncoming release, and ended up ejaculating on the bowl of pretzels in front of him.

"I ended up removing the scene because once the story was complete, it actually took away from the overall feel I wanted to create," she said, "though I must say, it was great fun writing it. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes."

BL's mother is also a writer and poet, and BL has recently learned she has a long line of writers in her background from Finland, going back to the nineteenth century. She started writing at a young age and it came naturally to her her to put thoughts and visions onto paper.

"Getting published was the icing on my cupcake," she told me.

BL's favorite erotic author is Emma Wildes.

"She has a voice and style that thrusts me right into her scenes and I feel what the characters feel," BL explained. "She has a sexy way with words."

On a personal note, BL shared with me that her tongue is pierced, but she recently removed the stud after having it in for over ten years.

"I’d be afraid to get ‘er done down south, because no woman wants to lose feeling in that region," she said, cringing. "Otherwise, I think nipple piercings are pretty hot."

"What food do you consider best for eating off another person?" I wondered.

"Chocolate body paint and whiskey from any part."

I asked BL about her strangest habit.

"I’m a hair player, and I don’t mean while flirting as some women do. I have a technique where I twist my hair in and out of my fingers in a certain way and I do it constantly. My boyfriend says if I stopped playing with my hair I’d probably stop breathing."

She loves being outdoors, so when she's not writing that's normally where she can be found: gardening, shoveling the driveway, chopping wood, hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, camping. She loves it all.

She also thinks that toes should always look cute no matter where you are or what you're doing, so during all those outdoor activities, you will find her with painted toenails.

"If someone were to play you in a movie, what actor would it be and why?" I asked.

"Probably Reece Witherspoon because she’s quirky like me, short and blond (though I’m red at the moment)."

However, if she could be anyone she wanted to be, she would choose to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

"I want to see what the hell is living in the deep depths of the oceans," she said.

Finally, I asked her, "What advice to you give to authors who want to write erotica?"

"Above all, don’t be shy, and make sure your scenes are believable. I don’t know any man besides Peter North who that can shoot off across a room. Also, use frank language typical of the genre. Erotica has no room for purple prose. Keep it real, and especially make it hot."

You can keep up with BL on her blog,

What If I Told You? By Wendi Zwaduk

What if I told you that I loved you? The words to the song blurred in her brain. Second chances rarely came around. Daryl fidgeted on the doorstep. Meeting her son’s teacher for dinner. Crazy. Sure, she and Austin had been friends since college and still kept in touch, but after her disastrous marriage to Tad...

She didn’t trust herself around men, especially not Austin.

Women wanted Austin and who wouldn’t? Tall, dark, handsome with perpetual five o’clock shadow and completely oblivious to his looks. She pressed her lips tight together. Then there was his voice. The man put Barry White to shame.

She considered heading back to her car when the lock clicked. Her breath clogged in her throat when Austin opened the door. “Hey Daryl. Come on in.” He held the door wide and opened his hand. “Stroganoff started to burn or I’d have answered the door sooner.”

Stepping past him, Daryl caught a whiff of him—spicy cologne combined with a hint of garlic. She giggled. Only Austin could make garlic sexy. Her brain whirled a mile a minute. They’d met for drinks plenty of times over the years, but this felt different.

“I brought wine,” she said and turned. Instead of seeing him across the room, she ran into a solid wall of Austin.

His smile widened. “Fantastic. I wasn’t sure what to pair with the noodles.” He stroked her arm, sending tingles through her being. “You look...stunning.”

“I look like me.” Oh, damn. Way to sound intelligent.

Austin inched closer to her. “And I like you.”

Shimmers fluttered over her skin and every last nerve in her body stood at attention. Diffuse. Yes, she had to diffuse him. He’d said he liked her years ago and walked away. Who’s to say he’d stick around now? She opened her mouth to speak, but no words formed.

“I figured you’d be quiet tonight.” Austin pulled away and escorted her to the dining room. “What does Evan think about this?”

“He’s all for it and thinks Mom,” she hooked her fingers in the air, “hooking up with Mr. Garrett will hoist his grades.”

He wriggled one brow and offered her a glass of wine. “Might come in handy at project time.”

“Yeah?” So many things flooded his words. God help her not to get giddy over a single sentence. “Are you going to help my son because he needs help or because of his mother?”

“I mean...Daryl, I care about you and one date isn’t going to change it.”

“Oh.” She nearly choked on her wine. He couldn’t mean... Her rotten luck. This guy she really liked. She set the glass down and stood. “I’d better...yeah...okay. You know what? I’m leaving.”

Austin’s smile drooped. His voice came out thick. “Why?”

With shaky hands, she pushed her chair back into place. The padded back thumped against the wooden table top. “Because I’m not going to do it again. I’m not going to give my heart to a man and find out he doesn’t care. It hurts too much and it screws up Evan and...”

