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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Author Spotlight: Mysti Holiday

One Thing I love To Read About in Erotic Romance

I love a good ménage. I admit to preferring M/F/M but I recently read a M/F/F that was HAWT. But a good ménage isn’t an easy thing to write, and I don’t love every ménage I read. It has to be believable and clearly written. The protagonists need to be distinctly different, and I want there to be emotion and not just sex. When it’s done right? Oh my. :::fans self:::

I like a story I can see myself in – and what woman wouldn’t want two gorgeous, sexy, skilled men to take her in hand an pleasure her in any way she wants them to? After all, isn’t that what fiction is all about – especially erotic fiction? Fantasy?

If I were to list my fantasies, a good ménage featuring me and two unbelievably hot, sexy men would be right there on top of the list.

Some good ménage stories?

1. Rough Justice by Kyann Waters
2. Hired Hands by Wendi Darlin
3. Lilly's Surrender by Jenika Snow
4. Wickedly Wanton by Kristabel Reed
5. Her Heart’s Divide by Kathleen Dienne

What about you? What’s your favorite thing to read in erotic romance? What books would you suggest reading that have that thing in them?

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Jennifer Jakes said...

I'm on board, Mysti! I love reading a good menage too -- for the reasons you listed. If there is no emotion, I'll pass.
A few I like are: Rough, Raw and Ready by Lorelei James, Blackmailed by AnneMarie McKenna and Colter's Woman by Maya Banks.

Mysti Holiday said...

Jennifer, thanks for the suggestions. I haven't tried those yet, though I know the authors have GREAT reps. Adding to my list! :-)

lisekimhorton said...

Yes, yes, yes, I do so love menage (though I seem to want to stick with the dude sandwich, in the stories I read and write). ANd yes, I'll admit to excess in all things,including menage so I like menage with 3 men and a gal best of all. My intro to this was Lora Leigh. I do agree, though, that I also like the relationships to be strongly explained (not just oops, 2 guys fell on top of some chick). I also prefer it to be a polyamorous relationship where it is a hero and heroine and hero walking hand in hand into the HEA sunset. My other fave? Serious BDSM. Eden Bradley is simply magical at creating wonderfully complex psychological stories of dominance and submission. Now I have to go fan . . .

Mysti Holiday said...

LOL... Lisa, it's easy to get worked up about those things we love, isn't it? YUM. Thanks for visiting!

Kathleen said...


Thanks very much for the compliment of inclusion in such a great group of authors, Mysti :D