Austin silenced her rant with a kiss. God he tasted too good, like chocolate and sugar and sin.... Putting both hands on his chest, she pushed him away. “I don’t want your kiss.”

“Yes you do.” His voice dropped an octave and his lips parted.


The low light glittered in his eyes. “Naked. Now.”

God. That voice. She shifted her hips to stifle the heat between her thighs. “No.”

“Should I spank you?”

Yes. No. Damn. “Austin.” She’d never seen him so dominant and holy hell it made her want him more.

“I want to see your beautiful body and I’m not going to wait. Each minute you hold out is another spank.”

Although the idea of being spread across his lap, open for his inspection and whim sounded divine, Daryl slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders. Better not make him wait. The demi bra did little to capture her modesty and the filmy panties gave all her secrets away. She forced her hands to remain at her sides and not instinctively cover her lingerie-covered assets.

Austin hooked his fingers in the spaghetti straps of her bra, snapping the delicate fabric. He licked his lips and traced a line between her breasts. “Better than my dreams.”

Her breath stuttered. “You—you dreamed about me?”

“Yes, sweet girl.” Austin knelt before her, kissing his way from her breasts down to her stomach. One hand eased her panties down her hips while the other massaged her nipple.

The hand between her legs trailed between her nether lips and slid into her, filling her. Daryl gasped. “Let’s not talk about...oh!”

“From the moment I laid eyes on you. The dick didn’t deserve you.” Austin’s sigh tingled from her head to her toes. “Lay down. I want to feel you around me.”

“On the table?” Oh damn, she sounded goofy.

“Good thinking.” He stood and scooped her into his arms. “I wanted to make love to you on the bed, not my table—not yet, anyway.”

The air swirled around her body as he surged into the bedroom. “I wanted this to be special, but I can’t wait.” In mere moments, he shucked his jeans and ripped the button down shirt from his torso. Buttons pinged around the room as the fabric shredded.

She fell back against the bedding and her mouth watered. The times they’d been to the beach had nothing on the toned Apollo before her. “”

“Nah.” He withdrew the condom and tore the packet with his teeth. “I’ve waited for this moment for so long.” In one swift motion, he entered her.

Daryl whimpered and her vision blurred. Everything she’d ever wanted cradled her in his arms. Austin nuzzled her neck, moving within her body. His thrusts grew frantic in an instant. She shuddered. At this rate, she’d never be able to hold back either. The orgasm washed over her in tidal wave proportions. She cried out and dug her nails into his back.

“Yes.” Austin’s eyelids drooped shut and a low groan escaped his lips. Still cuddling her, still deep within her, he fluttered kisses over her lips and cheeks. “This changes things, doesn’t it?”

Daryl nodded, not totally believing she’d made love to the man of her dreams.

“Now about what I tried to say in the dining room.” He placed his finger over her lips, quieting her response. “I want more than dates. More than horny teacher and hot parent. I want what we should’ve had ten years ago.”

“Ten years ago, you left me.”

“What if I told you I was in love with you back then? What would you have done?”

“I don’t know.”

“What about now? I love you, Daryl Ann.”

She stared at him, unable to breathe.

His eyes widened. “Yes? Bad? Talk?”

“Austin. I’ve waited so long for those words.”

He turned and rummaged through the night stand. “I bought this after our third date. I messed up back then and let my brain talk me out of what my heart needed. Not gonna do that again. I love you and want you and Evan to be my family. I want to marry you.”

“Evan agreed to this? He wasn’t totally sure about us dating. He said he was but, he’s eight. He changes his mind fast.”

“He gave me a ring from the quarter machine at Dean’s. Said you needed a pretty ring.” His hand trembled as he offered her the diamond.

“Then...yes. Let’s be a family.”

“We’ll do that in the morning. “ He slipped the ring onto her finger and snagged her in an embrace. “I just got you back and there’s a whole lot more loving I want to do.”


About the author: I always dreamed of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line. I tend to write books with titles taken from songs because music is one of my many muses. I earned a BA in education at Kent State university and as well as a Masters in Education from Nova Southeastern University. I've tried my hand at teaching, waitressing, and retail sales, but writing holds my heart. I love NASCAR, romance, books in general, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, and my menagerie of animals. I have ten books under contract and more than my brain can handle percolating. I can't wait to share them with you!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Spotlight: Tim Smith

Wading Through Quicksand
By Tim Smith

I just released my seventh novel, The Bundle, through Extasy Books. This is the first in a series and lets me return to my mystery thriller roots. The main character is an ex-cop named Vic Fallon, and he’ll be the only recurring character, with a different gal pal to get involved with in each installment. The style harkens back to the pulp fiction writing of Raymond Chandler and Donald E. Westlake, with a dash of Mickey Spillane thrown in – tough hero with a romantic side, equally tough heroine who needs his help, atmospheric locations, wisecracking dialogue and some serious sex. What more could you ask for?  

Vic Fallon had little use for the rich and famous when he was a police detective, and his attitude hasn’t changed since he was forced to turn in his badge. When pop singer Kimberly Daniels returns to her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to promote her latest album, Vic reluctantly agrees to be her bodyguard as a favor for a friend. He isn’t told that she has a death threat hanging over her head, with no shortage of suspects. The set-up takes a bizarre twist when her stalker shows up and Vic uncovers family secret Kimberly would like to keep hidden. Things get more complicated when they develop a strong attraction for each other, in spite of their different lifestyles. Can Vic ensure Kimberly’s safety until she returns to L.A.? Will Kimberly decide to ditch her glitzy celebrity life and stay with the rugged ex-cop she’s fallen for?”


Tim Smith is the author of seven novels, from thrillers to contemporary erotic romance. He recently released the romantic intrigue novel, “The Bundle” through eXtasy Books. He is also an award-winning freelance photographer and when he isn’t pursuing these two passions, he works in the human services field as a case manager for adults with disabilities. His website is

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Spotlight: Tim Smith

 Wading Through Quicksand
 By Tim Smith

 In talking with other authors I’ve found some misconceptions about marketing and promotions. If you want to do it right, be prepared to spend more than a few hours and some money, but you don’t have to hock the homestead to make it happen. There are many free or low-cost options out there, such as the site I’m writing this for. Many sites offer packages that are reasonable and will provide exposure. Here are a few things to avoid.

-          Taking out large ads in print publications. Unless you’re a celebrity, expect a reaction of “Who?” Yes, I’m guilty of doing this with my first book. In retrospect, I could’ve used the money for something better, like buying a full tank of gas.

-          Paying a huge fee to get your book placed next to a bestseller on a big-box site. I knew an author who did this to the tune of several hundred dollars. When I asked if she’d seen any results she just gave me a vague stare.

-          Thinking you have to hire a full-time publicist. There are many sites that will take you on as a customer and give you good exposure for a reasonable fee. Early on I thought a publicist was the way to go and I contacted someone who came highly recommended. We discussed services but when I asked what she would charge to perform these miracles, I figured I could afford about twenty minutes of her time.

The bottom line? Be creative but don’t waste your money!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight:: Tim Smith

Wading Through Quicksand
By Tim Smith

I think of fiction writing as being in the entertainment field because that’s what writers do – we write to entertain. I don’t write for the critics – I write for the person in Rugby, North Dakota or Parma, Ohio who wants to escape the daily grind and lose themselves in a good story. I’m often asked what I think of reviews, and it’s a tricky one for me to answer because I am a reviewer for an online romance site. I enjoy getting good reviews, but no one has ever told me they bought one of my books because so-and-so gave it five stars. The nicest compliment I can receive is when someone tells me they can’t wait to read my next one. Man, it doesn’t get much better than that!

When I do personal appearances, inevitably I’m approached by someone who begins with, “I started writing this story…” Yes, the first reaction is to groan and roll your eyes, but I try to be supportive when they ask how they can get into this racket. If they still want to after I’ve pointed out the downsides, I challenge them to follow their passion, submit to publishers, not to get discouraged over the pile of rejections they’ll amass and don’t stop until you get the damn thing published.     


Tim Smith is the author of seven novels, from thrillers to contemporary erotic romance. He recently released the romantic intrigue novel, “The Bundle” through eXtasy Books. He is also an award-winning freelance photographer and when he isn’t pursuing these two passions, he works in the human services field as a case manager for adults with disabilities. His website is

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Spotlight: Tim Smith

Wading Through Quicksand
By Tim Smith

I’m often asked where I get the ideas or characters for my stories. There are a lot of real life experiences in each book, and some hit closer to home than others. When I wrote the romantic comedies I borrowed heavily from my own battles in the relationship wars. Many of my characters are based on people I know – just don’t tell them. Very often I’ll read or hear something interesting then ask myself, “What if this happened…?” This was the starting point for one of my books, where the lead characters end up in The Florida Keys at Christmas unexpectedly alone. The same thing had happened to me once, where my traveling companion had to bail at the last minute and I ended up going by myself.

No matter what type of story I’m writing or where it takes place, I strive to make it as atmospheric as possible. I love it when a reader tells me they felt like they were in the scene with the characters. I use realistic dialogue, writing what I hear people say on a daily basis. I also take great pains to craft characters with human flaws and quirky personalities, to make them step off the page. I’m not a fan of cardboard characters and heroes who come off as perfect. 


Tim Smith is the author of seven novels, from thrillers to contemporary erotic romance. He recently released the romantic intrigue novel, “The Bundle” through eXtasy Books. He is also an award-winning freelance photographer and when he isn’t pursuing these two passions, he works in the human services field as a case manager for adults with disabilities. His website is